Legendary passive equalizers have long been a top choice of leading recording and mastering engineers since it was released in 1951. With tons of research and hard work; we are proud to present extremely accurate models of these legendary equalizer units, Rule Tec® Collection. Legendary tone is here with all of the legendary signature features including “Pultec EQ trick”.


Use it on every track. Just put it on the channel, and it will just sound great. Rule Tec add a very desirable and subtle tube saturation to your signal even when the EQ is set flat. Rule Tec EQ1A is all in one solution for both professional mixing and mastering purposes. You really can't go wrong with it.


We’ve modeled lot’s of unique complex interactive analog behaviour in order to present all signature characteristics of the original units’ “a must have tone”. Same musicality, clarity, warmth and character with original units which is immediately noticeable when tweaking frequency boosts.


The result is pretty amazing. All in one solution for legendary famous equalizer tone that you’ve heard in thousands of records for 70 years.


  • Extremely accurate circuit reproduction of the most popular vintage studio equalizers ever made
  • Complex legendary interaction between filters with smooth and musical curves
  • Unique analog behavior of total harmonic distortion, tubes, hum etc.
  • Friend of CPU
  • Resizable GUI


macOS / OS X

  • Intel I3 2ghz or above
  • OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks or above
  • 4 gb ram / 2 GB free space on system drive
  • VST / AU / AAX host
  • Min. 1024x768 Screen Resolution
  • Ability to download (Included: VST, AU, AAX versions)


  • Intel I3 2ghz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 or above
  • Windows 7 64-bit or above
  • 4 gb ram / 2 GB free space on system drive
  • VST / AAX host
  • Min. 1024x768 Screen Resolution
  • Ability to download (Included: VST 32 bit, VST 64 bit, AAX 32 bit, AAX 64 bit versions)


Demo and Manual

Current Version 1.4.2 - View Release Notes



Name Mono Stereo Mono-to-Stereo
Rule Tec EQ1A


Instant love. Sounds massive and punchy. Adding low frequencies making explosions from kick, yet retaining all the transients. It’s super easy for me to make an event from the bass. Really love the smooth top end on vocals. Now it’s all over my mix. From kick, bass and vocals to guitars, keys and plucks. Classic eq with modern character.

Dimitier Ganchev

Producer, Mixing-Mastering Engineer

Overall a perfect Pultec Channel-strip that has all you need for equalizing individual instruments as-well as full mixes. You really can't go wrong with the Rule Tec Heritage Pro.


Producer, Mixing Engineer

I have the original machine. But this plugin is just like original. Even better than the best known emulation versions. My directly recorded vocal tracks turned into giant, definitive and clear voices. I definately recommend it! I use it on even electronic music...

Daniel Warren

Producer, Mixing Engineer, Vocalist






Overall rating from Verified Customers:

Product Overall rating: ★★★★★ 5 based on 116 reviews.
5 1

Favorite Pultec clone by far.

The EQ1A is by far my favorite Pultec clone by far. Its so easy to make drums sound huge its like cheating.
- Steve M.

Easy To use and low cpu usage

Sound great! Easy To use and low cpu usage. In my experience, this is the most beautiful pultec model
- Lorraine T.

Thank you so much Noiseash...

Great plugin even though it's a EQ it actually give my drums punch like a compressor. One of the best investments I've made. Thank you so much Noiseash...

Oh yeah! This is exactly what I need!

Great plugin. Very CPU friendly. Adds that famous Pultec shimmer I sometimes need. I’m no Pultec expert but I’ve seen/heard this EQ do things even Filter Pro Q can’t do and I like to use them together. For example I dial in what i can get from the Pro Q and then maximize that with the Pultec shimmer. Other companies make their version of this and I haven’t tested them, but I dont’ like CPU-hogs, and I can tell you that based on my research this plugin seems to be the best value for the money and possibly the most CPU-friendly version of the famous analog EQ so many desire. As soon as I tried it I said “Oh yeah! This is exactly what I need!” It really gives you a beautiful top end that’s hard to get anywhere else. I plan to use this on many mix buses.
- John M.

Yummy bass and treble sounds

Yummy bass and treble sounds. The best mastering eq. Also the best choice for the kick, bass, vocal and guitars...
- gianni k.

Love it!!

Super ! Easy to handle! Superb for mastering.
- Eddie Y.

Sounds amazing

So far I’ve only used this on drums and it sounds amazing. The boost and warmth it adds to kick drums I’ve been unable to achieve with any other plugin. Can’t wait to try it on other instruments!

Seriously impressive!

Seriously impressive! Inexpensive or not, this sounds amazingly smooth and has that warm mojo in the mid range I look for in a Pultec
- Miqueas S.


This is the real deal. It does exactly what you expect. Perfectly.
- David B.

Rule Tec

Don't be full, get all of this plugins, especially this one.
- Sebastian I.


A great emulation of a world-class EQ. Thanks!!

I love it

Super powerful. this is a game changer again.
- john c.

The best

The best emulation, highly recommended.
- Matthew C.

The feeling its definetly analog

I really don’t like having hundred of plugins, I prefer having few and master those. I use Logic and the stock ones are very good. They even have an emulation of Pultec but after seeing a lot in youtube comments the Rultec, I wanted to try : with this guy, when you crank the bass boost, you really feel it, in a very pleasing way. I dont own some hardware unit so I cannot compare, but the feeling its definetly analog with this plug. And that for not even 30€ !!!My friend who only use UAD is also conviced. But get a demo and try yourself !
- Täd B.

An excellent emulation

An excellent emulation of pultec. And at a very affordable price. Thank you.
- Jonathan Z.

The best pultec emulation

The best pultec emulation, without any doubt. Don't be fooled by free plugins. This one has a premium quality. Also very low cpu usage. Awesome
- Andrei Y.

I love it so much

Just great. Especially bass tone. I love it so much.
- jay F.

It fixes ton's of things

It fixes ton's of things. I'm using this plugin a lot, including the master track too.
- Frederick L.

100% pure character

It adds a lot of character end personality to the mix. Killer low end sounds excelent for anything. I strongly recommend it.
- Lazaro G.

outstanding plugin

Outstanding tone, outstanding plugin..
- martina d.

exact replica

This baby can be used for mixing and mastering. Every knob is the exact replica of the hardware.
- Joshua R.

What a fantastic plugin

What a fantastic plugin. Very nice and easy to use. Sounds great!
- Paul K.


Does exactly what it's supposed to do great.

Simple as it gets

Great options, easy to use, great deal. Couldn't be happier.
- Larry F.

Authentic classic sound

Authentic classic sound. I'm in love 🙂
- andrew s.

very tasty

Great plugin. The saturation is very tasty
- Shiham I.

I am so happy

I love the mastering sound quality. True analog classic...
- Niklas F.

Excellent eq

Excellent eq. Musical and gives a pleasant result. I just bought it and I think I'll put it to good use.
- Mateo U.

Just like it says on it's name

Such great color with thick analog vibe. It REALLY does what it says it does. just. Just like it says on it's name. Rule Tec....
- Bart O.

It does great what it does best

No surprises here, the plugin is behaving exactly as you would expect it.
- dozvald Á

What a plugin, amazing

This thing is amazing what it does to really clean up the tracks and mastering too. I have added it to almost all my tracks on this song I'm working on. I highly recommend it.
- Paul C.

Highly recommended

It’s great just started working it and I like it a lot. very user friendly, versatile, and brought my tracks to life. exactly what i was looking for to get them to cut through just right. The closest pultec emulation to it's original hardware. Highly recommended...
- William C.

The best one, without any doubt

What else would you expect from Noiseash. Game changer....

It has real magic!

It has real magic! If you want a really good mixing and mastering tool this is it.
- mario b.

The best I've ever picked

This plugin is awesome and I use it in all my mixes! This has been one of the best products I've ever picked up for audio mixing.
- Dillon F.

Smooth EQ

Amazing sounding plugin and unbeliebable how much you can tweak with this EQ. Totally worth the price
- keith z.

Definite recommend... 🙂

Absolutely love this plugin. All so useful in there own way. Adds great color and it has one of the best bass - treble sounds. Such reliable tool that really gives me confidence with any project I tackle. Definite recommend... 🙂
- Guige Y.


I was fortunate to have this as my first bundle from Noiseash, and man, it’s amazing!
- Alvin H.

Love love love

The sound quality of this plugins are amazing. Those Vintage processing plug in are powerful to mix Modern sound.
- Luca A.

Now I know why...

very unique very easy to use and easy to make magic eq plugin. Now I know why this plugin is the best ever!

Couldn't go a day without it!

One of the best Pultec eq plugin out there!
- Justin A.

awesome beauty

good plug for smooth, fast efficient, get the sound picture you want. There is no way to make istakes with this awesome beauty.
- marc f.

Just Perfect!

Great functionality and the analog function really gives it a nice warmth! I love its lush lows and the crisp highs of this plugin.

Very nice plugin!

Inmediate results by just placing it on the stereo outputs, even before start tweaking it! Very nice plugin!
- Alexis K.

Best Eqs, Best price

Using this eqs on my instrument tracks has greatly improved the unique characterizations I can bring to each sound, which has greatly improved my overall mixes. I highly recommend these plugins to anyone looking to improve their mixes.
- shishido y.

Sits right in the mix

Legend sound w/modern approach!! my guitars and vocals never sounded so good! Sits right in the mix with the Rule tec!
- jinhong k.

One of my favorites

Watch a few tutorials on this and you’ll get great low end with tightness and some shimmering top end. it sounds great.
- Gilbran A.

I fell in love ith the bass

This pultec model is very intuitive, it just works and sounds great while doing it... I fell in love ith the bass by the way. Awesome!
- OLA Y.

Love it for mastering!

I like to give character to my mixes & this on the master buss is fuckin LOVELY!
- Jay H.

very impressive plugin

Just getting started with this, but it is very impressive and a useful tool on tracks.
- randall s.


Súper Perfecto

Rule Tec - it is excellent!

Add the perfect touch of brightness and very sweet bottom low end! it is excellent!
- Babajide B.

another awesome eq

bought this while it was on sale. I'd wanted it bc it's based on classic tube gear. This one has a weird layout that's hard to learn, but I've got my sounds dialed in. I'd like to see more presets, though. It would provide more insights re what to do with a given sound source.
- theo y.

Definately Phenomenal

I’d pay the 10 price for this plugin alone. Just amazing model, like the real one I have. Definately Phenomenal

Perfect for noobs

Eases things up a lot!
- Valery D.


Analog perfection. It adds a great saturation that makes the tracks sound like harware recorded. It also adds so sweet bottom line. Just great!!!
- nino d

Transformation to real analog

Transforms the sound to big huge analog tastes. I really love it. I use it on everything (tracking, mixing, and yes, mastering) when needed.
- Hiroaki N.


OMG, now I call that Analog Saturation and Real Emulation. Awesome.

Real Pultec sound

Real Pultec sound. Great for getting that 70's and 80's rock vocal or bad ass drum. At first it was lacking finness in the top end but I found myself reaching for it more and more. It just has a thing.
- Zachary W.

Another fabulous Noiseash plugin!

A great realistic analog equaliser that allows you to get exactly to the frequency you want with utter ease. Another fabulous Noiseash plugin!
- paul m.

One of the best colored plugins

If you want to add some sauce to your mix this is the way to go
- Reid P.

excellent! yep, that did it.

Really impressed with this plugin, the include presets are fantastic and cover a wide range of styles. I have been trying to catch my hardware Pultec sound and have never come close to these. Wish I’d found this sooner and saved myself a lot of money in the process. excellent! yep, that did it.
- glen d.

One of my favorite eqs

Great sound, love it in everything. I love the sound of this EQ, brings depth and clarity to all my tracks.

Best model, best price

The one and only. From now, my favorite. Best model, best price.
- Kris K.

Perfect tool for mixing and mastering

The perfect tool for mixing and mastering. A real deal for me. Adding analog tone with a sweet brightness and bass is so great with this pultecs.

Color the emotions out of the music

Amazing EQ. I am verry happy to live in the digital age and also have the possibility to ad some warmth of the past. This EQ is helping to color the emotions out of the music. Especialy on master track, kicks, guitars, bass, vocals and solo's.
- Ralph B.

Super usable

It sounds great on anything, quick EQ, preamp with some nice sounding gain and it really helped that I got it at a very nice price. Super usable. It´s one of my go-to plugins when I need some extra warmth.
- Enrique M.

The Lover of the tracks 🙂

Like all other pultec models, this one is a must have for a professional engineer. It touches the tracks and the tracks are never be the same again. They are beautiful now! Tracks love this baby 🙂
- norlan s

Excellent plugin!!

Just got my hands on this modern vintage wonder. Besides the obvious and expected high quality of this plugin it’s a professional tool for the professional engineer. Excellent plugin!!
- Lars k.

Ready forrelease mastering eq

Greatest Mastering Eq for me. I just put it on the master and voila, my mix is ready for the release....
- hiroaki n

So sweet plugin

So sweet plugin. Works like expected. I have other pultecs too but this one is far distance the best.
- Björn H.

Amazing sound

This EQ can work on almost anything... amazing sound
- Theo Y.

My recent favorite

Love it ! Use it on vocals guitars drums everything and it's great.
- jawyene s.

Keep up the good work

I just love this eq. Sounds huge and present at the same time, without ever sounding harsh. Keep up the good work!
- Martin C.

best Pultec emulation so far

Excellent, best Pultec emulation so far
- Gianni L.

Top quality go-to plugin

Top quality go-to plugin for tone sculpting. Watch the demo vid, get your tone with the boost knob. bring up the cut knob to taste and tweak with the bandwidth knob. Every position on each knob yields a musical, usable eq. Immediatly added to my mixing chain for drum bus, vocals, piano & guitar
- Panu

just the SAME - 5 stars

This plugin has been legend like the real machine that it emulates. It is just the SAME with original.
- alejandro t.

sweet umph

I've found it useful for making mixes have a little more sweet umph to them
- Vernon H.

I lovee it!!!

This shiny gorgeous looking plugin makes mixes shiny and gorgeous too. I lovee it!!!
- andy p.

Sounds better!

So far everything I've run though it sounds better! I'll be using this a lot.
- Joao D.

It fixes a lot!

It fixes a lot! Treble harshness. Gone! To digital? Gone. 70’s style. Put on al your tracks. 60’s. Overdrive it slightly on all the tracks.
- MEL P.


The best emulation of the best important piece of the best studio machine.
- Mackenzie O.

Very hard to make mistakes

It's very hard to make mistakes with this plugin. great product
- Idah W.

I love it so much baby.

Awesome saturation and eq curves. I love it so much baby. I use it everywhere.
- Anthony B.


Excellent, best Pultec emulation so far
- Gianni L.

seriously the best one

eqp1a is the probably the best solution for greatanalog sound. and this plugin is the best pultec emulation in the industry. I am so serious!
- Lauris P.

The best emulation of this gear!

High class classic. The best emulation of this gear!
- erich a


Adds great warmth to a track especialy on the lows & highs !!!! Awesome plugin

Definately the best one

Definately best pultec emulation...
- Guillermo A.

I love it

I have the original one, and this plugin is a like the original machine. I love it.
- LL

I am amazed

Original tone, original sound. I am amazed with this piece of gear.
- David E.

I'm very glad

This plugin really adds warmth, glue, and such a nice roundness to the transients. I'm very glad I bought it.
- Dan W.

It Change My Life

THIS Plug Change My Life 🙂
- eiji d

Must have for every studio

This eq has a very warm sound and it's very easy to get a great tone. Using it, you'll understand how many classic sounds have been created, which is impossible to achieve with other eq's, no matter how great. A must have for every studio!
- Daimler P.

Absolutely LOVE it!

Absolutely LOVE it!
- Mikael H.


Top end, bottom end, and a nice, warm mid. My mixes have never sounded so good. I hadn't even planned on buying the Puigtecs right now, but when I saw them listed in my daily deals, I couldn't pass it up. They are MAGNIFICENT EQs.

Required for mixing and mastering

Very user friendly. Rule Tec Includes all plug-ins required for mixing and mastering.
- Cessare T


I've got several Pultec EQ digital incarnations and this one I love the most. Absolutely insane quality!
- xtrooder

Superb for mastering too.

Super ! Easy to handle! Superb for mastering too.
- Siletski A.

it sounds great & it looks superb

Straight from the box this is an absolute gem of a plug-in. Not only does it sounds great it looks superb.
- Duron A.A

made my songs sound awesome

I love this plugins made my songs sound awesome
- Matthew D.

Love this plug in

I love the plugin because I can emulate the analog warmness brightness and thickness of the old original machine well. also add the body to the channel through which this using
- Brent G.

Awesome plugin

Awesome plugin. Allows you to get at any frequency you need to, not just to boost but you can out that notch to fit another instrument in its own space.
- Ricky W.

So satisfied with it, Real Deal.

I could make it sound similar to what I recorded with an analog pultec rack. I am very satisfied with it, and I will continue to purchase other plug-ins based on sale products.
- alper s.

Sweet bottom

I love to use this plugin on drum busses. Really adds a nice quality & sweet bottom to the sound. ..... timberline
- timberline c.

Perfect Bottom

Do you need more presence, clarity or a bite mark as well as the Perfect Bottom? Just grab the Rule Tec and crank it up!
- brad f.

My new first EQ

I used many Pultec emulations. but this one satisfied me the most greatly. Especially on Pultec trick and treble transients. ...... It's my new first EQ now
- Patrick A.


I don't know how this compares to the original outboard equipment, but this Pultec just sounds great. I used it on a drum buss and it kicked!
- Per-Erik C.

The power and clarity is awesome

I suggest making sure this plugin is added to every mix. The power and clarity is awesome....
- Mark C.

Finally someone gets it about Pultecs !

I am not a huge Pultec users. In the studio I am used to having "only" 2 Pultecs units. But I tried all Pultec EQ I could find and was never really happy with them. Because of one thing : The way they handles transients and peaks. This Pultec gets it ! Finally a Native Pultec that has that very nice low-end reinforcement and respect to the transients. I def recommend it. It lives 95% of the time on mixbus for my in the box mixes now. Awesome job !!
- Wheeliemix

Well worth

Sounds great, easy to use, adds to almost anything you use it on. I even put it on a frettless bass part which turned out great. On bass drums works great too, for eny genre. Well worth the investment
- Douglas C.

Best of the best

EQP1A is one of the best classic eq in the world. But that model, is the BEST EMULATION MAN!
- Ajamu S.

Highly Recommended

I love them so much. I use them for creation and mastering.
- Tyson f.

All over my mix

Instant love. Sounds massive and punchy. Adding low frequencies making explosions from kick, yet retaining all the transients. It’s super easy for me to make an event from the bass. Really love the smooth top end on vocals. Now it’s all over my mix. From kick, bass and vocals to guitars, keys and plucks. Classic eq with modern character.
- Dimitier G.

Great definition

The high end has a great definition but at the same time it remains so smooth. The lows feel big but at the same time feel controlled.
- Jay R.

Like Original

I have the original machine. But this plugin is just like original. Even better than the best known emulation versions. My directly recorded vocal tracks turned into giant, definitive and clear voices. I definately recommend it! I use it on even electronic music...
- Daniel W.


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