I can not see my plugins in Pro Tools
IMPORTANT NOTE: Trashing the Pro Tools files detailed below will reset Pro Tools. Before deleting any of the files as instructed below, copy them into a new folder on your Desktop called “Pro Tools Workspace Backup”. Returning these files back to where they were or replacing a newly created set of preferences will return Pro Tools to its past state.


Step 1: Close all open applications.

Step 2: Open Finder, hold the Option key, click on the Go menu and select Library.

Step 3: Next, navigate to Application Support > Avid > Pro Tools Cache >  delete all of the files in this folder

Step 4 (for Pro Tools 11, 12, 2018+): Then navigate to User Library Preferences > Avid > and delete the Pro Tools folder.

Step 4 (for Pro Tools 10): Then navigate to User Library Preferences > and delete these files in this folder:

  • digidesign.ProTools.plist
  • digidesign.ProTools.plist.lockfile
  • DAE Prefs
  • OSX
  • Pro Tools Prefs 

Step 5: Finally, Empty the Trash, reboot your computer and relaunch Pro Tools. Your plug-ins will been scanned when Pro Tools launches and can now be accessed.


Step 1 (Windows 8 & 10) : Before trashing Pro Tools preferences, follow these steps to show hidden folders:

  • Click ‘View’ in your File Explorer window, then check Hidden itemsabove Show/hide.

Step 1 (Windows 7) : Before trashing Pro Tools preferences, follow these steps to show hidden folders:

  • Navigate to the Control Panel, and select Appearance and Personalization.
  • Go to Folder Options, then select the View tab.
  • Lastly, under Advanced Settings, select Show hidden files, folders, and drives, and then select OK. 

Pro Tools 11, 12, and 2018

Step 2: Close Pro Tools.

Step 3: Hold the Windows key on your keyboard and press R.

Step 4: When the Run window appears, type %appdata% and press OK.

Step 5: Open the Avid folder, and delete the Pro Tools folder.

Step 6: Finally, Empty the Trash, Restart your computer and launch Pro Tools.

Pro Tools 10

Step 2: Go to your Start menu and click on Computer.

Step 3: Double-click on the C:\ drive.

Step 4: Double-click on Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Digidesign.

Step 5: Go to the DAE folder, and delete the DAE Prefs folder.

Step 6: Hold the Windows key on your keyboard and press R.

Step 7: When the Run window appears, type %appdata% and press OK.

Step 8: Open the Avid folder (Digidesign folder with Pro Tools 8 and 9), and delete the Pro Tools folder.

Step 9: Finally, Empty the Trash, Restart your computer and launch Pro Tools.

I can not see my plugins in Garage Band

Step 1: Close all open applications.

Step 2: Open Finder, hold the Option key, click on the Go menu and select Library.

Step 3: Then navigate to User Library Preferences and delete the file

Step 4: Next, navigate to User Library Caches > AudioUnitCache and delete any of the following files:


Step 5: Finally, Empty the Trash, reboot your computer and relaunch Garageband. Your plug-ins will be scanned when Garageband launches and can now be accessed through Garageband.

I can not see my plugins in Logic Pro

Step 1: Close all open applications.

Step 2: Open Finder, hold the Option key, click on the Go menu and select Library.

Step 3: Then navigate to User Library Preferences and delete the file

Step 4: Next, navigate to User Library Caches > AudioUnitCache and delete any of the following files:


Step 5: Finally, Empty the Trash, reboot your computer and relaunch Logic Pro. Your plug-ins will be scanned when Logic Pro launches and can now be accessed through Logic Pro.

I can not Authorize My Plugin
Please be sure that you are copying the license numbere correctly. Because in some computers, weirdly “-” chars are not being copied. Your code has several “-” chars and you should copy them too. if there are not “-” chars, please insert it manually.

For example;

If your license number is: abcd-efg-hijkl-mno-prst-uvyz and if you enter the serial without “-” char, it does not work. 

Also be sure that your aren’t applying any space – there shouldn’t be any space at end or start of the License number!

The Wrong License Authorization



The Right License Authorization will be this;


Set-up Password is not working!
Please copy the serial number carefully. (Serial number is included in the download package, as a pdf file)
While copying the serial number; please be sure that you don’t copy the space. If you enter this code (without space), it will work. But with “password + space” it normally won’t work.
Also please be sure that you use the Latest Winrar Version to extract “.rar” archives. Other softwares (such as 7-zip..etc) might cause errors.
How do I un package the plugin or library?
Please unrar the package with the latest Winzip, Winrar 5.1 or later in order to unrar package. 7-Zip or older Winrar versions may cause errors.
There are no presets in my plugin. Where are the presets located?
Did you press the Factory bank folder when you openthe preset browser?
You need to click that folder to see the sub categories and presets. You can see that in this video:

Also you can navigate presets with “next” and “previous” buttons on the top bar. The presets are located in this folder paths:

MAC : ~/Library/Application Support/NoiseAsh Audio/Plugin Name/User Presets
PC : C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Roaming\NoiseAsh Audio\Plugin Name\User Presets

Plugin Name : Dedicated plugin name
User Name : User name in dedicated OS

Can I install this plugin or library on an offline computer?
Yes, just download and install the library on a machine that has an Internet connection. Then copy the entire completed library directory to the new computer. You can also move the downloaded rar and/or zip files to the other computer and install them there, following the manual installation instructions included in the pdf manual for each library.
In cases where the library uses a custom UI installer program to install the UI images, you’ll need to run the included UI installer app on the offline machine.
My download seems broken. You may have experienced a corrupt download due to brief loss of internet signal. A fresh download is likely your best option. If in doubt please get in touch.
When I load the library into Kontakt I get a “Samples Missing” error, what can I do?
If this is solved when you browse for the folder or files, you can save the patch and it will remember where the proper location is.
How can I access my Noiseash library in Kontakt?
Please use the normal Kontakt Browser (upper left) and find the .nki files through it (depending on where you have placed the folder on your hard drive). The advantage of making our libraries open-format instruments is that you have direct access and the ability to edit or manipulate the .wav files, which can be very important to a majority of users. Another popular workflow method is to use Kontakts “Quick – Load” feature. This allows you to quickly recall your favourite patches by simply right clicking anywhere within the Kontakt workspace.
Kontakt can’t find samples/wallpapers. What can I do?
If you’ve checked to make sure that the .rar file downloaded and extracted fully, then it could just be an error in the expected sample path in the .nki file. To fix this, you can use the “Batch Resave” function in Kontakt to automatically correct the file paths so that you never see that error again. Here’s how to do a batch resave of a Kontakt library.
Go to the File menu at the top of Kontakt. At the bottom of the drop down list that appears when you click on it, you’ll see “Batch Resave” as the last option on the list. Press that and then when the browser window pops open, navigate to the main folder of the instrument you’re having trouble with and press OK. It will scan the .nki files in the library to see if any samples are missing or have been moved. Then, when it asks you where the missing samples are after a few minutes, just navigate back to the same main library folder and press OK again. It will take over from there and resave all of the .nki files with the new proper file paths.
This is a useful trick to know if you ever move Kontakt libraries around or ever see that error with any library. Most of the time, Kontakt just needs to re-search for the proper file paths to the samples and then resave those paths into the .nkis so that it remembers where to look from then on.
Why does it say “Demo” when I load my Noiseash library into Kontakt? The reason you get “Demo” is because you are using the free player version of Kontakt, which we don’t support. All our products require the full retail version of Kontakt to work.
However, if you are already using the full version of Kontakt, the “Demo”-mode means Kontakt has de-authorized itself due to a registry read/write conflict and reverted to “Player” mode. Below is a short (but thorough) explanation of how to re-authorize your full version of Kontakt.
Try logging out of your computer and logging back in as full system administrator with full permissions and all account restrictions turned completely off. That is essential in some cases to allow Kontakt to read/write to your system registry.
Make sure you have the full version of Kontakt. If you don’t, you can update it through the NI Service Center and follow the update/installation process it leads you through.
Then make sure that all instances of Kontakt or your host sequencer are closed.
Next, run Kontakt in stand-alone mode and press the help button at the top of Kontakt. From the drop-down menu, choose Launch Service Center. That will launch the NI Service Center window and allow you to enter your serial code and activate Kontakt. Most likely, you’ll already see your Kontakt serial number entered under the Activation tab if you already fully activated Kontakt when you first installed it. Just press the Activate button at the bottom. Then close the Service Center, close Kontakt and then restart it again.
The Patch is corrupt and cannot be loaded (unknown), what can I do? That means you need the latest version of Kontakt to load the instrument. Try to go to NI service center and upgrade to the latest version of Kontakt, which should resolve this issue.
I can’t see the library in the Library viewer and Kontakt says it can’t load this library when I press the “Add Library” button.
All of our libraries are standard open-format Kontakt library, so you can only load and browse its contents by using the normal “Files” and “Database” views in the Kontakt browser. You can also use the “File” menu button at the top of Kontakt. The “Libraries” tab in the Kontakt browser is only designed for locked “Powered-By-Kontakt” Player libraries. That is a design limitation that Native Instruments decided on in Kontakt.
The “Add Library” feature of Kontakt was designed to work exclusively for “Powered by Kontakt” player libraries. That’s just the way Native Instruments designed Kontakt. You can still quickly browse and load the Liberis Instruments folder using the “Files” tab or by adding it to the “Database” tab in the Kontakt browser.
The advantage in making our libraries open-format instruments is that you have direct access and ability to edit or manipulate the .wavs, which is very important to a lot of users. You also don’t need a serial number or use “Add Library” to install it. It’s ready to go as soon as you install it and you can use it on any number of computers you own simultaneously.


Noiseash, so what is, and what is next?
NoiseAsh, Inc. is a technology company that was incorporated in Delaware / USA by producer, mixing engineer, songwriter, software developer, sound designer Beyhan KILIÇ.

NoiseAsh, Inc. developes future generation virtual instruments and different type of softwares for music production and DJ-ing.

Our designs are high-end premium quality, unique and professional sounding tools for music producers, mixing engineers and DJ’s. We want you to be amazed and suprized when using Noiseash Products.

Feel free to sign up to our newsletter, or follow us on social media for up to date news on what we are working on.

Can I use the Kontakt player engine for Noiseash’s Kontakt libraries?
All our products require the full retail version of Kontakt. For further requirements such as which kontakt version is necessary, please check each libraries minimum specifications, which can be found towards the bottom of each product page.
I haven’t received my update yet!
If you haven’t received an update please be patient. They usually roll out over the course of a week to ensure our servers are not overloaded. Please remember updates will be sent out to the original purchase e-mail address, so it’s always a good idea to check that address as well as your junk folder first.

If after 48 hours you still have not received your new download, then please feel free to contact Support and we will assist you as best we can.

I’m a student, can I get a discount?
We currently offer educational discounts of anywhere up to 30% on a majority of our products to qualifying individuals. However, due to the high amount of requests we can only offer the EDU discounts to full-time college/university students or teachers that are enrolled in a full time music program.

If you fit these requirements, please send us a copy of your student or teacher ID, as well as a letter from your college/university confirming your current enrolment.

Please note that EDU purchased products cannot be used for commercial purposes or combined with any other discounts or on going sales at the time.

I just missed that sale, can I still get a special offer?
Unfortunately, when a sale has been missed, there isn’t much we can do. We need to be fair to all our customers and try our best to make the sale deadlines as clear as possible.
However, we often run sales through the year on a variety of products, for more information please make sure you sign up to our newsletter, and follow us on social media.
Which product is best suited for me?
We have an extensive range of information and audio demoes available as well as great walkthrough videos from our professional users and Noiseash’s application team to help you either choose a particular library. Please look on our website for an extensive overview of each library, with core specifications, articulations list, demos and walkthroughs.
How do I get in touch with you?
We are here for you any time of the day so if you have any questions please feel free to contact our Client Care Team at and they will be more than happy to help.


How will I purchase the plugin or library?
After adding the product(s) to the chart, go to the checkout page. After filling the information truely and clicking “Agree to Terms and Conditions” and purchasing, firstly you will go to the payment page, secondly you will return the site and there will be a Download Link for the plugin or library. You can download the product via your web browser. The download time depends on your internet connection speed.
Do I need the full retail version of Kontakt for opening this libraries? Where can I purchase the full retail version of Kontakt?
Yes you need the full retail version of Kontakt for using this libraries. Each product can have different Kontakt version requirement. You can see the Kontakt version of your library on its own product page at SPEC. tab. You can purchase Kontakt at: HERE
I am trying to add multiple items to the cart – but they don’t show up?
We recommend you use the latest version of Firefox/Mozilla, or Google Chrome which will give you to optimal shopping experience. Unfortunately some versions of Safari and Internet explorer are having issues remembering items in the cart.
I bought the plugin or library for a friend/family member
Please email us before downloading your product(s), as all downloads are watermarked solely for the purchaser. Upon your request we can change the name licensed to the product(s).
Do you offer refunds?
We unfortunately cannot refund products that have been downloaded, for multiple reasons. Our watermarking system generates unique serial/license numbers per download and would make a resale impossible. Furthermore there is no way to prevent unauthorized re-use once it’s been downloaded.
Why is my download not working?
Noiseash Support Team has different solutions for this problem and it is our commitment to ensure your download goes through as soon as possible. But there is a few things you can do to help us:
Please download latest version of Firefox by clicking here (Internet Explorer and Safari can cause download issues)
Please do not use any “download manager” type of software, since it generally tends to confuse the downloads.
Please ensure that your connection is stable and the problems are not created by your home setup. We recommend testing your speed by clicking here and reset your router to ensure you are on a stable connection.
Please contact your ISP if your connection seems to be impacted.
Please contact Noiseash Support Team – if your download links have run out of time/attempts and we will send you new ones within approx. 6-8 hours.
If you follow these recommendations and your download problem still persists – then we go to plan 2:
Please contact Noiseash Support Team and describe the download problem in detail.
Noiseash Support Team will set you up with our alternative backup server and ensure you get the product ASAP. We haven’t had one customer who didn’t receive their product, so trust us on this one. It may not be much of a comfort, but imagine that all this was done with snail-mail instead of download. It would take 3-5 business days instead of 3-5 hours of waiting.Please notice that Noiseash is using one of the biggest and most reliable file storage systems in the world hosted by Amazon. The system is always running, however a variety of complications can result in unexpected download issues (ex. ISP issues, gateway connections, malfunctioning hubs, nodes etc), but server system is working 99.999% of the time, so its highly unlikely its a server related issue.
Do you store my credit card information?
No. We never see your credit card information, since it is all handled by PayPal and External Credit Card Processor.
What types of payment do you accept?
Anything that PayPal allows, including VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Dinners Club and PayPal.


I am a part of a music production company. Can we share a single license between multiple composers?
The long answer is: “No”, however we do offer group discounts to music production houses and educational institutions. Please contact us at with your specific request and needs.
I would like to publish, distribute or resell your products. What’s the deal?
We are open to discussing publishing deals, however we do require detailed marketing plans and marketing budgets for all virtual distribution partners – meaning numbers and financials. Please contact us if you are interested in representing- and investing into marketing, publishing and distribution for NoiseAsh, Inc.
What is the resale policy for the products?

Software license transfers are only available for customers who own a purchased, full software license of the product in question.

Software license transfers are not available for:

  • Time-Limited, Educational, NFR, or retail software bundled licenses.
  • Customers who have already transferred a particular product. For example, you may not purchase a product, transfer it to another user, then repurchase the same product and transfer it a second time.
  • You may not transfer any past versions of software after purchasing an upgrade while still retaining the latest version. If you wish to transfer your license to another user, only the present version of that product will be transferred, while past versions will be disabled.

To transfer a license to another user, the original owner of the license must contact NoiseAsh directly with our support form here with the following included in the e-mail:

  • Name of the new user
  • E-mail address of the new user
  • License Number of the product the owner would like to have transferred

If you have any questions about NoiseAsh’s license transfer policy, please contact NoiseAsh Customer Support.

Can I use my plugin on different computers?
Licenses are computer based. You can use the plugin on max. 3 computers. You can also use your license in the same computer, without limit of the OS. Also, a license has dual activation for OSX and Win.