Dark Wolf is a very powerful tool package combimation with Pedals, Amplifier, Cabinets (with 7 Different Mic Models), Room Types and Rack Fx Units. Dark Wolf has extremely large pro tones. It can be used for any kind of rock music style especially; Djent, Metal, Modern Metal, Hardcore Punk, Hard Rock.


The processor combination has all of the major tools with right amounts and right settings that you need.

  • 3 top pedal emulations,
  • High gain vintage amplifier,
  • Top and bottom mic positions for the cabinet.
  • 7 top popular mic models for each positions.
  • 3 room mic models.
  • Built in EQ, Reverb, Delay & Classic Limiter Rack fx units


With lots of industry standart top microphone models, popular guitar tones are at your fingertips now for all genres. Ton's of possibilities are ready to play very easily and quickly.


Dark Wolf is providing ultra realistic analog instrument emulation for real solutions. They are designed circuit by circuit and balanced totally to give the unnoticeable diversity solutions compared to hardware as much as possible...


Other great feature is room mics. 3 different room selections, you will have total tonal control!


You can play with mic positions, till you get what's on your mind. Very customisable tones for those who won't go with presets.


  • Custom amplifier with two channels: rhythm and clean
  • Characteristic valve and fat tone settings for each channels
  • Three pedal simulations: vintage overdrive, eq and noise gate pedals
  • Custom cabinet simulation with 7 different mic types: SM57 (and it’s fredman miking style), U87, MD421, C414, R-121, RE20
  • Three characteristic room models
  • Three channel mixer: top speaker mic, bottom speaker mic and room mic
  • Three mic placemets for each top and bottom speaker: cap, cone, edge
  • Rack fx: parametric eq, delay, reverb units and limiter on master channel
  • Magically special dsp engine to get “from direct input to final mix ready tone”
  • Stereo, mono, left or right input channel processing selections.
  • Available platform: VST 2.3 (32-bit) for Windows


  • Win32 compatible operating system with SSE2 supporting cpu (or higher)
  • İntel i3 2 ghz / amd athlon 64 or equivalent
  • 4 gb ram / 400 mb hard disc
  • 1024×768 screen resolution or higher
  • VST host with 32 bit support (Cubase 9.0 Pro is not compatible)
  • Ability to download


Demo and Manual


32 bit


Name Mono Stereo Mono-to-Stereo
Dark Wolf


Defined, heavy and powerful! Obviously designed for those who like dark waters...


Guitarist, Producer, Mixing Engineer

It has lots of nice options for getting a great clean tone all the way to a roaring metal tone. I definately prefer Dark Wolf over of the other options available...

Triton Perrin

Guitarist, Composer

...Unleash the tone master in you with this beauty!

Martin Vicanek

Guitarist, Bassman, Composer


Overall rating from Verified Customers:

Product Overall rating: ★★★★★ 4.8 based on 46 reviews.
5 1

Very natural. Great Job!

I really like how it works, it has a lot to tweak, it has a good response to my DI guitars, very natural. Great Job!!!
- Remko V.

Sounds really tight and cool

Sounds really tight and cool even though I have not fully explored it that is why i bought it. Not too fizzy!!
- Jibril M.

Awesome amp

Awesome amp plugin to use on pretty much any style
- jeremy l.

Great product

I went into it skeptical because most amp sims are just bad. This is literally the opposite. Great product!
- Arneio G.

I recommend this

Incredibly fine plug and excellent work from NoiseAsh. Lots of different options and different presets. Fine sound amplifiers. If you play the guitar, so I recommend this purchase.
- Toshiyuki I.

It is very great plugin

Great. Lots of leeway, wide or subtle Big Guitars

Kill 'em all...

... with this beast of an amp! Find your killer tone for anything that needs to sound heavy in almost no time. 64 bit support and an internal IR loader would round up this package to perfection!
- Jens B.

So far so good..

Looking for a quality but basic plugin, easy to use for beginners and also pro's right out of the box. So far so good..
- Alexander L.

Perfect guitar tone solution - I like it

Excellent choice for my purchase, the transition has been quite smooth and working noticeably well, really diggin' the plugins!
- Stavros s.

Amp master with it

I became just an amp master with this machine. Very easy and great tones.
- Corey M.

Real modern metal monster

For modern metal, it really does great job. Only limitation is OS options. But I hope they will solve that. Othervise, as I said, it is a real metal monster.
- Robert G.

Absolute Monster

Please make this monster for mac too. I am using in all ofmy tracks but in Windows pc only.
- Jeremy F.

32 bit Win but....

32 bit Windows but, it is a great amp.
- Adonis F.

Thoroughly impressed

I really like how it works, it has a lot to tweak, it has a good response to my DI guitars, very natural. Great Job!!! Why only 32 bit?
- Ari O.

Extremely professional

Extremely professional and clear sounding plugin to use whilst mixing electric and bass guitars.
- Cleve H.

high cpu but awesome

high cpu usage, but awesome sound, I like this plugin a lot.
- jeramine S.

Great place

Excellent sound and so easy to use and the fact that hasn't got his own IR .uploader, but great value for your money! I've purchased all of the plugins in the noiseash with a great coupon code that they gave me. Great place
- Kim U.

complicated and stunning

It's bad it only supports windows 32 bit. But since I use Win and my daw supports 32 bit, it's definately worth. Sounds complicated and stunning.
- Solomon A.

Great plugin at a great price!

Great plugin at a great price!
- James P.

integral of metal

eli T.Verified Buyer 11/02/18 Must Have Makes a tremendous difference in the guitar chain among the others... works wonders on the side and is quickly becoming an integral part of metal production.
- Eli D.

great, please 64 bit?

I have just played with it and I have came up with real good tones, right out of the gate, can not wait to really get deep into it. please 64 bit and mac version too.
- guido s.

wonderful but cpu eater

sounds great wonderful idea steed ist superb BUT unfortunately one of the only noiseash plugins, that is a massive cpu eater - hope for an update
- wolfgang s.

Dark wolf

Totally worth the purchase. It's like three really versatile plugins in one that I've found useful on guitars, even vocals & drums. Only bummed I didn't have it before. Thanks!
- Andrew C.


It's a CPU hog. but it's great!!!
- Cooper c.

tone for days

I purchased this to beef up a guitar track. DW sounded so good, I replaced several guitar tracks with other plugins. but this one hit another home run
- Kyle F.

Flawless tool

Great bugdet best guitar amp tool. I'm making blues, and it's working flawlessly in this style too.
- Glyn D.

liike black magic

Dark Wolf is black magic, mesmerizing. thanks
- Alex h.


I've always been a bit dubious about these software style guuitar plug ins. Tried it out on a real job i was mixing for a metal band & I was thrilled with the results, It's in my must have list. Yours too probably!
- Axell c.


Aweeeesomeee amp, great price. please make mac versions too.
- Floyd C.

Everything in one plugin fo any Guitar sound!

It’s easy to use and also has a LOT of nice presets.
- Filipe J.

True Huge demon...

I said only win 32? WTF. But after getting it, you will understandwhat I mean. ıt has a HUGE potential for making an album without going on the equipments that are thousands of dollars. It can do ANYTHING!
- Keith F.


The Greates thing I've ever connetcted with my guitar. Thanks a lot guys...
- eric

Greatest Tone Ocean

I saw this baby before. But I didn’t realize what I was missing. Now, I've got the power of the tone ocean. The name should be Dark Ocean instead of Dark Wolf.
- juan l.

truly amazing sound

The tone is fantastic, even more so than some of the more established names in amp emulations. I wish it wasn't only in win32 format..
- Russell

Get it

I was sceptical at first but after tweaking it for several days I realised its full potential. a great plugin in the market. If 32 bit is not problem for you, go get it, it's amazing.

Spectacular Amplifier

For years I've been trying to get a big guitar tone from my pc that actually sounded like a real record! Finally. Incredible tones, truly spectacular...
- A.R.

Trendy new generation monster guitar tone...

Just one word. Wow!!!
- Paul N.

Dark wolf rocks

A great plugin, without a doubt. Wll done guys 🙂
- Charbel Ru.

Oh yeah!!!!!

Was looking for a all in one fx guitar amp for my hardcore metal tracks and this came up on sale. Very versatile, sounds great, loving it so far.
- Dan F.

Trendy Hard and Aggressive Sound

Great new sound and a workflow time saver .. I'm glad I got it
- Allan C.

Expressive sound models

Outstanding! Really amazed. I wish it could be a Mac version too...
- Jimmy mo

Dark Wolf

Great addition to my plug ins. Rich, colourful sounds from an extremely versatile piece of kit and at a great price.
- jeffrey

Love it, congrats!

I haven't been able to put ALL of the amps through hard and heavy studio sessions. Very impressed by the quick BIG and real sound. It does the great job very very quick.
- Ian

Dark Wolf!

Very very Dark Wolf. Sound so good...
- Dave B.

I want AAX...

Great job guys. Made my guitars roaring. But why ther is no aax?
- Paul Br.


Superb, but why 32 bit????
- Elliott S.


Review Title
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Great sound with limited functions...
  • Rhythm and Clean tones
  • Special DSP Code for Reality
  • 2 Mic Models
  • Overdrive Pedal
  • Valve and Fat tones
  • Horizontal Mic Positions
  • Room mics
  • Rack Post Fx Units
  • Noise Gate & Pre EQ
  • Preset Manager


$ 19.9$ 89.9
Greatest sound with full functions...
  • Rhythm and Clean tones
  • Special DSP Code for Reality
  • 7 + 7 = 14 Mic Models
  • Overdrive Pedal
  • Valve and Fat tones
  • Horizontal Mic Positions
  • Room mics
  • Rack Post Fx Units
  • Noise Gate & Pre EQ
  • Preset Manager