SpeakerSim is a realistic emulation of different types of speakers with their own acoustics and environments. This processor can be used for these purposes: Checking your mix in different monitor systems, Music productions, TV or Movie audio post productions


There are 18 speaker emulations. Three bullhorn / megaphone types, computer, cellphone, vintage phone, jukebox, answering machine, headphone, radio, car, toy, mini guitar cabinet, wireless walkie talkie, turn table and some room sounds are all in one plugin.


In real World, most people use their cellphones, headphones or even computer speakers to listen music or watch movies. So you need to hear what listeners hear. And it would be very useful to check your track in such systems quickly with a just few clicks. So you will be able to tweak your mix acording to this monitors and you’ll get much more stable mixes that sound on almost every speaker system!


We’ve added Lo-fi distortion, Intelligent Limiter and Solid EQ units for having extra control over the sound shaping. Getting what you want is just a few clicks away. User friendly interface makes sound-morphing much more easier.


SpeakerSim can be used for Video Audio Post Productions as well as Music Productions & Mixing Purposes. You can make a studio-recorded human voice, sound like in the cell phone / walkie talkie / PA loudspeaker. Or make a song playing on a radio / old turn table / jukebox. And this sound effects can be done so quickly with SpeakerSim .


  • NoiseAsh’s Magical, Fast DSP Engine
  • Simplified controls, lot’s of creative possibilities.
  • 18 unique speaker simulation engine. 3 types of Megaphone (Bullhorn), Old PC, Cellphone, Vintage phone, Jukebox, Answering machine, Headphone, Old Radio (with roomed version), Car, Toy, Mini guitar cabinet, Wireless walkie talkie (with roomed version), Vintage turn table (with roomed version)
  • Lo-Fi degrade distortion unit.
  • Built-in Intelligent Limiter unit.
  • 3 band Solid State EQ (Low Shelf – Mid – High Shelf)
  • Analog LP & HP Filters
  • Resizable GUI
  • Friend of CPU


macOS / OS X

  • Intel I3 2ghz or above
  • OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks or above
  • 4 gb ram / 2 GB free space on system drive
  • VST / AU / AAX host
  • Min. 1024x768 Screen Resolution
  • Ability to download (Included: VST, AU, AAX versions)


  • Intel I3 2ghz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 or above
  • Windows 7 64-bit or above
  • 4 gb ram / 2 GB free space on system drive
  • VST / AAX host
  • Min. 1024x768 Screen Resolution
  • Ability to download (Included: VST 32 bit, VST 64 bit, AAX 32 bit, AAX 64 bit versions)


Demo and Manual

Current Version 1.1 - View Release Notes



Name Mono Stereo Mono-to-Stereo




Overall rating from Verified Customers:

Product Overall rating: ★★★★★ 4.9 based on 230 reviews.
5 1


At 29.99$ it’s very nice.
- simone c.

Thanks a lot

I was looking for something to help me know how my mixes will translate in a car stereo and this plugin doing it great! I also love the other simulations but the car is the one i was looking for. I wish icould have more kinds of cars simulations like more crappy ones and the more cleaner sounding. Thanks a lot
- Harel P.

One word, "Amazing"!!

One word, "Amazing"!! I love this plugin especially its realistic tones and ease of use.
- Kalema R.

Excellent plugin!

Fast and simple processing with great sounds. Excellent plugin!

Soooo sweeeeetttt I love it

Soooo sweeeeetttt I love it 🙂 !!!
- bob v.

My favourite

Very useful plugin with lot's of speakers. My favourite speaker check tool for my mixes and also for speaker effects.
- Jakk D.

I love it a lot...

This plugin offers real magic. I love it a lot...
- Marian B.


This awesome plugin spes the sound like it's coming from real phone, megaphone, car speaker, old toy...etc. Amazing!

the Best Speaker Simulatior

This is the best speaker simulatior in the market. Fast, realistic, easy and the most important, accurate!
- patrick m.

Great plugin!!

Great plugin!! I like to use it on master bus and check the mix in different speakers.

Swissarmy knife tool

Such amazing tones and Swissarmy knife tool from just a one plugin? Great!!!
- Krzysztof W.

Mix checking is so easy with this plugin

Produces highly realistic speaker tones that are available everywhere. So mix checking is so easy with this plugin.
- brian v.

Easy to handle super tool!

Very accurate speaker sounds. Easy to handle super tool!
- John M.

Greatest speaker emulations ever!

Greatest speaker emulations ever! Speakersim pimps the sound very quickly and gives a great chance to check the mix in different speakers. Game changer!!!!
- Raymond A.

I never knew that it was so easy

I never knew that it was so easy to check the mix between different speakers and giving speaker tone effects! Outstanding stuff from Noiseash....

I love it.

The ultimate Speaker model plugin. Very sweet user interface and no worries about the speaker checking anymore. I love it.
- Felix E.


I keep winding new ways of using this plugin. If your mix is solid, with this plugin's different speaker checking options you can really master the entire song.


- ernest w.

You can't find a better one

Very handy plugin. I am using it for mixing and also mix checking. I need to say that, you can't find a better one. This is the best one.
- Lenny K.

Definately deserves 5 Stars!!

Very versatile and intuitive tool. Definately deserves 5 Stars!!
- chris e.

Well, that's great...

18 speaker models in one plugin? Well, that's great...
- Dominik I.

Outstanding work thank you!

Outstanding work thank you!

Wow, amazing speakers!

Wow, amazing speakers! I can clearly use them very easily....
- matheus t.

Clearly the best speaker simulator

Clearly the best speaker simulator in the market. fast, easy and catchy sounds, without any effort. Awesome.
- Jordan F.

Excellent Speaker Sim

Really enjoy this plug-in. Put a great touch on a variety of things. Excellent Speaker Sim
- Yoan L.

Excellent for me

Simply a Game changer tool. Controlling and giving speaker feeling tones in just one click. Excellent for me.


I luv this plugin made me try my mix between different speaker models. Also great fx tones.
- peter k.

handy, easy and useful...

a special tool for trying the whole mix in different speakers. handy, easy and useful...
- Darren O.

Very nice plugin!

Inmediate results by just placing it on the track, even before start tweaking it! Very nice plugin!

highly recommended

these speaker simulations are great. highly recommended.
- diego y.

Sweet and useful

I liked it so much. I am sure everybody will....

Ever mixing engineer will need this

Awesome emulation. Ever mixing engineer will need this in order to test the mix in different speaker.
- Francisco H.

Thank you.

Excellent product and price. Thank you.

Cool plug!!!

extremely rare and useful plugin, good work has been done, I would add parametrics to the equalizer – it would be useful!
- Ilya p.

very useful gem

There is a bunch of speaker simulations. All of them are excellent, very useful gem.
- Kelvin Y.

I am impressed and I love it

Awesome speaker simulator plugin that hasevery nuance you will need to use. I am impressed and I love it.

Works great

Works great for speaker listening environment. Also great for giving nice & quick speaker effects.
- Harrison O.

I highly recommend this plugin

Great speaker check system for problem solving. I highly recommend this plugin

5 Stars for 5 words...

5 Stars for 5 words. Useful, easy, intelligent, innovative & amazing...
- Ian C.

Very nice plugin

Sounds great, so useful.
- jung e.

Sounds great

Awesome.... putting it through the motions... sounds great
- David A.

Everyone needs this tool

This plugin is awesome for both post production and mixing-mastering stuff. Very fast, cpu friend, useful user interface.
- Thibaut E.


I won't say that this plugin is a speaker emulation. This plugin is speaker itself 🙂 🙂 Great speaker tone options with very fast and useful interface. Excellent!
- simon v.

Amazing beauty....

Speakersim comes with very cool sounds with one of the fastest and greatest plugins, just like Vocal finalizer, Stereo finalizer and other Noiseash plugins. Amazing beauty....
- Giacomo L.

Speakers' Paradise 🙂

Speakers' Paradise 🙂 I can't believe it is very easy like that. I like Speakersim!!
- Scott V.

I enjoy speakersim so much

I enjoy speakersim so much. One of my go-to-plugins. Easy fast design and greatsound of course. Great!!
- Christian P.

So useful, highly recommended

You can reach perfect mixes with this powerful plugin. It gives the possibility to check the mix in different monitors just in seconds. Also it's very easy to give speaker effect in the mix. So useful, highly recommended.
- Ryan K.

Very handy plugin

all of the speaker tones are available. Analog phone, cellphone, squawkers, small guitar amp, toy, jukebox... amazing.
- David Z.

Great plugin, I love it

Wow, I didn't know this kind of effects could be so simple like that. This plug-in sounds amazing, I love this.
- Kasper B.

Great and funny plugin

Great and funny plugin, I love it. Sounds so great, very useful on mix checking. Also enjoyable knobs and buttons makes this plugin my go to tool.
- JEAN-P. H.

Outstanding piece

Outstanding piece. I definately recommend that to everyone.
- Stephan B.

Really saves my time a lot

Perfect for mixing, podcast, post production. I use it on all the way. Really saves my time a lot. I love it.
- Takuya V.

select the speaker tone and that's it

select the speaker tone and that's it. I am very impressed.
- louis v.

I Loveee it...

So fuc..in useful baby. I Loveee it...
- Mike R.

I can quickly check my mix

with speakersim I can quickly check my mix in different speaker systems. easy to use awesome plugin.
- angus t.

Mesmerizing tool

Mesmerizing tool. I love it. I wish the GUI would be brighter.
- Gavin H.

I am amazed

I am amazed about this control parameters and the easy to achieve sound of this plugin. real time saver...
- Manuel O.

there is no better plugin

Great speaker options. I can say that there is no better plugin like this one.
- danilo y.

Got balls 🙂

Sounds great, is useful. Got balls 🙂
- BEN V.


- Milan T.

very easy to use

Sounds really great, very easy to use. Life hacker tool.
- ricky w.

Good plugin

Good plugin, but needs more smaller speaker options to keep up with competition, great price though..
- ADE H.

So sweet tool

So sweet tool, everybody needs it.
- Fabian U.

This is a real hero

This is a real hero who makes my mix sound much more better with it's speaker checking options. Highly recommended.
- Yann I.

Awesome I love it

Awesome I love it.
- stefano r.

It saves me from ton's of work

It saves me from ton's of work. With one click boom, lot's of speaker sounds in my hand 🙂
- Anthony C.

Saves me a lot's of time

Very useful plugin for creative music mixing and indispensable for post production audio. Speakersim saves me a lot's of time of setting up complex effects chains to achieve similar effects which are in the end not all that important.
- Daniel Y.

highly trusted reallistic tones

I am checking my mixes with that. I recommend everyone that. really great sound and highly trusted reallistic tones.

Really good and useful plugin

Amazing opportunities with this baby. Really good and useful plugin
- Terry V.

Fantastic results

Great interface and a real time saver in the post world. Fantastic results...
- Lars A.

5 Stars from me!

It's very easy to catch realistic speaker sounds + some great fx tones too. 5 Stars from me!
- jeremy a.

that's it! Perfect...

Click and Get the Speaker tone that you want. With this baby, that's it! Perfect...
- Frank C.

I love it

Fantastic plugin, I love it.

Useful and clever

All I've ever wanted is a quick speaker testing tool like this. A real useful and clever tool. It has lot's of parameters, also every scenario is possible.
- Giordano I.

just awesome product

shortcut to the desired speaker sounds in seconds. just awesome product.
- didier c.

Great sound

Great Plugin Great sound Real bargain at this “sale” price Used mainly for post in my case.
- Jean S. G.

Thank you

Very useful for mixing down. Thank you.

So cool

Many speaker models and total control parameters. So cool.
- Oliver S.

fantastic tool.

I enjoy using speakersim a lot. Fantastic tool.
- gregory t.

So many great speaker tones

So many great speaker tones. Very easy to reach. Everyone should have this baby
- Bruno J.

Real speaker simulator

Real speaker simulator plugin with lot's of parameters. I love it!!
- Lucasz K.

Handy and candy tools

Sounds awesome. Handy and candy tools. With one click, total speaker sounds in my hand, I love it.

So wet...

Great, simple, very usable speaker model
- Brad S.


Another real time saver multi purpose plugin from noiseash.
- john v.

Speaker tones sound great

So great plugin. I really like it a lot. Just insert and go. Speaker tones sound great.
- Carlos F.

Thank you guys

Thank you guys. It’s great just started working it and I like it a lot. A true useful tool.
- Larry V.


sound great, thanks!
- vag t.

Thank you Noiseash!

I put my modded ‘telephone’ in storage, as well as my megaphones, aside from one, because it clicks when I turn on the mic and it feeds back. No need to spend a lot of money for the other, this is fantastic. Amazing. I went right into songs I’m producing and replaced my real phone recordings with this. Believe it or not, this is better and I you have control. I’m very happy and very impressed. I’m one of those that believes in using the real thing, nothing fake. Thank you Noiseash!
- Troy F.

the ultimate weapon

It works really well; easy !

Greatest speaker simulator ever

Greatest speaker simulator ever. I love it.
- Roberto H.

highly recommended

Awesome plugin. So many speaker sounds so great tonesso easy usage.
- kevin P.

Awesome Product

One of the best tools outthere. It is so useful, sounds amazing.
- federico d.


What a plugin, amazing, versatile, fast, powerful, optimal tool
- Anibal O.

Exactly what I hoped it would be

It is a very flexible and customizable tool for giving a track effect or for mix checking. Tons of tone possibilities!
- Brooke H.

my jaw dropped!

OMG! I plugged it in, my jaw dropped! Get yours NOW! Nuff’ said
- shutong w.

Quick and awesome!

I bought a lot of noiseash plugins and they are very useful... for a few dollars your work will be professional. amazing!
- Jonathan R.

That's great

Very useful tool. I can use it for mix checking and also for giving real life speaker tones. That's great
- Anibal O.

Speaker sim

The greatest speaker simulation ever!!!
- nicolas O.

I really love it

Very cool plugin. Getting the right speaker tone is very easy. I really love it.
- Paul A.

Just fantastic!!

I love all and every plugin from palmary collection but this one is my favourite. Just fantastic.
- Matty V.

thanks for this awesome tool

very very nice product and presets work well. thanks for this awesome tool
- alan c.

Really cool

Really cool. Great tool to quickly and easily get you going!
- Shane V.

Love it

Just great tool. Love it

Makes everything possible

Very easy to use with great results acquired very quickly. Makes everything possible.
- Krzysztof K.

Perfect on everything!!

Love this speaker simulator, particularly how other effects are integrated with it. Perfect on everything!!
- blake m.

So good

So good, easy to use and the presets are amazing. Super professional sounding plugin processor!
- Martie D.

Dope Plugin

In my opinion the best fx plugin for speakers. So real so easy so sweet...
- christopher l.

I'm so impressed

Great plugin. I'm so impressed. The speaker sounds are just awesome!
- Zoltán Lukács

For quick tastes and tests

Fabulous goto plug for quick tastes and tests…

Very fast and realistic sound

It gives the speaker world very easily. Very fast and realistic sound.
- Anthony f.

So cool plugin. I love it.

So cool plugin. I love it.
- jetmir S.

Very nice!

This is a very convenient tool. We can make up splendid sound by very simple operation.
- Mathieu P.

Such a great product

Such a great product from such a successful developer. Thank you noiseash....
- Raymond S.

Don't wait...

All of these are great tools. Don't wait...


One of my favourite plugins. Easy to use, Very cool I just love it!
- Gary U.

Sweet speaker sounds

Frankly, I was surprised! I love it, Sweet speaker sounds...
- stephen c.

Enjoyable tool

Sounds amazing, I love this tool. Enjoyable tool and very easy usage.
- Paul H.

very easy very cool

So much speakers in one plugin. very easy very cool
- Björn N.

This plugin is great!

This plugin is great! Has everything you need for the quick speaker emulations and mix checking on different speaker media. I love it, I use it a lot.

Very cool plugin

Very cool plugin, genuine, versatile sound. It makes my workflow a lot easier. Do gotta say though, that the output should have an auto or some sort of automatic compensation because it changes way too much tweaking the knobs.
- juan g.

Great plugin agian

Great plugin agian from noiseash
- Tim K.

Very fast very easy very cool tool

My secret weapon. Very fast very easy very cool tool.
- Bruce I.

rich tone, very simple to use

Excellent plug in, rich tone, very simple to use, immediately effect.
- orlando e.

Very convenient

I use it conveniently! I'm thinking of purchasing other plugins too.

Really like all the speakers

Really like all the speakers. Noiseash had such great stuff. 5 starrrrs!
- Charles D.

I love this plugin

I love this plugin, my favourite!
- rivalani h.

Sweetest speaker sounds

Sweetest speaker sounds I have ever had!

highly recommended..

Speakersim is a great way to easy to generate speaker sounds. I love it, highly recommended!
- Gregory v.

Great product!!!

Great product!!! I suits everykind of situations if you want to give soemquick speaker model sounds.
- Phil N.

I love it

Really great tool. I love it. Sounds great!!

5 star tool. I am mesmerized

5 star tool. I am mesmerized....
- ulrich b.

Just amazing and outstanding...

Just amazing and outstanding...
- Claudio Y

What can I want for more...

18 speaker models in one plugin. What can I want for more?
- noel j.

So enjoyable tool

I love this babe. Just great. It is so enjoyable tool
- Brian U.

5 Stars

Great speaker model simulation package. 5 Stars for that useful great tool!
- TOM A.

I recomment it to everyone

Really great tool. Mix checking feature is just great also. I recomment it to everyone.
- larry P.

Speaker sim

I love it.
- Solomon A.

Lot's of great speaker models

Lot's of great speaker models in this plugin. I love it, a must have for every producer or mixing engineer.
- Matt L.

What a nice plugin...

What a nice plugin... I really enjoy and love it. Ease of use and awesome tones.
- dave A.

An absolute gem

I love this. An absolute gem of speaker simulation plugins. I wish the gui would be more brighter.
- Ricardo T.



Great speaker simulation plugin

Great speaker simulation plugin. Everybody needs this kind of sounds wihile mixing, and this plugin makes it possivle very easily.

Highly recommend

Wonderful plug in. So easy to use. Highly recommend.
- Imre Z.

I am very impressed

Just amazing! Insert it to the track,then select the speaker model. That's it. I am very impressed.
- marc ß.


All of the speaker emulations in this plugin are just above and beyond. Easy to use, great sound... Outstanding
- Roberto G.

Very happy with this purchase!

I do sound design for haunted attractions all over the US, and SpeakerSim has been incredibly useful in a variety of ways. First, it’s great for manipulating a track into sounding like its playing out of an old radio or a different medium than it was originally mixed and mastered for. As you can imagine, this is great for haunted attractions because we frequently utilize props and point-source audio to enhance immersion. Something like an old record player in the corner of a room with a speaker hidden behind it playing some old creepy music to set the tone. This doesn’t work if the music is pristine and perfect. SpeakerSim can apply the necessary processing to properly mangle the track into sounding setting and period appropriate. Second, there is no way to sound check what a haunted attraction sound design is going to sound like before you get into the actual attraction and hear it in the room. With SpeakerSim you can check your mixes through a variety of mediums by placing the plugin on your Master. This allows you to make sure your tracks sound good out of all of the different speaker options, which means easier translation into the attraction down the line. This saves both the designer and the attraction producers time in the long run, which can be worth its weight in gold as the clock runs out to opening day. Very happy with this purchase!

sounds fantastic

why grab limiter, distortion, and ton of speaker simulations when all of them are built in to this one plug-in? it makes very quick and easy and sounds fantastic.
- aron b.

what can I ask for more?

Just awesome plugin, easy to use great sounding. With a click, there are tons of speaker sound in one plugin. what can I ask for more?
- Daren H.

Game changer!!

The best and easy to use speaker simulations. All the necessary options are in one plugin. Game changer!!

I love it a lot.

Just a grat emulation. I love it a lot.
- Tommie I.

it does the job just awesome

The speaker models are just great. User friendly. Sounds awesome. Looks awesome. it does the job just awesome!!!!
- nimo a.

I highly recommend this to anyone

I’m in the middle of working on a concept album right now and I’m literally going to need every emulation that you offer on this in order to create the world that we are in. I was just trying to find a good radio VST and I came across this and for the price, oh man! I highly recommend this to anyone who needs the emulation of it.
- BOB C.

World of speakers in one plugin

World of speakers in one plugin. Extremeley recommended
- Daru T.

i love it

Very usable plug-ins and so. Good design and nice performance. My mixes have changed dramatically
- Yuan-chih P.

I use it every situation

Swiss army knife for mixing. I use it every situation 😀
- SAM N.

super simple

super simple. I had done a song called Telephone recently so I opened it up in that on lead vocal and hit the old Telephone patch. Instantly right. I would use other patches for intros or odd breaks. works fast and easy.
- david d.

Very accurate

Super ! Easy to handle! Very accurate speaker sounds. Superb for mix checking and sound fx on vocals.
- Antjuan L.


OMG! This plugin is just amazing! Very easy and simple to use. I know there are lot's of things going on underhood but very user friendly. I love it!

real legend

Ok, that one is a real legend. Lot's of speaker sounds just in seconds. I am so impressed.
- davis h.

One of the greatest plugins

Speakersim sounds amazing on vocals. One of the greatest plugins in my set.
- Marc M.

I like it a lot

Very useful plugin, I like it a lot

Highly recommended.

Great tool for inspiration and sound creativity. Highly recommended.
- benedict o.

I am very lucky

I am very lucky that I found this plugin. All of the great emulations with this price. Just amazing.
- Adriann S.

Awesome Tool

I love it. Awesome Tool

noiseash Changed my life.

Please we need eq n compressor on it own. i went to a friends studio and he is having these amazing tools. After the session people are chasing me with these mixes.
- krewz

Love it.

So great. I love the sound of it.
- Julien H.

very handy little plugin

This is a very handy little plugin. It works great on guitars as well as vocals. I really like it a lot.
- björn j.

Great realistic sound

18 speaker models in one plugin. Very easy to use, great realistic sound.
- Siletski A.

I love it

I love it. Exciting to use. The emulations are great, this sounds adds spice to my mixes.
- Jay M.

Very easy and realistic results

Simulations are great. I am so satisfied about this efficient purchase. very easy and realistic results.
- Adrian H.

speaker models are awesome

All of the speaker models are awesome. Simple to use, extremely effective, definitely a great tool to have.
- dave O.

Excellent tool

Excellent tool. I love it! Highly recommended.
- Julien B.

Ultra easy and fast speaker emulations

Wow! Greatest tool I've ever used. It's great for ultra easy and fast speaker emulations. I check my mix with that too, just great.
- David H.

definately recommended

awesome plugin. I use it for giving character some tracks, for the transitions and mix checking. I love it, definately recommended.
- rex I

Easy to use

Easy to use, a great price and a nice selection of effects, so, I didn’t lost in a lot of unless effects.
- Georjack

perfect for what i needed

perfect for what i needed! great value.
- ramsay m

Noiseash makes high quality plugins

I love this baby. Makes my workflow very easy. I definately recommend it. Noiseash has very high quality emulations.
- Fabrice J.

Thank you guys

speakersim is a legendar easy to useand awesome tool for me. Thank you guys
- dash g.

Speaker sim

It’s great just started working it and I like it a lot
- Michael O.

Truly useful tool

A true useful tool. This is one of the best purchases that I've made lately.
- thomas z.

I love it

After tying this great plugin, I bought the whole palmary collection. All of them are great.
- Omar O.

swiss army knive

I recommend this guy, just easy and useful piece of tool in my studio. I really like it. Swissarmy knive
- dave s.

Great, simple to use

Great, simple to use, option to have for a lot of speakers. I love it.
- Andrew L.

Plugin Performance

Everything is amazing, and have become some of my favorite tools to work with.


I love it, pust insert and done! Outstanding
- David R.

Life hacker plugin

Life hacker plugin. Sounds realy great, just awesome.
- Brian Z.

great tools

oiseash puts the rules in this game with such a great tools.
- terry l.

Just a great emulation

I really like this plugin, very very useful and great tones.
- Oprah C.

OMG.. just..

THIS Plug Change My Life 🙂
- Walter L.

easy & awesome

Cutting out high frequencies and softening sounds could not be easier. Very easy as much as being awesome
- N. H.

Sounds great, it looks superb

Straight from the box this is an absolute gem of a plug-in. Not only does it sound great it looks superb.
- Ian Steve A.

Real helper product

Real helper product. Great price. Just what you need to get that little extra push

So easy to use. I love it.

Go to plugin for anything needs to stands out in the mix. So easy to use. I love it.
- Danny P.

Extremely easy to use

Total speaker world. I use this plugin in order to give contour my songs. Extremely easy to use and great sounds.
- Hanry D.

Just awesome and so useful

It's an awesome machine that creates crazy realistic emulations with in just a few clicks. Just awesome and so useful.
- Mat F.

Adds great characters easily

I use it primarily on my vocal chain. Adds great characters veryeasily. it works and it works great!
- adam o

more than worth every cent!

Best quality, best usage, best price. Nice and clear. Picked it up on sale and was more than worth every cent.
- De Puta Madre

Pretty Dope

pretty dope plugin does what its supposed to...great plugin
- gerald y.

Big difference

I'm really aware of the big difference this has made to my mix workflow!
- Walter D.


Great plug in, Great people!
- Josep U.

I wish you all the best Noiseash!

Bloody brilliant plugin, I wish you all the best Noiseash!
- Christopher Q.

Really nice vst

Really nice Speaker simulation vst, does exactly what you can expect from it.
- Louis D.

Excellent sounding plugin

Excellent sounding plugin that is useful on all speaker simulaton cases.
- Trevor Y.

Game changer

Very usefull! I love that simulator
- Y. JUN


It sounds like REAL man! That might be its best quality.
- Richard Y.

Love this magic....

I slap this on everything. Works particularly well for breakdowns
- Keith M.

Speakersim is perfect

Does the job very well.
- brandon h

I’m very happy to this purchase

I knew Audioease Speakerphone, great plug but too expansive. I was looking for a new plug with Good speakers simulation and others With lowerprice. I found ! Big flexibility, clear sound. Many useful presets ! I’ very happy to this purchase. Great job Noise Ash ! Next plug « Eq 31102 » for add a brightness and enhancer effect on acoustic guitar 🙂
- Luigi P.

The Best One!

The Best One!!!! Can’t go wrong with this one! It will be an industry standard, extremely fast, light and easy to tweak, can be subtle and can be extreme.
- Martta S.

Thanks Noiseash

Exactly what i needed for transitions.
- Joao S.

Utility to creativity

I love it its easy to use.thanks for the god job you did with the Speakersim. Best regards
- Phillip L.

Absolutely LOVE it!

It just does what it has to... Absolutely LOVE it!
- Carlos T.

Speaker sim

It is a nice plugin works fine for me easy to use great sound !!!
- Jonathan O.

Great to Work

... ist's Great to Work as a Insert Effekt to bring Signals Mode realistic room
- Vaun N.

Superior reality

The Speakersim has a great superior sound. I'd like to automate the modulation directly and not to automate frequency. Cheers
- Kim S.

Awesome job

OMG, just like real. Awesome job guys. ı love it.
- Matthew G.

Very good

Great plugin. Thank you
- Ivan

Many usages

Not so great GUI (fonts and colors hard to read) but the sounds are of great usability. Can also be use as a filter and distortion.
- Art Muz

Speaker Sim - Love it !

I tried some other mix checking products but I like this one the best. If a mix sounds good on a few of these lo fi speakers, then it is working!
- Wade Cottingham

Great to have

Simulations are very realist. Great to have, simple, fast and sounds awesome. What can I ask for more? I love it!
- Fabien P.

just get it

It's awesome.. just get it!
- Marvin O.

The best useful tool

Great time saver, the best useful tool that I've ever had.
- Dimitier S.

Very nice und intuitive

Very nice und intuitive speaker simulator loaded with the FX that you need.
- Helga F.

Easy and useful

Great thing for me. Very easy and useful. thank you guys for this....
- gregg h.


Aweesomee tool. Thank you so much for making my life easier.
- Andreja O.

thank you :))

What an amazing tool, in that price? you are crazy noiseash, thank you :))
- Adam H.

the best and useful thing

This is the best and useful thing I've got.
- karen g.

So easy, so great

So easy, so great as much as other palmary plugins.
- Markus m.

I llllooovedd it!!

Mix checking with this plugin is a great idea! I can see the tonal difference of my mixes on different speakers before bouncing the mix to disk. I llllooovedd it!!
- herb p.

what I'm looking for

Congratulations guys, that's exactly what I'm looking for.
- Louis F.


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