Palmary Collection is an elite production tool series for producers / musicians / mixing & mastering engineers. There are lots of great and useful plugins in this bundle set. Effortless professional mixing and mastering with having fun, is so easy now!


With the latest DSP technology, there are endless possibilities to get the highest sound quality. You will find lots of true high quality, intelligent, fast and analog reality solutions in this serries.


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This has won me over to being tools I will use, and recommend! This I find inspiring, and takes me in a different direction creatively. That turns the tools from being interesting, to being useful.

Ned Biddle

Producer, Mixing-Mastering Engineer

A Great new set of plugins for music manipulation to absolute creation!


Producer, Mixing Engineer

A powerful pack of kickass tools. Most of them are now my go-to plugins! Speakersim, Frozenverb, Action Filter, Devastator, I can't say enough how good they are!


Producer. Mixing-Mastering Engineer. DJ. Multi-Instrumentalist

Slick and easy to use interfaces boasting quick and impressive results. A surprisingly useful set of tools I will enjoy incorporating into my worfklow moving forward. Thank you NoiseAsh for delivering quality products!

Zachary Spence

Producer, Mixing Engineer, Vocalist



SpeakerSim is a realistic emulation of different types of speakers with their own acoustics and environments. There are 18 speaker emulations of three bullhorn / megaphone types, computer, cellphone, vintage phone, jukebox, answering machine, headphone, radio, car, toy, mini guitar cabinet, wireless walkie talkie, turn table and some room sounds are all in one plugin.


Vocal Finalizer is designed for holding “Vintage & Modern Characters - Simplicity - Wide Usability Range – Time Saving” properties together. Carefully crafted peaces are used in this combination to give everything you need to reach a final ready to mix vocal sound from a raw vocal track. >>More Info


Don’t be fooled by the name. It’s not an only delay unit. It’s a Delay - Chorus - Reverb – LoFi processor combination. As you can see, totally 4 in 1… We’ve simplified controls. Every parameter designed carefully to give the shortest and the most varied result. So you won’t get drowned in dozens of parameters. There are tons of ultra high quality possibilitiess for Action Delay but can be achieved with less effort. >>More Info


Stereo Finalizer is a mixture of the Haas, Multi-Band Frequency Splitting & Panning, Dimension, Delay modulation and Mid-Side stereo enhancing types. It’s ideal for stereo tracks too, as much as mono tracks. Simplified controls, lot’s of creative possibilities. Ears will be magnetized with Stereo Finalizer’s effective fast engine.


Action Filter is designed to be flexible enough to fulfil your needs whenever you reach for any type of filter. It has two filters with 13 popular filter models for each one, advanced modulation options, sound engine with convincing analog character. You can blend this two filters with your modulation design and analog saturation to create classic or modern filter sound effects. There are three modulation sources: a custom shape envelope follower, the LFO with 5 waveforms, a 32-step sequencer and each modulation sources can be assigned in-sync or free-sync modes. >>More Info


It’s not a straight forward bit crusher. As the name says; it’s a total sound Devastator. It gives all of the commonly used Lo-Fi distortion / audio resolution degradation features for adding very bad shapes to your sound (in a good way of course 🙂 ) It allows you to create low resolution audio and bit crushed sound through a variety of controls with different sonic characteristics. With tweaking just one knob, you will see the significant difference and tone degradation on your tracks. >>More Info


FrozenVerb is a versatile, huge, hyper stereo algorithmic reverb unit that delivers quick results with easy access to mission critical controls. It has an extra-ordinary “Freeze” buton that creates infinitively-continuous sustain reverb effect. Freeze button feature makes it very inspiring and slightly different from other reverb units. So, you can create unique, random, endless reverb effects in your mix with just an only button. >>More Info


Action Phaser is a stereo phase modulation effect processor with an advanced modulation system that pushes your limit to highest possibility levels. It has also extra features like pan modulation, tape saturation and filter-EQ’ing that are uncommon for a phaser. You can combine all of this features and apply what’s on your mind to the tracks very quickly. Now, from classic to modern; every kind of Phasing effect is available in your DAW as a one plugin. >>More Info


Heater is a high-quality digital simulation of one of the most powerful EQ based analog-style saturation tone shaper. It heats the signal with giving fat, colored, gritty, dirty or crystal clear tones to your tracks. Simplified controls allows you to reach the result that you’ve ever looking for very quickly. With Stereo Widener, LP-HP filter and Dry/Wet settings, the total control will be in your hands. >>More Info


Action Tremolo is an advanced pan and volume modulation unit. There are three modulation sources individually in pan and volume controls: a custom shape envelope follower, the LFO with 5 waveforms, a 32-step sequencer and each modulation sources can be assigned in-sync or free-sync modes.


  • NoiseAsh’s Magical, Fast, Analog Quality All in One DSP Engine
  • Simplified controls, lot’s of creative possibilities.
  • SpeakerSim
  • Vocal Finalizer
  • Stereo Finalizer
  • Devastator
  • FrozenVerb
  • Action Filter
  • Action Phaser
  • Action Delay
  • Action Tremolo
  • Heater


macOS / OS X

  • Intel I3 2ghz or above
  • OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks or above
  • 4 gb ram / 2 GB free space on system drive
  • VST / AU / AAX host
  • Min. 1024x768 Screen Resolution
  • Ability to download (Included: VST, AU, AAX versions)


  • Intel I3 2ghz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 or above
  • Windows 7 with SP3 or above
  • 4 gb ram / 2 GB free space on system drive
  • VST / AAX host
  • Min. 1024x768 Screen Resolution
  • Winrar 5.6 or higher
  • Ability to download (Included: VST 32 bit, VST 64 bit, AAX 32 bit, AAX 64 bit versions)


Demo and Manual



Name Mono Stereo Mono-to-Stereo
Vocal Finalizer
Stereo Finalizer
Action Filter
Action Delay
Action Tremolo
Action Phaser


Overall rating from Verified Customers:

Palmary Collection ★★★★★ 5
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5 1


5 5 1
Combines the basic and advanced audio shaping tools you need for instruments, voice and mixes. Fast, intuitive, excellent visual display and sounds wonderful. This really is an incredibly useful plugins. Congratulations, I'm a convert!

It's Awesome

5 5 1
One of those things you don't know you need until you try it. I am not a pro just want to sound like one, it just got easier!

Great package, great price

5 5 1
Great Products and was able to catch a sale and get amazing prices for it. There are several plug-ins that work quite well and truly enhance with quality of instruments sound making more realistic and enhanced overall sound experience

plugins with great quality

5 5 1
This plugins provides sound with great quality. It has great plugins with many options and is perfect even for the most demanding projects, as classic music. I processed successfully from a single solo to very complicated orchestral hollywood soundtrack recordings.

I'd marry with them

5 5 1
If this plugins was a girl, I would marry it/her EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

love & use them a lot

5 5 1
I love & use all of them a lot. The best plugins are Vocal finalizer and Speakersim IMO.

happy to have

5 5 1
So far, all my listening has been on cans (very good ones, but still just cans). I think a lot of effects of this pack will likely be spatial -- as in sonic density, "girth" or perceived width of a sound source, depth of field, etc. I can pick up a little of that with the cans and more will show later when I dig in with monitors. These effects remind me of what I've heard from high end Neve gear (MBC and Summing Mixer). Depth, density, and girth sound fantastic when done cleanly, so I'm happy to have an in-the-box tool that can do those tricks (at least sometimes).

They just sounds great!

5 5 1
I’ll just say this, all of this plugins has became the default tools in my ProTools HD insert pull down menu. They excel in a surprisingly wide variety of applications.

silky sounding tools

5 5 1
I just got this in the sale. I played just with the low and highpass knobs and was sold immediately. Very smooth, silky sounding tools

Saves so much time

5 5 1
I really like this pack. I can load and basically tweak whatever plugin that I will need for mixing, and it saves so much time, sounds great.

master plugin chain

5 5 1
since first impression i love that thing on every thing this plugins can do, even flat it helps! Using very often on drum buss, bass chain, vocal chain, and master fader!

my favourite

5 5 1
A wonderful set of tools! Mastering made easy! My favourite is vocal finalizer, speakersim, frozenverb and action delay


5 5 1
a great special plugin set that combines and emulates analog processor classics successfully.

love and suggest

5 5 1
Some clients really love this plugins when our engineers put a couple of them on their tracks. It is a great addition to your arsenal of plugins. I love them and I strongly suggest them.


5 5 1
I have to say this plugins are both creative in terms of sound design (including mixing/mastering too) as well as useful. Do what they do and extremely well. I like effects you can hear working and this suit is instantly gorgeous!

Huge time saver

5 5 1
I am not, nor will I ever be, a professional mixer. I will never have my own professional studio. That being said all I can say is this plugins sound fantastic. I am more than happy to have let noiseash guys come up with my 'starting point'. Huge time saver. Fantastic results! Other people can tweak their life away.

Stunning package

5 5 1
these plugins are awesome! The tube simulation plugin is nice and warm and sounds stunning! This vocal plugin is a very nice tool to have when working on a mix. I use them all of my works and there are satisfied customers

Solves everything

5 5 1
Has a lot of colored, trend and classic tasted plugins. it is just awesome! When you feel like your track is missing something it will probably solved with one of these cool toys

Remarkable stuff

5 5 1
Remarkable stuff, congrats.

Bro you are the best!!!!

5 5 1
I've got this pack 2 days ago. What I've seen is pure kingdom. Bro you are the best!!!!

almost free

5 5 1
Sounds great, work's perfect and I think the price definitely isn't fair! because with that price, it's almost free 🙂 Great deal, a must have for everyone

crazy beautiful

5 5 1
I got this baby bundle from crazy black friday offer, and plugins are crazy beautiful too.

qualified stuff

5 5 1
Man, greatest set of this year. thank you so so much for bringing this qualified stuff into the industry

top level

5 5 1
These plugins have taken my music and mixes to the next level - top level!


5 5 1
Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!

Not regular

5 5 1
If it wasn't released on Black Friday time, I would buy it with it's regular price

Killer Bundle

5 5 1
so many awesome plugins in here that I use daily. killer bundle kids, killer bundle.

Mesmerizing tools

5 5 1
Mesmerizing tools! I am making my best mixes right now

crafted Carefully

5 5 1
I loved all of them individually. I see that all of the peaces are crafted carefully to give that legendary sounds...

A Must have

5 5 1
There are every professional detail in that set. A must have.


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