The iconic 31102 preamp/eq (featured in the Neve 8068 consoles) has been used to mix many hit records for years. Guns N’ Roses, Bruce Springsteen, AC/DC, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, Metallica… etc. We're proud to present the true analog emulation for one of the best-sounding class A mic pre/EQ modules ever produced. Need 31102 Console Eq, with same character and enhanced with a great modern workflow! The Need 31102 is holding each small detail and true vintage tone of the original unit. Iconic console tone has been reborn!


We’ve expanded the original 3 band EQ unit with an extra mid band, so you will have a 4 band Need 31102 console eq. NoiseAsh Mid / Side processing engine has been added to let you apply individual equalization to mid and side stereo content individually.


Need 31102 opens up the sound with it’s unique signature behaviour and legendary musical curves without sounding harsh. Tighten up kicks with signature attitude, boost the treble with legendary zero-harshness tone. Give all of the tracks personality with adding color and dimension.


Innovative cutting-edge NoiseAsh technology procedures have been used in order to give the reality with a very light cpu usage and maximum accurate Anti-Aliasing Analog tone behaviour.


Also we’re introducing a brand new breath. Tutorials! Useful built-in tutorials will be everyone’s friend.


  • Truly accurate circuit reproduction of the famous classic console eq / preamp unit
  • Second mid band enhancement
  • Original Mic Pre-Amp model with Drive Mode in 30 dB range (From –20 dB to +10 dB)
  • Complex signature interaction between filters with legendary smooth and musical curves
  • Anti-Aliasing Engine with Oversampling option
  • Mid / Side, Stereo, Mono-Sum, Left and Right channel procesing matrix
  • Friend of CPU
  • Built-in Tutorials
  • Effective Resizable GUI workflow


macOS / OS X

  • Intel I3 2ghz or above
  • OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks or above
  • 4 gb ram / 2 GB free space on system drive
  • VST / AU / AAX host
  • Min. 1024x768 Screen Resolution
  • Ability to download (Included: VST, AU, AAX versions)


  • Intel I3 2ghz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 or above
  • Windows 7 64-bit or above
  • 4 gb ram / 2 GB free space on system drive
  • VST / AAX host
  • Min. 1024x768 Screen Resolution
  • Ability to download (Included: VST 32 bit, VST 64 bit, AAX 32 bit, AAX 64 bit versions)


Demo and Manual

Current Version 1.2.6 - View Release Notes



Name Mono Stereo Mono-to-Stereo
Need 31102


I was absolutely pleased with this plugin but I totally fell in love with the preamp section and the amazing drive. The Eq is really colourful and Need 31102 makes a great addition and awesome tool in my digital setup. producer,


Producer, Recording & Mixing Engineer

One word, Fabulous! Preamp, Eq and extra features... just awesome. It sounds stunning on every track. Especially drums, guitars, vocals. Put it on the track, give some pre, eq and the result will be mersmerizing. You guys just nailed it...

M. Ugur Memis

Producer, Mixing-Mastering Engineer

I heard about NoiseAsh on Gearslutz... The real surprise has been the Pultec and Neve emulations. Depth and great sound shapers. I’m a musician who wants quick results to mix quickly and send my tracks out for professional finishing. These delivery in spades, lush and solid, quick to dial in and give a very sophisticated sound. They have that hardware sound, authoritative and focused. I consider them a go-to for the mixbus, and and a central part of my sound. Thanks for the hard work and dedication it takes to give us such wonderful tools to work with, I’ll be interested to see what you guys come up with next. I’m sure something good!

Ned Biddle

Executive Producer, Mixing Engineer


Overall rating from Verified Customers:

Product Overall rating: ★★★★★ 5 based on 257 reviews.
5 1

The power of this plugin...

The greatest way to make any track sit in the mix. The power of this plugin is just amazing!

My "Always Go To Console Plugin"

My "Always Go To Console Plugin". Rewalyy really great plugin for professional and legendary tones. Try it, you'll be amazed if you like analog tones.
- Eddie T.

31102 is amazingly flexible

31102 is amazingly flexible. great presets and incredible response on frequency and dynamics to adjust voice, drums, bass and guitars
- louis g.

Awsome Sound!

Great plugin of very useful options. Use it all the time in my recordings. Awsome Sound!

I highly highly recommend this plugin

Easily turns my mix into something cool... I highly highly recommend this plugin

Go ahead and see what happens

I’m using this thing right now after loving the NoiseAsh Rule Tec EQ plugin. I love this thing on cymbal crashes so far. Still trying to learn how to use it because I’ve never used an actual real Neve console before or real mic preamps, but so far so good. Using this, I’m able to use less plugins in the signal chain than I used to need for saturation and I think saturating earlier in the chain is probably the correct method (seems logical to me) as opposed to adding it with something later. It gives you plenty of saturation and they only thing it needs on it is some extra saturation and harmonics to taste but it gives you a great starting point that is really tweak-able. Easy to see why this was a much-loved and much-used hardware unit. I heard somebody saying he’d rather have something with more saturation, but like I said you can add that on top with other plugins, so where’s the problem? Very friendly too, and more so than anything by certain popular competitors that I don’t like because they are very CPU-intensive and I dare you to try to use their plugins on too many tracks – go ahead and see what happens – have fun trying that out. If you want this to sound even better just turn on the oversampling when you are ready to bounce.
- John T.

Amazing console plug-in!

Preamp is fantastic. Also there are tutorials inside, Amazing console plug-in!
- Jonathan E.

Bringing out details in your mix

This eq and amp are just so good at bringing out details in your mix that are so satisfying.
- andy l.

positive change!

I’m loving everything. Well worth it. Instant, positive change!

This makes Need 31102 Outstanding!

Vintage and modern options together for the best console tones ever. This makes Need 31102 Outstanding!
- Fabrizio T.

1 Million Stars...

Mixing with 31102 matters a lot to me. It takes any track, process 100% real analog engine and of course the result is awesome. 1 Million Stars...
- edward a.


I love it, vocals, drums, guitars, synths, bass, brass... It works very well on everything. Also M/S processing and internal tutorial system makes it fantastic.
- Henry A.

Highly recommend this baby!

Very helpful plugin for mixing and mastering. That fantastic console sound is here in my computer, it is hard to believe 🙂 Highly recommend this baby!
- dayo x.


Putting this baby on the channel makes very very huge difference. Now the tracks are breathing. Amazing..

Love this plugin!!!!

Love this plugin!!!! Very good console tone for Mixing & Mastering the smooth way. Added great glue to the overall master.
- Emanuel M.

Million dollars worth vintage console

Awesome console plugin. Million dollars worth vintage console sound is available for mixing and mastering.

Greatest preamp eq combination

Greatest preamp eq combination in the world! 8068 is the best console and this plugin is the closest one to the original. I've used lot's of console modules and I definately can say that this is the greatest
- setta y.

Very much, I do recommended

I use it to shape any source. Great for EQing and also preamping stuff is just Great! I like it! Very much, I do recommended
- Ilan R.

I can't hear any difference

Sweetest style ever. It handles the job very stylish and vintage way. I can't hear any difference with the hardware.
- Jean A.

this is fantastic...

Preamp sounds fantastic. I don't ever realize if it is a plugin or hardware. When it comes to eq tone, this is fantastic. High degrade plugin.
- Casey L.

Great piece!!! Thank you guys!!!

Great piece!!! Thank you guys!!!

Best of the best

Congrats guys, the colsest 31102 emulation that I've seen so far. Best of the best.
- Aldo H.

would recommend to anyone

would recommend to anyone. what I love about this plug in, it forces you to use your ears. it's very simple to use and it's great to just turn knobs up and down, and it will definately sound much more better...
- richard e.

Sound coloration is just amazing

After searching and trying all of the availabl console plugns, I saw this plugin. Ithink it's definately the best console eq - preamp choice. Sound coloration is just amazing.
- Brad K.

Definately a milestone plugin...

I've been working with a 1073 console eq hardware for years. When I first saw this plugin I was very sceptical. But as soon as I used the demo, I said WOOOOWWW! That is even better the 1073. Definately a milestone plugin...


If you have a little experience in mixing or mastering, this plugin is the glory, with only put into your mix and move 2 parameter born the magic.
- Diego Y.

That technology is fantastic!

Outstanding preamp tone. The best one that kicks the hardware preamps. That technology is fantastic!

Definately my go to plugin...

31102 preamp and eq combination is the all in one combination for those who wants real classic vintage tones. Definately my go to plugin...
- Thomas T.

the best of the best

the best of the best, thank you so much!!!
- ivan a.

like no other!

That preamp can make any sound great just like no other!

Nothing else does the same job

Seriously sooooo good software units reliving rare rack equipment that would cost serious money these days. Nothing else does the same job.
- august v.


This plugins is like a breath. It gives the oxygene to the tracks in order to make them fit to the mix and stand outstanding at the same time.
- Thomas K.

Secret weapon

As soon as I hear the preamp of this console plugin, I felt in love with it. And it's been almost 1 year, I've used it on countless tracks, my Secret weapon...

I recommend to everyone

I needed to make my sessions sound the best. So I get it with this great plugin. I recommend to everyone
- antonio w.

Game changer!!!!!!

Game changer!!!!!!
- David W.


Wow, awesome preamp tone. Eq is the by far the best, evern better than 1073.

far exceeded my expectations!

excellent one. does something great with the frequency spectrum and preamp also. great plugin and very easy to use.
- naoki e.

I love this console sound

Gorgeous eq, gorgeous preamp. I love this console sound.
- Wolfgang V.

Now it's my go to plugin

There is something magical about the this preamp and eq. When I first used this plugin I fell in love, especially with the eq section. Now it's my go to plugin
- jesse v.

Thank you so much guys!!!

I loveeee this plugin, now perfect Neve console sound is on my whole mix. Thank you so much guys!!!

Great sound

Great sound. These EQs really lets you shape the tone of any sound in a very subtle yet audible way. EQing with knobs without a graphical analyzer forces you to really listen.
- Peter H.

I use it across the mix

my favorite eq plug in.. I use it for every session. it makes the tracks sit to the mix. easy to work with and easy to understand, I use it across the mix, it's very nice
- darsh w.

Just outsanding console tone

Just outsanding console tone. It's awesome on vocals, drums, bass, guitars and keyboards. I mean it is goot at anything. I will love you forever baby 🙂
- Mark N.

Extraordinary beauty

I love classic vintage console sounds. 31102 is the best neve console contrary to 1073. This plugin has captured that sound very accurately. preamp, eq and also trend modern tools.
- Jared X.

This preamp is legend!!!!

This preamp is legend!!!! Just the original tone is here. I loved this so much. Any kind of mix style is hunger of this premium console tone.

Highly recommended....

Neve consoles are the best consoles in the world. This unique plugin is the best console tone in the world. Highly recommended....
- gustav z.

Sounds great

Excellent for my mastering and mixing sessions. The presets gives you a good starting point. Sounds great and is fairly intuitive to use.
- Michael l.

Even has it's own tutorials!!!

Very special eq and preamp, with modern features like mid/side, tutorials... I love it on drums, vocals and guitars!
- James V.

So yummy tone, I love it!!!

This is a great, cost effective, tool for access to one of the most legendary killer channel strips, Neve 31102. So yummy tone, I love it!!!
- Craig N.

This plugin is just the medicine

For those who can't afford a Neve console, this plugin is just the medicine. The same tone and preamp!!! I can't believe my ears....
- Miguel O.


I am a real Neve fan. I even wear Neve printed the t-shirts 🙂 because of this amazing replica, now I am a Need 31102 fan too.
- Andrew T.

crystal clear great recommended

Great sounding plugin I thought my vocal recordings sounded good until I put this baby on crystal clear great recommended.
- donal m.

Like Ferrari!

Using this baby is like using a Ferrari! So fast, so great results.
- Galen O.

Good job noiseash!

Game changer! the color and definition that allows you to apply is the finalizing touch you need of analog clarity! Good job noiseash!
- Andrew T.

Most musical plugin ever!!!

Most musical plugin ever!!! Works really well...
- jean d.

So crazy sound!

So crazy sound! Makes every track gorgeous. I love it.
- Mikael Y.


delicious analog neve tone. so amazing.
- ezekiel n.

Thank you so much guys

Awesome vintage model, like other Noiseash stuff. Thank you so much guys
- Joshua C.

all I ever NEED!

this plugin is all I ever NEED!
- glen v.

Really good on everything

Amazing sound. Really good on bass and drums and vocals. I also use the 31102 for guitars and it sounds amazing as well

100% recommended

This is a great plugin when you want to emulate the legendary tone of the Need 31102 console. Without a doubt, it is a good alternative when it comes to working on a console using Channel Strip eqs. This plugin helps you improve your musical work but also technically. 100% recommended.
- Jose A.

Very useful tool

Very useful tool to save time an get great results quickly. I will check soon other plugins from noiseash!
- edmond b.

Magic sounds of the legendary albums

My favorite eq. Sounds amazing, I use it on everything. Result? The magic sounds of the legendary albums
- Chirstian U.

That's insane dude 🙂

Outstanding sound of Neve console is now on my computer. That's insane dude 🙂

Wow, that's great

Wow, that's a great sounding vintage analog mode. And furthermore, I don't need to buy thousands of dollars costing console 🙂
- Toby B.

real vintage model

The warmth and roundness I get from the Neve consoles are amazing. This is a real vintage model that will make you feel like in front of the real 8068 console.

Secret Weapon

So special plugin of the so special Neve console. This is a secret weapon of the top mixing engineers. This plugin can handle everything and makes anything sound premium quality with its preamp and eq.
- Rino E.

Love that baby!

Love that baby! The EQ is awesome… whatever you do, it’s hard to make it sound worst…
- nathan s.

Great plugin

Easily add that analogue Neve feel to your final mix. Great plugin
- Jesse Z.

that gorgeous neve sound

that gorgeous neve sound in just one plugin. I have one channel hardware, but now the hardwareis not one, unlimited!
- valentino f.

Always on my mind

Wow, since I've used this baby, it's on my mind allways. Really appreciate this great work guys. It sounds awesome.
- Lucas U.

Glad to have it!

Quick and easy to set up. I got great results in using it to improve all kind of sources. Great channel strip, thanks & greetings from Berlin!
- Steve

It's great

It's great, I don't have to do much, he works awesome for me.


That's great. the classic premium Neve sound with very affordable price. Outstanding!
- randy v.

Perfectly with it

I love that Neve feeling. Sounds just awesome and sits everything in a song. I makemixing and mastering works perfectly with it.
- Joseph B.

I prefer this 31102

Without any doubt, the best neve emulation ever. I prefer this 31102 over the 1073. This preamp and eq model is just same thing with the hardware.

Great Mixing and Mastering tool

I really like this plugin, everything about it is mint and can work on a wide range of program material. Great Mixing and Mastering tool
- lorenzo a.

The sweetest thing in my life

Great tone from the closest neve 31102 emulation. Use it all the time in my recordings. Preamp sounds just gorgeous. And this Eq is the sweetest thing in my life.
- Trevor D.

Very powerful

Very powerful. It saved my projects and life 🙂 Preamp and eq combination is the best Neve tone that I've ever tried. Congrats!
- Mel P.

Thank you so much guys

I am getting great electric from this baby. Million dollar of legendary tone is now available with this plugin. Thank you so much guys...

Awesome plugin

Awesome plugin, I love it. The preamp sound the best one. The best for drums, vocals, guitars, bass.

Awesome on everything

Add the perfect touch of brightness and very sweet bottom low end! it is excellent! Awesome on everything, including master bus.
- Axel O.

Everyone really NEED it

The preamp sounds gorgeous. the equalizer has the best tone ever. Everyone really NEED it.
- bruno v.

Everyone should have one

It’s the best plugin I have. Definitely a great equalizer doesn’t brittle you mix love it everyone should have one
- Graham P.

One of the best investments

Great plugin even though it's a EQ it actually give my drums punch like a compressor. One of the best investments I've made. And you can't beat the price.
- anthony c.

I Love this kind of machines

I really appreciate that you made such a great plugin. The preamp is the legend, the eq rone is the legend too. I Love this kind of machines that worth thousands of dollars in real. I am using it on everything.
- Lloyd F.

31102 Console Eq

It has a very nice tone to it.

Another awesome plugin

I’m using this on everything. Another awesome plugin from Noiseash
- Skylar C.

Sounds perfectly

Amazing 31102 console tone that I've missed so much. It sounds and works just perfectly.
- Evan H.

The power and clarity is awesome

I suggest making sure this plugin is added to every mix. The power and clarity is awesome....

Quick, easy, awesome

The plugin is awesome. I have used it for a few projects now and it’s become my go-to for handling a quick professional mixing.

Really nice plugin

It sounds good on everything, drums, bass, guitar, vox, keys... It makes to natural airy tone,Effect to ervrything.
- Athanasios T.

Really impressed

Really impressed with this plugin, the include presets are fantastic and cover a wide range of styles.
- justin g.

Low cpu with big sound

It’s just too good... I’m fussy, very pedantic. It’s great to be in an era where I can have this chain in a box and have it on my record. I’m indecisive and shouldn’t have too many options, but this plugin really doesn’t want me to “fiddle” with knobs, the presets are that good
- Corey F.

The bomb!!!

I see no need for half the other plug-ins I have. This one plug-in is going to take care of 90% of everything I do. Well worth the money. Very good to my CPU. Go pick one up now.
- Edward S.

Very good EQ

Loved the sound of Need31102 but in so many instances had to choose between boosting a higher mid or cutting a lower mid. The extra band on the Need31102 lets me do both. They both have a great sound to them. Really happy I bought

Must Have!!!

This is one of my most frequently used plugins! I often mix with need31102 - it's very convenient! And it sounds amazing!
- Didier Y.

Magic touch

Love this Eq & Preamp unit, add a really nice bit of flexible shaping for mixing and mastering applications. The result tone is goregeous.

it's great emulation

Yeah I'm an older guy obviously. But it's true, this plugin imparts just what it says. That feeling of neve sound and warmth comes to the digital realm via need31102 plugin. There are tons of possibilities, it's great emulation.
- jerem b.

One of the best

One of the best plugins I've ever used. Still got more to purchase so we'll see
- Steve C.

Everyone really NEED This

Everyone really NEED This. So sweet analog tone. I love it.
- Nicolas Z.

Awesome job. Amazing!!!

I used the 31102 to clean up a drum mix. Also it's great to use it on vocals, guitars, bass and master channel stuff. Awesome job. Amazing!!!

It’s the best plugin

It’s the best plugin I have. I did compare with one of my friend's hardware and the result was incredible!
- Andrey O.

Nice Piece of Gear

It's a nice plugin for some very specific mastering uses. If you're going after that "Neve" sound, this is the one.
- Calvin B.

So much better than 1073

The greatest emulation of the greatest Neve console eq/pre. So much better than 1073
- Kenroy S.

The perfect colouration tool!

I was skeptical at the principle at first but now it's simply my go-to tool for desk colouration and excitement. Great sounding modeling and drive behavior.
- hantz G.

The best model I've ever used

Really nice plugin. The preamp is great, I especially like the drive mode. Mid Side process is an awesome feature. When it comes to Eq, definately it is the best model I've ever used.
- Bryan P.

True Sound

Fantastic Neve tone that I've ever been looking for. Class A Preamp sound is just amazing!
- Farley C.

Perfect for anything

Ok this has been a game changer for me. Both mixing and mastering purpose is awesome!
- bark h.

Thank you guys

Great tone great saturation. That plugin is what I've ever need. Thank you guys
- Cameron B.

Extended capabilities of the hardware

Extended capabilities of the real hardware! Great functionality and the analog function really gives it a nice warmth!
- Aaron V.

Best investment

Best investment. If you seek for the magic, it is here. Look no longer, or just keep using it on every track. Also very low cpu usage for a console eq.
- david z.

Just great!

I love all ofthe Noiseash analog emulations. Superb plugins for mixing and mastering stuff. This plugin is just great!
- Ronald C.

This is the best console eq

Brings my mixes to life with a turn of a couple of parameters... Great job, This is the best console eq model.
- Makoto K.


Really helped me with mixing - mastering and production. As a total newb this was weary to use and understand.

Natural ingredients of the hardware

It really just has all the natural ingredients of the original hardware machine when it comes to completing a mix and master with classic Neve console sounds.
- Efrain M.

Very nice!

This is a very convenient plugin. We can make up splendid sound by very simple operation.
- zac j.

Sooo Beautiful

Love this plugin. So simple to use and quite useful for mixdown and mastering!
- Heltor V.

My favourite Pre & Eq

Awesome sounding Pre and Eq which is my favourite. It can be used on every track. Really helpful, simple but very effective way of making any track stand out in a mix.
- damian h.

Simply amazing

If you even have a little experience in mixing or mastering, this plugin is the glory, with only put into your mix and move a coupleof parameters born the magic.
- Geoffroy C.

I use it on every track

Awesome sweet Neve tone. I love this eq, I use it on every track. Even for mastering, because it has very high quality preamp and oversampling engine. Just amazing.

Outstanding plugin stuff

Outstanding plugin stuff as always!
- xavier t.

Nuances of original hardware

Nuances of original hardware captured in amazing clarity and detail! Great addition to my arsenal of plugins.
- Andrei B.

Great warmth and tone

Loveliest pre - eq ever. Use these all over the place for great warmth and tone. I also recommend watching a few videos demonstrating the software before buying, helps to understand it faster and take full advantage of what the programs can do!
- Tomasz L.

True classic

neve has the best consoles in the world, IMHO. And this plugin is the best Neve emulation in the world IMHO too. True classic
- Giles P.

Need 31102 Rocks

I know that harmonic and eq tone, that's exact 31102. Soo powerful. Need 31102 Rocks!
- sacha p.

My go to on every track

31102 is my go to on every track, I wish I had descovered it earlier. Overall, very good bundle of usable tools. Thank you Noiseash for a good deal.

Absolute fantastic plug-in

Absolute fantastic plug-in. Sounds inredible! Highly recommended...
- Mark O.

Great Tool

This is a great, Need 31102 has quickly become an essential part of my mixing & mastering sessions.
- cecil J.

A definite must.

Whether you're a beginner or an expert, this plugin is amazing, it’s an all for one plug in that allows you total control of your mixes. That amazing preamp and eq can make any track sound outstanding. A definite must.
- Yeryl K.


I love neve hardware & plugins and I use them all the time. Because of that, I am familiar with what the real Neve does. I must say that, this plugin is the closest version in all Neve emulations. Pre and eq just sounds SAME!!! Damn, how did you do that!!!
- neodora s.

This plugin is sooo sweet

Amazing plugin. The EQ and preamp, is so sick. I use it on almost every track. Acoustics, drums, vocals, everything. This plugin is sooo sweet.
- Jordan H.

Thank you!

The real Neve sound, Very useful and not expensive! Thank you!

Sounds awesome

Hey, I got this baby 1 week ago. I love it. It's preamp, eq and saturation sounds awesome, already in my tool box now...
- ivan C.

I discovered that awesome Neve model

I discovered that awesome Neve model, it's a good way to add classic soft high frequency to a harsh mix or trach. Also Neve attitude is just awesome.
- Pierre H.

This is one of the better IMO

Well done this great sounding plugin, it is easy to dial in your sound quickly. Great for those who like the Neve sound. Can be a bit bright for those who like an more rounded sound, like the SSL 4000 console. The Pre-amp section lvl boost is pretty good. If i may come with any improvement of the plugin it would be the following : * Less CPU consumption ( uses about 4,5 % ) CPU power active, compared to the bx_console SSL 4000 by brainworx that ( uses about 1% ) CPU power Measured in Reaper DAW.. * In the preamp Section ( Preamp button ) the volume is changing to much way lower volume when active, beware of your ears when disabling the button Improvement here would be nice as well. * Third and last the ( Dirt switch ) on the lower right side do not quite give me the chills, i must admit i cant hear much of a difference here ! But overall a great plugin, looking forward to see if they will come with an transparent compressor and limiter. For the ease of use + Sound, it is worth the money if you want a good ( Neve console ) at your hand this is one of the better IMO.
- Jan Ståle K.


What I was looking for, perfect.
- Chad I.

Must have in your toolbox

Solid EQ…love the color and flavour it adds. Must have in your toolbox.
- Jordan H.

the best 31102 emulation in the market!

The neve 31102 eq module is much more better than the 1073 IMO. And this plugin is the best 31102 emulation in the market!

This plugin is the best ever Neve model

I love Neve console sound because Neve makes the best sound for records. And this plugin is the best ever Neve model. congrats Noiseash!!
- walter a.

Late to the party

Amazing and powerful EQ and preamp, wish I would’ve gotten that baby several projects ago!
- Rodney K.


It adds a lot of character end personality to the mix. Killer low end sounds excelent for drums. I strongly recommend it.

Gorgeous sound character!

Very special preamp, very special eq and modern features are together. Gorgeous sound character, I love it on drums, vocals and guitars!
- Yuri O.


A great little helper adding kind of ‘after thunderstorm ozone air’ to any recorded instruments, specially at high frequencies! Its simplicity and awesome built-in tutorials are rounding off the package.
- fryderyk d.

Great tone

Omg, this preamp and eq is amaaazing! Please please Neve 1073 with EQ also.
- Carlos N.

"must have" for your tool box

As always, Noiseash comes through with another "must have" for your tool box. Get it, you won't regret it.
- robinson g.

I highly recommend!!

I love this console eq! It’s so easy to use, awesome Neve tone and I highly recommend!!


Wow! Great plugin of very useful options. Use this baby all the time in my recordings. Mid side feature is just great by the way.
- Gregory H.

Man you are awesome!

I used this console years ago. When I first tried this plugin, I was like crying because my old memories just came. The same fantastic tone. The same beautiful analog tone. How did you do that? Man you are awesome!
- dario J.

The beloved Neve Sound!

First off. We all grew up on this sound. We all try to emulate it in our mixes. Drop it in the DAW and BAM! You’ve got it... not only does it look great it delivers those EQ tones we all so desire We all know Noiseash is onto something when anything associated with analog gear is always the tops selling plugins. You won’t be disappointed!
- Fabio R.

Amazing sound

Amazing sound. Really good on bass and drums and vocals. I use the g channel for guitars and it sounds amazing as well
- BOB D.

Excellent product

I am a newb for mixing amstering but this plugin is recommended from a professional mixing enginner. Really helped me with mixing and production. As a total newb this was weary to use and understand.
- raymond c.

100 Percent Pure Character

It adds a lot of character end personality to the mix. Killer low end sounds excelent for drums. Vocals are flying now. Master bus is awesome now also. I strongly recommend it.
- Lazaro M.

Awesome console

I love this plug for certain sounds. It’s awesome to have a choice. Emulated console eqs are the best way to understand more about the history and tools used in audio production. They create additional creative ideas that makes mixing as fun as playing an instrument.
- IAN S.

Very nice 31102

One of my favorite EQ. Sounds great! Nice warmth and can be pushed nicely!
- fedde l.

That's what I call NEVE!

That's what I call NEVE! Just awesome guys, sounds like 8068 console, unbelievable :)))

love it !!!!

This is a very nice plugin to have love it !!!!
- Youyou M.

i bought it just 5 min later

Amazing thats just one word that comes to mind when i first tried it ! i bought it just 5 min later To me what’s the biggest deal with it? that`s the preamp , at first you might get to much bite of it , but when you start blending with the main volume wow Awesome even if i would have liked an compressor with it but hey The EQ is great
- Jimmy P.

Superstar Tone

Really really love this console eq, great sound and the mid/side channels really help the mix. Solid Superstar Tone
- damien a.


I've tried many others EQ's but Need 31102 is a different story. It is simple and effective and it does change the sound of your mix or mastering for the very best. Highly recommended

The best Neve model in the world!!!

The best Neve model in the world!!! Anyone who doesn't have this plugin, is must loose the mixing game. Get it, be the winner
- Simon C.

really time saver!

Amazing plugin! It took me 20 minutes to rich the sound of the drums as I imagined in my head. Really time saver!
- dmitry s.

Game changer

Really like that EQ to shape my kicks, vocals, guitars, bass and also other drums.. Love that "sheen" character. And for a good price!

Tone is Awesome!

OMG! very good plugin, multifilament and formidable efficiency. Tone is Awesome!
- Jean L.

Another good plugin from Noiseash!

Always satisfied with Noiseash's analog model products...never let me down.. almost got em all little by little and they are all worth it!!!

same neve sound

Very Nice eq, like other Neve console sounds! But 31102 is very special Neve eq, I had hardware before, I know the unit well. This plugin DOES THE SAME mojo with the original Neve 31102. Does what it should, sounds great!
- dozvald Á.

sounds so good

Best for drums, vocals and instruments, gives great punch to voice. sounds so good!
- Trevor H.

Great job Noiseash

Abosolutly love this eq plugin. I’ve tried many many many eqs and this one seems to makes tracks just sit in the mix. One of the best preamps for sure. I’ve tried to match some of my favorite eqs to this but this one just gave me that extra 10% to 20%. Number one go to eq. Would love to see the compressor 2264 version. I also have the Rule Tec which I think is one of the best Pultec emulations. Great job Noiseash.

The best Neve console eq

A great unit that truly presents it's real hardware sounds, characteristics. The best Neve console eq emulation in the world.
- oberheim d.

Rolls Royce plugin...

It works just perfectly. Real Neve attitude and air. Rolls Royce plugin...
- Erikas Š.

The classic top quality

Very musical filters. The Eq and Preamp is a lifesaver for achieving the classic top quality. I could make an album with just this one plugin! Bravo

it deserves Oscar

Wow, I am so impressed. The top #1 plugin for me, it deserves Oscar.
- gan w.

Game Changer!

Juts two words, Game Changer!
- Ayumumatsuo

Great work excellent plugin

I bought this plugin for checking the sound with my hardware. Sounds like the same as Neve 31102 that I've been using! Excellent warmth and can be pushed nicely! Great work excellent plugin

Very kind and Very professional!

Sounds great! Nice warmth and can be pushed nicely! Very kind and Very professional!
- Simone R.

This is the BEST one

I LOVE original Neve sound. I've used lot's of Neve plugin stuff. This 31102 emulation is the BEST one. Definately goes to my toolbox.
- steven b.

It will be my go to plugin for eq

I cut my teeth on a Neve console in the 1970’s and in the digital age have been struggling with eq wishing I had that old Neve console. I was sceptical about this plugin but from initial testing it really nails it, it will be my go to plugin for eq.
- Ian E.

this plugin has very big balls

This plugin is a masterpiece. I love to use it while tracking, easy to carve out some useless low end or whatever you want. Saturation, eq is so neat. This plugin has very big balls. So glad I bought Need 31102.
- charles m.

Excellent piece of sotware

Neve consoles are Lamborginies of the mixing world. This software is just like the real Neve 3112. Excellent piece of sotware at a terrific price
- Dennis B.

I love to shape my tracks

Awesome Plugin… I love to shape my tracks and then print them just like good old days…in Pro Tools you have the chance to choose a default Eq plugin…this is mine!!…please please bring a “Need 2264 comp “!!!!…Cheers
- Gonzalo C.

Awesome job!

I always loved Neve 31102. I actually got a channel only in my studio. But now it is possible to use it in every track and also in computer. because this thing emulates exactly like the original channel. Awesome job!
- aaron p.

Professinal sound. That's all!!

I've got two big weapons for my mixing and mastering. Need 31102 Console + Rule Tec Collection = Professinal sound. That's all!!
- James D.

Suits perfectly

Real edgy sound. Great for getting that 70's and 80's rock vocal or bad ass drum. At first it was lacking finness in the top end but I found myself reaching for it more and more. It just has a thing.
- Athanasios T.

well… wow!

Everything I pretty much want in a Channel Strip. A clear, easy to use layout with resizeable GUI. The preamp is divine and the EQ can bring out the character on any track – love it on guitars. I use this in conjunction with the Ruletec collection and… well… wow!
- David Carter

REAL neve sound and real beauty

This machine sits on top from my plugin list. REAL neve sound and real beauty. Every track loves it, like me.
- adrian u.

Sounds Great. Useful Presets.

I've been waiting this emulation for a longtime. The 31102 adds great finish to a recording. Adds punch, doesn't make mud. It seems to dial in on the right frequencies easily.
- Nicholas H.

awesome model. the best emulation for me

Immediately made a difference on my sound, good buy for sure, I tried so many neve stuff. need 31102 is the best neve plugin for me. thx
- francisco g.

It's a Keeper !!

I Have Many Many PlugIns ..but I had to Add this into My Mastering Chain...It's a Keeper !!
- Robert F.

instant buy

it's a great plugin anyone can use in their mix or master buses to breathe life and punch to their mixes.
- valerie s.

Well done Noiseash!

This plugin is amazing. I added it to my Master Bus Chain and with just minor tweaks, it made a huge difference on my mixes. I love the character and the tone of this plugin. Well done Noiseash!
- Sharon G.

best neve plugin ever

best neve plugin ever. what an amazing time for audio industry!!

like the expensive original one does

Real masterpiece. I don't have a million dollar console. this beast does it like the original one does...
- Gary U.

my ears say it’s the best

Suddenly there are a bunch of similar emulations on the market at a wide price range, I bought this one because to my ears say it’s the best.
- Dave W.

Recommended by a Bollywood M. Eng.

This was recommended to me by a Bollywood Mixing Engineer! I have started to realize why. Really amazing plugin!
- Raktimsen

You made an amazing plugin

Good job NoiseAsh Team! You made an amazing plugin. This eq helps shaping high frequencies in a musical way. I love how it sounds on snare, guitars, vocals
- Alex G.

A Real gem.

This 31102 emulation is a real gem. Great preamp saturation, combined with an EQ that easily adds weight to the sound.
- Julien K.

sounds like a real record

sounds awesome! a real neve sound that makes the mixsound like a real record. this one is the best purchases that I've made lately.
- ralph u.


This is an outstanding low-latency high-quality emulation.
- Carlos C.

beauty with high quality eq

You have very high level plugins, which you have a great success with your company. This one in particular has a center treatment sides that is a beauty with high quality eq
- Roberto R.

Without a doubt a gorgeous sound

Without a doubt a gorgeous sound, the option of the analog button is incredible, definitely a very versatile tool, especially for acoustic instruments, drums, guitars and vocals
- aaron v.

Thanks I am very grateful!

Neve consoles are like Rolls Royce in music industry. This plugin is Rolls Roce of the neve emulations then. ıt sounds awesome, and it got balls. I am very grateful
- Harry U.

Made my mixes professional

I'm a Musician, doing my own Demos. Need31102 gives my mix in an easy way musch more like ALBUM SOUND and it has a great EQ SATURTION PREAMP in it.
- Ryan S.

Need 31102 Console Eq

good quality performance
- Bermude C.

Sounds just like in the classic albums

Sounds just like in the classic albums. Best Neve emulation ever. I prefer this one to the 1073 stuff.
- Ferdinand O.

legendary sound is here with me

Great product…..lots of old school manipulation…..very satisfied….. legendary sound is here with me
- teri u.

Sounds legendary beautiful

I use this almost all of my tracks, sounds legendary beautiful. Unbelievable emulation.
- Harper E.

I "need" that

Absolutely gorgeous for both mixing and mastering sessions. Vocals are great, guitars, drums, all of the elements "need" that.
- Nolan A.

A very good emulation

A very good emulation. Pete Townshend was very excited about the 8088 console and as far as I know the 31102 is from this console
- Hans

it even has a tutorial section

I make great things with such a cool machine. curves are great, saturation is awesome, it even has a tutorial section 🙂
- David W.

My secret weapon

Clients are asking what I am using for drums, vocals and guitars. I don't tell them that I am using this baby on all channels. My secret weapon 🙂
- Vincent I.

the greatest neve plugin

This is by far the greatest plugin and I've added to my toolbox. Demo it and see for yourself and if it doesn't fit you're toolbag don't get it.
- garreth p

Keep up the good work NoiseAsh

I love this plug in. It has great sound and tightens up recordings. I like that it's also retro looking. Keep up the good work NoiseAsh
- Myles H.

Found that I am looking for

Now I've found that I am looking for. Great plugin. It opens the sound in a very cool way.
- nathan o

no brainier

A real Neve. Allows me to really push the levels farther than most limiters
- Juan D.

True Neve emulation

LOVE the Neve EQs. Versatile for almost any source, be it channel or buss. To have one is great, but you get as many as you need. real bang for the buck here! True Neve emulation
- Andrew A.

just like the original

It opens the soundlike the original machine. Greatest model, just like the original.
- NAT A.

Nailed the sound

This emulation is incredible. Just the preamp alone is worth it! I’ve always loved the 31102 EQ as well. It’s like the slick, hi-fi cousin of the 73 and NoiseAsh really nailed the sound.
- Bob D.

What an awesome software!

What an awesome software! I use for mixing and mastering. I would recommend your stuff to any sound engineer worth his salt.
- Steen H.


Love this plug in you can shape the tone or even use a preset and then tweak to your liking. An awesome plug in definitely one that you can hear the difference when bypassing on/off.

really got my mixes to stand out

awesome plugin really got my mixes to stand out very professional sounding love noiseash they really know how to deliverer quality studio plugins.
- harold p.

World class plugin

High class Plugin like the other noiseash stuff.
- Stan K.

pretty good emulation

It sounds pretty good. Deep and warm bass, high frequencies bright transparent but never aggressive. The medium is more discreet but give beautiful colors to voices and guitars.

Best Neve emulation

GREEEAAAT! I could make it sound same to what I recorded with an analog Neve Console. I am very satisfied with it, and I will continue to purchase other plug-ins based on sale products.
- Ulrich O.

Phenomenal work

Great modeling on a great unit. Keep up the phenomenal work!
- Marc E.

thank you

Great plugin,the added warmth as well as character is awesome. Noiseash Neve 31102 model. Two great talents put together in a plugin. Thank You!!
- Emmeth G.

Totally Worth It

I'm grateful that Noiseash guys have revamped some of these earlier plugs that just aren't as good sonically as what they're capable of today. So get over it folks! They're not trying to rip you off, just give you improved options. That costs them time and money.
- Jude K. M. P.

Love it!! Boon for the music.

Awesome tone, awesome saturation, awesome machine. Love it!! Boon for the music.
- Ron O.

Very realistic

This plugin is amazing because it gives any sound even a modern synth or strings a certain vintage flavor with emulation of tubes, irregular analog tones, noise etc. very realistic and you can hear the difference, worth its money
- Kazunari D.

fun to crank it!

I can't stop using it as an effect on its​ most extreme settings. One day I'll find out what the subtle settings are like but for now it is too much fun to crank it!

It has the legendary color..

I have used this to help both tame and pull out sounds in a mix
- Raman G.

Perfect Neve plugin

Always wanted this classic baby, finally got it time to produce some fire
- M.Graham C.

Good for Quick Setup

Add warmth, presence, and excellent analog texture, good stuff noiseash

It really sounds great on anything

FINALLY!!!!!!!!! A native plugin for this legendary console….. It really sounds great on anything you put it on. You guys have made me SUPER SUPER happy Noise Ash!!!!
- Alan L.

Need 31102

Need is a very good plugin! It can really bring vocals or instruments forward in a pleasing way. The preamp is also very useful.
- Michael W.

Pretty useful and pleasant sounding

Like the tone, especially on high frequencies. In general, pretty useful and pleasant sounding thing for additional coloration. PS. Wanna see some compressors from you, guys!
- Vadim N

Very very impressed

Amazing tone and EQ very very impressed. Good job .
- Dominik

Amazing plugin!

Amazing plugin! It pushes the vocals forward in a very distinct but not harsh way.
- Michael W.

Great plugin. 10/10 would recommend

This is by far the greatest plugin. Also excellent technical support team
- Reid P.

One of the Best Plugins ever

One of the Best Plugins ever. The work is so easy and the Sound become so much toother... Thx NoiseASH!
- Juho A.

Like a Lexus of plugins

Excellent plugin with awesome presets and options. Like a Lexus of plugins. Highly recommend.
- Jonathan W.

Lucky find!

God, amazing! I am using it on every track. I am not kidding, it's like a drug. When I get used to it, it became the best mixing console tool in my life.
- Jason K.

Just Amazing

it works very well adds depth and gives life to the recording plus enhances width...great tool for aspiring Mix-Engineers Easy to use but 31102 is just Amazing.....
- Eric G.

I'll keep buying noiseash

I didn't expect immediate results but that's exactly what i got. It's excellent quality and the cpu usage is not that high as i expected which is a amazing. Will definitely keep buying noiseash
- Arnold B.


- Robert M.

Seriously the best one!!!

I was truely amazed of the sound. So musical, so so so analog. The best one, I am so serious...
- Reid P.

Need 31102

This is one of the best sounding and ‘open’ EQs I’ve heard for ages - it will now replace all my others - thanks again
- Michael B.

A real treasure

Easy to use as expected. A real Rolls Royce emulation of the king console. It is a real treasure.
- Troy Nam.

Real Stars use that

Really really like this console eq, great sound and the mid/side channels really help the mix. My tracks sound like real rock stars now.
- Francisco V.

I use it more than I thought

I tried it out of curiosity. As a lot of mixing engineer, I already have plenty of EQ (outboard and software) to choose from so I wasn't sure if I was going to use this one. Big mistake, I ended up using it a lot more than I thought. In my opinions it shines on everything that need serious tone shaping : guitars, background vocals even lead vocals in busy mix. It has a rock'n'roll attitude that is very attractive.
- Wheeliemix

Blown away 🙂

At first I thought"Just another hyped up emulation plugin".After hearing it's sound and experimenting, I was blown away with all the capabilities!!! I am very happy
- Mark C.

Great Eq, Like the original

Great Eq, a mix of very powerful and unique elements to assist with any production needs. Like the original machine and more!!!
- Matthew B.

Colorful & Amazing Drive

I was absolutely pleased with this plugin but I totally fell in love with the preamp section and the amazing drive. The Eq is really colourful and Need 31102 makes a great addition and awesome tool in my digital setup. producer,
- Vasil V.

Superb Plugin

I owned original NEVE 20 years ago. This Plugin have a tone of original and more functions.MS balance is so nice idea .I use it OH mic track of drums. It make no hush cynbals and it make huge clear room sound. I love it. and I used this for vocal. It have a miracle tone ! This is my mix .If you have a time Please have a listen 🙂 https://soundcloud.com/nori-sakamoto
- studio_mocha

Instant purchase!

Just after a few minutes demo on drums and bass and instant purchase. In your face sound in seconds. I just could not make this plugin sound bad. Every move on EQ decision sounds great!
- Emrah Celik


Glorious Emulation of a Classic Console Eq...
- J. Dockerty (Jay Rock)

Mesmerizing sound

One word, Fabulous! Preamp, Eq and extra features... just awesome. It sounds stunning on every track. Especially drums, guitars, vocals. Put it on the track, give some pre, eq and the result will be mersmerizing.
- Mehmet Ugur memis

Definately recommended...

I am using real 2 pieces of 31102 units. I know the original sound. But man, this plugin is just like original, even much more better. I can't believe to my ears, one of the greatest sounds ever been made. With a combination of modern fetures & classic tone, I looovee the way it sounds on every track. I definately recommend it!
- Daniel W.


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