Wellcome to Noiseash Epic Piano Library! Now you have a Real Piano, just like in the movies...

Epic Piano is one of the most versatile & amazing Piano Instrument in the world. Naturally full and rich sound, that’s the motto! It has thousands of premixed multi channel samples with analog gear that sounds incredibly great for any productions.


Different piano sound characters for catching the most customizable sound with an unusual 3 channel mixer engine.

With pre-mixed mastered samples....

You don’t need to do much for making it sound rich and like a pro record. Epic Piano library is not a regular piano instrument. It has lots of high-end premium quality captured samples. Over 5000 samples! Epic Theme user interface is simple and quickly customisable. This library is recorded with a Yamaha C3 Grand Piano, several mics through vintage tube preamp, tape and eq gears. Each sample has several mixed layers. So, Epic Piano sounds as a pre-mixed-mastered and high-end instrument. The sound of Epic Piano is naturally full and rich.


  • 24 bit, High-End Premium quality (1.8 GB, Over 5000!) Samples from Yamaha C3 Grand Piano.
  • Great sound for any type of piano scores. Samples are recorded on several mics through vintage tube preamp, tape and eq gears, they premixed and mastered together by our talented engineers.
  • Fully Customisable User Controls. (3 Special Mixer Channels, Kontakt’s Internal FX units: 9 Reverb IR’s, SSL EQ and Delay FX Units). Sustain Volume and Release time faders for Advanced Automations.
  • Including 3 piano (and 1 FX) instruments for any kind of music genres.
  • Available for only digital download.


  • Full Retail version of Kontakt 5.1 or later required. It doesn't work with the Free Kontakt Player.
  • 2 GB harddrive space.
  • Ability to download.
  • PC 2.4Ghz, 4GB ram.
  • MAC 2.6Ghz, 4GB ram.


Overall rating from Verified Customers:

Product Overall rating: ★★★★★ 4.9 based on 69 reviews.
5 1

Really great piano

Really great piano, beautiful textured sound

Sounds amazing

4-layard cross-fade (?) sounds amazing. Also PP sounds great.
- Motonobu M.

très bon plugin

très bon plugin!
- christian b.

it sounds clean and wide

this is a great sounding piano. Somehow it sounds clean and wide and exceptionally well blends with vocals, i really love it. noiseash sleek graphic interface is a wonder. it is a pleasure to look at. it works like a virtual invisible pianist.
- leonie c.

Cinematic and mystic

Love It easy to use, Plus the Great Piano sounds. Cinematic and mystic
- Ohxala R.

Very inspirational

Very inspirational and stylistically flexible instrument.
- Jeffrey G.


This is one of the very best piano instruments I have experienced. The only issue to be aware of though is that is does require a heavy processling load for some of the more advanced settings. For the price, it is amazing!
- Alvaro N.

More then I expected

I was quite surprised of how good this piano sampler sounds. The only downside is that the piano is demanding a bit more then I expected of my computer. But it’s not a problem when you think about the the quality of the sounds.
- José S.

Not just another piano.

Not just another piano. Noiseash plugins are so amazing and affordable to anyone. I love them
- darren r.

My Lovely Piano instrument

Finally got a real piano to play in my studio, loving the sound and how real it is. Thank you Noiseash!!!
- Robert K


You even get the foot pedal noises and everything! Very good fantasia.
- Edward L.

Epic Piano

Wonderful instrument - really helps
- mr G.


I love every product from that guys.
- Michael L.

Excellent tails musical and spacer!

This is one of those that everybody raves about... And then you finally get it yourself and say, "Ahhh.. Yeah, I should've had this long ago!" 
- Sergey B.

great value, amazing presets

I love it! Great value, amazing presets. I am very pleased with my purchase.
- Rune V.

Epic Piano

Just sounds great. I love it.
- Jeremy D.

Love it.

Wow, I felt in love with it. What a musicality, what an emotional feeling this?
- J. Aaron S.

Platinium Piano Sound Quality

Composing with that baby is such a great pleasure. Platinium Piano sound quality. Congrats.
- Roo J.

Excellent for anything

My Premium Piano for all of my compositions. It sounds great on everything. Also making rare effects is available. Excellent for anything.
- Preston D.

Authentic enigma

This is without a doubt the best sounding software piano I ever heard. Couple that with its flexibility and it's a no brainer to have it in your collection.
- Philip W.

it's like in the movies

Contrary to Katy Perry's words, "Now it's like in the movies" 🙂
- Sterling D.

vintage Piano

i love that vintage character, very versatile, the perfect complement to make great tracks
- filipe c.


This piano has a sound that is really incredible. I'm inspired every time I use it. Not to mention it's extremely affordable.
- Anthony K.

Be Blessed

This is an excellent instrument.. Works perfectly with vocals, orchestra and everything else I through at it... I personally think that they sit better with pop & movie soundtracks than other genres... Be Blessed....
- Eric


Ammazzinnggg paino. ı love it!
- Otto G.

hard to believe

I've composed with it and used it on ten pop songs. It's hard to believe it's such a realistic virtual instrument.
- Louis A.

A blast from the past

Great piece of instrument, if you’re looking for a classic cinematic movie feel this won’t let you down. A blast from the past
- Vladimir z.

Buy this now !

Yes, buy this now !
- villemaire m.

great one

great one. extremely smooth. it's like butter coming out my speakers.
- Dana D.

best piano with a best price!

The best piano with a best price!
- Zync F.

Default Piano

Epic piano is gonna be ma default kontak Instruments, it has very nature Grand piano sounds with some reverb. I love it.
- Cdate

cinematic and effective

all the tools for taking a cinematic piano sound in one effective UI…like it!
- edward u.

One word, gorgeous

I've used it on my latest single. One word, gorgeous. A must have instrument.
- Mark D.

Coolest one

One of the coolest piano instruments on the market. no need to spend hunderts of $
- Akane H.

I'm so happy

I'mso so happy with that instrument. It's ridiculously cheap and it has very high quality sound. ammmazing...
- jack def.

Absolutaley fantastic

I feel like I'm playing a Grand Piano in a big concert hall and the flying dragons, angels, jinns are in this hall with me... yeah it's a fantastic story but this instrument is also fantastic too 🙂
- jordan f.

Great Piano Sound.

I recently bought the Epic Piano and it took me about 5 Minutes to get around. What I like the most is that I can get the sound I'm going for in seconds. It sounds very cinematic...
- Dave F.

Standalone quality from the rest

standalone quality with affordable price
- Harry R.

Perfect Price - performance balance

Much more better than expensive ones.
- Ferenc

my main piano

sweet sound that's what care about this has probable become my main piano, thank you.I love it
- cameron

Classic & great sound

Piano sounds great best I've tried and I have a bunch it is.
- Mark W.


Extremely impressed. such a price such an instrument.
- Zachary

Pretty Cool For My Buck

I haven't gotten to really dig into the piano as much as I would like, but so far, it is extremely versatile and has some very useful stock sounds, even more so whenever you get to tweaking them!
- Nigel

Epic Piano

As a piano player and soundtrack composer all I can say is “finally” I’m very happy with it
- Clauzz

simple and hq.

Simple to use and get the quality sounds like in the soundtracks - very easily
- Brian K.

Famous Piano

Avril Lavigne, Evanescence, hans Zimmer... Theseare the ones that I love their music. Now I have the piano sound of them...
- peter g.


In one word it is simply “EPIC!”
- Zohar

Coolest, greatest

Support was greatest I've ever seen as well as this coolestly great virtual piano...
- Mischa h.

Swiss Army Knife

I like the presets a lot. Sound is unique, easy to manage like a Swiss Army Knife
- Nathan

Best soundzz

One of the best virtual piano sounds I have heard so far
- Juan

Low cost great choice

I use this even over my piano samples that cost 5 times as much. It can go from subtle and dark to bright and punchy.
- Dominik


Ottimo timbro, ideale come solista o all interno di groove
- Lou A.


- A. N. H.

Top stuff!

Top stuff!!
- Kurt

Great Kontakt with Piano

Really great sounding library for Kontakt!
- bastardo


great support, great instrument...
- dawood a.


greatttt, congratulations!!!!
- michael

Like in the movies

Elegant, gentle, cinematic. the best sounding piano virtual instrument. I love it. It's just like in the movies.
- Terry

Good sound

Good sound.
- Leprettre H.


Epic Piano is no less than awesome! Very versatile, and so genuine sounding. I’m sure to use it in most of my classical and jazz productions.
- Roman L.


Great sounds.. Easy to work with
- Garreth E.


- Theodore

Crazy killer sound

Killer sound quality, love it!
- joel


Cool instrument...
- jeffrey

Does its job so well

I had download problem; but after downloading successfully; it was worth it. Highly useful instrument. It’s all there with all the great sound. Affordable premium instrument.
- brown cxx

Very cooll

Very cool instrument...
- Dimas


This instrumen is one of the best Piano in the music industry!!!! just made everyting so much easier, and its features allowes you to use the instrument with efficiently for both arrangement work or really precise composing with inspiration!
- Paul P.

Simple controls with lot's of possibilities

Really good plugin with loads of possibilities.
- Patric K.

Love it

Love it. Used it right away on my new arrangement and I am very happy. High level instrument.
- alex v.


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