Match Tonix – Dark Wolf Lite



Matchtonix is a finically manifactured “ready to mix” tool solution series for virtual electric guitars and bass guitars.


Our main goal is to get a desired “from direct input to final mix” guitar tone. So the composer will focus the music without putting any effort to find the tone. Matchtonix plugins have special magical dsp for getting a professional recording sound.



Dark Wolf is a very powerful tool package combimation of Pedals, Amplifier, Cabinets (with 7 Different Mic Models), Room Types and Rack Fx Units. Dark Wolf has extremely large pro tones. It can be used for any kind of rock music style especially; Djent, Metal, Modern Metal, Hardcore Punk, Hard Rock.

Min. Requirments for PC

  • Win32 compatible operating system with SSE2 supporting cpu (or higher)
  • İntel i3 2 ghz / amd athlon 64 or equivalent
  • 4 gb ram / 400 mb hard disc
  • 1024×768 screen resolution or higher
  • VST host with 32 bit support (cubase 9.0 pro is not compatible)
  • Ability to download

Note: this plugin could maybe work via jbrigde in a 64-bit daw, but we don`t guarantee that.

Audio Demo of This Template

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