Make mono tracks stereo or enrich stereo image of your stereo tracks while keeping the center elements nice and defined. While mixing and mastering, narrow or widen your stereo image with simple controls and stunning sound. Wider and better with Stereo Finalizer...


There are lot’s of stereo enpanding / enhancing techniques. We bring them together as a one single unit that combines these different stereo widening approaches. Stereo Finalizer is a mixture of the Haas, Multi-Band Frequency Splitting & Panning, Dimension, Delay modulation and Mid-Side stereo enhancing types.


Shaping stereo image of your tracks… That makes your sound one step ahead of the crowd. Bring back to life dead mono tracks. Or paint your stereo allready tracks for making them sound much more better.


Mono tracks can breathe now with an advanced underhood engine to give stunning stereo enhancement fx. You don't need to have a deep knowledge to make mono tracks stereo.


  • NoiseAsh’s Magical Fast DSP Engine that is a mixture of the Haas, Multi-Band Frequency Splitting & Panning, Dimension, Delay modulation and Mid-Side stereo enhancing types.
  • Simplified controls, lot’s of creative possibilities.
  • 3 types of Frequency band-width stereo enhancers
  • 3 types of Haas style stereo enhancers
  • High definition stereo dimension enhancer
  • HP & LP Filters to the wet signal
  • Mono summing to Steeo Widening function.
  • Advanced Stereo Enhancer algorithm
  • Resizable GUI
  • Friend of CPU


macOS / OS X

  • Intel I3 2ghz or above
  • OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks or above
  • 4 gb ram / 2 GB free space on system drive
  • VST / AU / AAX host
  • Min. 1024x768 Screen Resolution
  • Ability to download (Included: VST, AU, AAX versions)


  • Intel I3 2ghz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 or above
  • Windows 7 64-bit or above
  • 4 gb ram / 2 GB free space on system drive
  • VST / AAX host
  • Min. 1024x768 Screen Resolution
  • Ability to download (Included: VST 32 bit, VST 64 bit, AAX 32 bit, AAX 64 bit versions)


Demo and Manual

Current Version 1.1 - View Release Notes



Name Mono Stereo Mono-to-Stereo
Stereo Finalizer




Overall rating from Verified Customers:

Product Overall rating: ★★★★★ 5 based on 204 reviews.
5 1

I love it!

Wow just amazing tones. Very handy to manipulate the imaging. I love it!
- Fabian Y.


It’s just that great
- daniel v.

best stereo processing tool!!!

Awesome! You can't go wrong with this! The value for the money is unbeatable, The best stereo processing tool!!!
- Matthew Y.

It's a very good plugin...

It's a very good plugin... I'm using it on everything, and sounds great for spatial treatment!
- alberto p.

Brilliant tool!

Brilliant tool! Love the sound! Love the design. Sounds amazing.

Huge difference with one knob

Works like a charm everytime. Huge difference with one knob even, sounds very professional...
- Kyle E.

Absolutely life saving!!

Simply a great Plug-In. Absolutely life saving!!
- Giovanni F.

One of the Greatest thing I've ever had!

One of the Greatest thing I've ever had! Stereo Finalizer enables configurable complex stereo engine with much more simple controls.
- philip m.

Top quality stereo reality is so so easy

Just great stereo fx plugin. Giving top quality stereo reality is so so easy. I really appreciate for this great tool Noiseash!
- Noah C.

I highly recommend it.

The real gold tool, it handles the sound with an intelligent way and non linear stereo reality is just amazing. I highly recommend it.
- David U.

Really Great Plug-in!!!

With inserting this cool plugin on every channel, it's just a great way to make entire song totally balanced and sound awesome! Really Great Plug-in!!!
- abigail k.


I love the way it handles the sound. Really saves the time and makes top premium sounds with just a couple of clicks. Amazing
- Brogan F.

very very cool stuff t

very very cool stuff that shows why I love the noiseash products. allways pro allways easy to use great tools.

I love that baby.

I love that baby. I am sure anyone tries will love this beautiful sounding baby too 🙂
- Tony P.

innovative and amazing style

innovative and amazing style for a stereo enhancement. Buy it, believe in me you need this.
- andy F.

Real stereo enhancer plugin

Real stereo enhancer plugin that really powers the stereo goodnes as much as generating naturat stereo images. Stereo finalizer rocks!

Fantastic tool!!

Fantastic tool!! Makes my mixes come alive and I've catched much more big tones. Highly recommend.
- Ulrich R.

Thank you Noiseash...

I heard about this plugin from one of my friend. After trying this baby, I said thank you to him. When you try that after me, you will say thank you to me too 🙂
- walter a.

Everyone needs it.

With one plugin I got the exact tonal stereo control that I need. Everyone needs it. Amazing.
- Joel T.

i highly highly recommend!

that's an amazing tool. i highly highly recommend!
- christopher A.

Total stereo widener - enhancer

Total stereo widener - enhancer. Sooo sweeet plug-in!
- William B.

I love it.

Very interesting an satisfying pro tones. This plugin can turn any bad mono track into a breathing stereo king tone. I love it.

total main spatial field control

Finisher and finalizer plugin for stereo processing. It gives total main spatial field control. Everyone needs this, makes thisgs much more easier.
- jonathan v.

You are my hero!!

Noiseash thank you for this beautiful tool, you are my hero!!
- Moises R.

it sounds amazing

A great tool for mix buss or invidiual tracks. Both ways, it sounds amazing....

I wish I knew it before

Wow, thats just a great plugin. I wish I knew it before, my secret weapon
- David A.

great product

I am using it on everything, it is great to convert any track ultra wide and also controlled stereo fx.
- yonas f.

Stereo Orgasm

This plugin makes any track live stereo orgasm in the highest levels. So great plugin, I love it.
- Matthew C.

The true stereo shaper

The greatest stereo shaper that I've ever been used. So huge or so narrow. total control is in my hands.
- Pedro V.

Love this plugin

Love this plugin, adds a really nice bit of flexible stereo enhancement for mixing mastering applications.

Really impressive

Wow, it has a secret magical engine that makes the sound stand out. really impressive.
- David V.

easy outstanding tracks

does what I need it to do and it saves lot's of my time to do what I'm looking for making the sound outstanding.
- geef r.

Mighty tool!

It's very important to make all tracks sit in their stereo field in the mix. This plugin makes it with the best way.
- Julio B.

Probably the best

Probably the best plugin that you can start with, it has everything. Next stop - Vocal Finalizer!

I use it in every track

Excellent. I use it in every track.
- carlos R.

I am so happy with it

Stereo tone enhancement is great. Really great plugin, I am so happy with it.
- Aaron W.

Great plugin for everyone.

It finishes the stereo enhancing job very successfully. Great plugin for everyone.

great arranger and enhancer

great arranger and enhancer of the stereo universe. I am using it on every track in my projects.
- bassoka k.

Surprisingly useful!

Surprisingly useful! A simple plug-in with complex results. I love working with noiseash.
- Fredrick U.

Real deal with a precious tool

This is the way how a plugin can make every track sound awesome. Real deal with a precious tool...

Immediate results, amazing...

Immediate results by just placing it on the stereo outputs, even before start tweaking it! Very nice plugin!
- Jeremy O.

That awesome stereo sound

I’m still getting used to all it can do, lots of features to help get that awesome stereo sound.
- Kallum V.


- Till f.

it's a very very useful plugin

Stereo finalizer the greatest way to give wide or narrow stereo effect. Also makes a dull mono track sound excellently stereo. In all ways, it's a very very useful plugin.

It works great!

Simple and effective. You can clearly hear even on small parameter tweaks.
- Albert O.

Excellent plugin and solution

Stereo finalizer solved lot's of issues and finalized my songs. Excellent plugin and solution.
- Christopher T.

Amazing, just amazing!

I am impressed! Great stereo fx manipulation plugin. It is ideal for both mixing and mastering purposes. Whatever you do, it will turn the track into its' best possible stereo field. Amazing, just amazing!

Thank you guys 🙂

Thank you guys, thank you, thank youuuuuuu............
- Sean P. L.

5 Stars!

This plugin gives a total control about enhancing the stereo field of individual tracks or master track. It has somekind of complex system underhood, you will see the awesome results with just two clicks. 5 Stars!
- Gustav C.

Sounds professional

I love the way it automatically adjust the spatial space field of the tracks. Sounds professional, I'm so amazed.
- daniele y.

Soo great...

interestingly adds analog tone to the mix and handles the stereo enhancement in a so great way. I love it!
- Hector C.

Takes so short time how to use

Takes so short time how to use, very very easy. But stereo enhancing tone is just awesome.

My go to plugin

Stereo finalizer is my go to plugin to make my tracks sound awesome. now the things are right and all in correct stereo field.
- Salvatore O.

no need to be a mixing guru

I've used ton's of stereo goodizer plugins. I can definately say that this baby is the best one. because it makes lot's of things with less parameters. With this plugin, no need to be a mixing guru for making your sound very professional.
- patrick l.


I don't know what's going on behind scenes but definately it has a magick. Makes everything sound awesome. Unbelievable...

Very very coooooolllll 🙂

Very very coooooolllll 🙂
- Larry P. K.

Just wow!!

Just wow!! I don't understand what is the secret of this plugin, but it does the job in a great way...
- Daniel R.

Very nice plugin!

Inmediate results by just placing it on the stereo outputs, even before start tweaking it! Very nice plugin!

I love this thing

I love this thing, and it fits so well on every kind of tracks.
- Aaron T.

stereo magic tool

The best of the best stereo magic tool.

so helpful plugin

sounds awesome, so helpful plugin
- christer w.

Love it...

Great stereo imager plugin. I really love it...
- Wesley F:

Great tool for everyone

This plugin handles all of the stereo possibilities with the optimum awesome sounding ways. Great tool, very useful and easy to achieve professional sounding results.
- janek o.

Sounds incredible

Sounds incredible, I love it.
- Alexander W.

I am so impressed!

There are a bunch of stereo widening ways. But with this plugin, it has never been easier. Stereo finalizer has all of the stereo widening techniques and blends with extremely easy to use ways. I am so impressed!
- Ramirez S.

Total control in one place

It sounds extremely good when used subtly for individual tracks. Total control in one place. I love it.
- sawada z.

Does the job just like the name says

It does the job just like the name says. Finalizes all of the stereo mixing needs.
- Kevin Y.

I love it

Very cool, I love it
- Zachary C.

I love noiseash

Great piece of kit. It's so cheap, and also for good reason! I love noiseash

Highly Recommended...

Guys, this plugin is helping a lot for making tracks stand out in the mix. Highly Recommended...
- Rowlence D.

I really appreciate

Soo great, soo cool plugin to have. Every stereo field nuance can be adjusted. I really appreciate
- michael g.

Very successful sound

Very successful sound improvement. I use this baby on every track, also the master channel. Really liked it.
- Глеб П.

Everything is amazing

Awesome stereo imaging, enhancing plugin. Everything is amazing, and have become some of my favorite tools to work with.
- Ojiyovbi G.

Great tool!

It adds this slight brightness. just a touch of the Stereo finalizer can complete what I’ve been looking for. Great tool!

It works perfect

It works perfect. Really easy to use, the presets are also great! Thank you
- paul k.

very useful tool

It really finalizes all of the the stereo jobs of the tracks. Stereo finalizer is a very useful tool.
- Laszek P.

Sounds insanely great

total stereo control with one plugin. Sounds insanely great when it is used in right place.
- neil P.

Saved my projects

Wow, it can be subtle of aggressive, depending on your needs. Very cool plugin to have. Saved my projects
- Samuel B.

Very cool tool to have

Very cool tool to have. It adjusts the stereo field of each elements. ALso putting this on the master track will enhance the sound fantastically.
- orlando F.

You can't make any mistakes with it

Very smooth and lovely stereo enhancement system. You can't make any mistakes with this good plugin.
- Noah Y.

Works as a charm.

Used it on separate tracks. Works as a charm.
- georges c.

So great control

So great control on stereo widening or narrowing. I use it on every track.

Very advanced tool

Very advanced stereo tool, and also so easy to use. I love it.
- Evgenii D.


Highly recommend this plugin. Really easy way to ad some width to the mix. Awesome on mix bus. Quality from Noiseash. Bravo...
- thorsten d.

Advanced tool

It sounds really great! Really smooth sounding and high quality product, thanks!
- Joseph G.

My favourite

Great effect, magical knobs makes everything possible when it comesto stereo processing. I love it.
- Zachary G.

Great enhancement

This plugin took my mixes from a more mono sound to a full wide spread sound and it's exactly what I was looking for. Great enhancement
- thorsten P.


The perfect plugin to manage mono - stéréo files. Easy to use, great results

highly customizable

Highly customizable stereo fx configuration, the result is amazing.
- yadeo L.

Excellent .....

Excellent ..... all my songs stereo field in their finishes ...
- Heiko B.

Works on everything.

This plugin has quickly become one of my favorites. The result is drastically amazing a little goes a long way. Is useful on everything.
- Tadeo H.

Best stereo tool

Best stereo tool. I was able to create a 3D sound field when mixing... Great plug!!!
- dennis w.

This is a great plug-in

This is a great plug-in. I primarily use it to get my tracks dialed in stereo field enhancing quickly when I’m pressed for time.
- Humberto L.

Sooo Good!!

Palmary collection has fabulous plugins.. Stereo finalizer is one of them. It a different from conventional stereo enhancer plugins. Its brings out the mix sooo good! on individual channels and also on the Master Channel alone too..

Great plugin

Great stereo tool. It gives total control for almost all of the stereo widing possibilities.
- Charlie J.

I love this

Wonderfully easy to use, polished up the soundifeld of my tracks while not making everything sound over produced. I love this.
- Geronimo J.


This stereo tool is just amazing. Any dead mono track can turn into a big living monster. Incredible.
- Bomoto D.

so much better

It is a must have. It will definately make your music sound so much better.
- charles m.

a must have

Ever get a plugin, get all excited, then never use it? To me, this is a must have, wish I had bought it sooner.
- Tomoo K.

Stereo manipulation in a great way

Very unique and wonderful software. It has it's own way to make the stereo manipulation in a great way. Sounds amazing
- Riez C.

Soo great thing

Soo great thing. It has the real mojo to give the 3d stereo depth very easily.

10/10 would reccomend

Works magic on all of my mixes! 10/10 would reccomend
- daryl t.

Intuitive and good sounding

Excellent results - very pleased with this plugin. Intuitive and good sounding
- Jules A.

High Grade Sound!

Very Easy to use. Quick. High Grade Sounding plugins
- Wilson N.

Love it

Love it. The stereo creation is perfect for adding to 3d depth to any instrument else that needs a little separation or life to stand out in your mix.
- murphy s.

It really helps

It really helps the professional mixing. Tone is amazing. Highly recommended.

Very good imager, enhancer

Good quality on the output widened/narrowed sound. All I wanted.
- Kala W.

Highly recommended

Great stereo maker without any phasing. Highly recommended...
- vaughn B.

Just what I needed!

Wonderfully easy to use, polished up my sound while not making everything sound over produced. I love these Palmary collection plugins!

Awesome presets and easy to

Awesome presets and easy to use plug-in
- Channing V.

For all kind of Stereo Enhancements

Allright, I've just explored this plugin. It sounds awesome, really really great plugin for all kind of stereo enhancements.
- steven J.


Simple to use, extremely effective, definitely a great tool to have.

It sounds great

It sounds great on mixing, especially when I need a full stereo enhancement...
- Allan T.

Total control...

It's just some magic knobs everybody dreamed of! Total control...
- edward c.

Good plugin with plenty of variations

Good plugin with plenty of variations.
- George F.

remarkable and precious tool

The best stereo enhancer plugin in the world. I use it on every track, remarkable and precious tool.
- gunter f.

Excellent Pulgins and software

Stereo finalizer, vocal finalizer and other palmary bundle plugins. Amazing value ........ the best plug ins .... full stop!
- Mark U.

Great Tools

Great Tools, professional results! I create a sample library right now and they just do what they should do.
- Cameron S.

Powerful and Versatile

Very cool and great features included! Powerful and Versatile
- dean d.

I really love it!

Stereo control is awesome with this baby. I really love it!
- Stéphan B.

Gorgeous Sound!

Gorgeous Sound! So easy to use brilliant plugin.
- Kim P.

The Sweetest Stereo Plugin

Just mixed a song only using these plugin and was blown away. Worth every penny and wish I had bought this 6 months ago... The Sweetest Stereo Plugin.
- tony f.

Works perfectly

Love this plugin! It does the stereo manipulation effect work perfectly. This is a highly recommended plugin for your pre and post production tool kit.

Great stereo enhancer

This plugin is a great stereo enhancer. It can make your sound in a space. very easy process...
- Mike O.

useful and flexible

I've used it on many of my recent tracks. A useful and flexible sound stereo shaping tool.
- sergio l.

The best stereo tool that I've used

This is the best stereo tool that I've used in my life. Easy to reach the desired result, works both on mixing and mastering, gorgeous sound...
- Kevin P.

Plug and go

Never disappointed my budget. Works like a charm everytime. Great plugin to quickly and easily get you going!
- Emmanuel O.


Very Powerful, great and easy to use.

With just a little adjustment

This plugin is great. It's totally possible to finalize stereo image sound with just a little adjustment. Easy to use, Great!!
- Adrien L.

Magic wind

Awesome plugin. Sounds professionaland it hassomething like a magic wind.
- ivan o.

everyone need it

Great stereo effect that everyone needs.
- Brian J.


- eddy v.

My top stereo tool choice.

Love it !!!! Widening or narrowing stereo fiels is so easy with this baby. My top stereo tool choice.
- Martin G.

Make a track sound gorgeous

Very helpful plugin. Even a small dosage can make a track sound gorgeous
- Leslie V.

instant purchase

Wow! I love it. After trying, it was an instant purchase.
- kevin a.

very easily & deeply customizable

This tool is great for mastering and mixing purposes. It creates realistic stereo doubled effect that is awesome, very easily with deeply customizable parameters.
- Andrew Y.

I love it.

Just great plugin. I love it.
- Damian B.

Make huge difference

Great plugin. It directly goes to my mono tracks and master track. Make huge difference, sounds very professional.

my go to stereo fx tool

it makes a mono track incredibly realistic doubled in stereo without any phase issues. Also makes the stereo tracks so sweet stereo widener. My go to stereo fx tool.
- lorenzo J.

Flying stereo field

This plugin is a lifesaver. Great stereo capabilites can mae any track fly!
- Edward K.

Awesome plugin...

The best plugin for giving 3 dimensional stereo effect. Awesome plugin...

recommend this plugin

I bought lots of soundfield plugins in the past. Some of them are strictly speaking unusable due to phasing issues, others are good, but very expensive. StageOne was my favorite plugin for a long time. Expensive (200$) & good sounding but very CPU demanding…I did not know NoiseAsh plugins at all, when I recently read an article at rekkerd.org. Stereo Finalizer was at special, so I just gave it a try. My first impression was: I could have saved a lot of money in the past… Stereo Finalizer is indeed a great plugin. It takes some time to get into it’s features, cause the presets are “just too much of everything” in my eyes. But once balanced, the power of this plugin is obvious. Tried it on single (mono & stereo) tracks and even in the mix channel with very good sounding results. I can only recommend this plugin. I am a bit afraid of testing their other stuff, especially the “Rule Tec Line” since I bought almost all available emulations of this legendary dinosaur…It might hurt!..;)
- roberto g.

Sweet freaking deal is what it is!

This plugin provides everything you need for stereo enhancement.
- Nick H.

changed my life

this plugin changed all of my mixes. the best stereo tool ever. from single, group or mastering... almost all of my tracks love it. It is also very low cpu user.

Great enhancement

This plugin took my mixes from a more mono sound to a full wide spread sound and it's exactly what I was looking for. Good quality on the output widened/narrowed sound. All I wanted.
- thorsten v.

Does what you expect

Great effect, It should be used more often for all sorts of recordings. you guys have the most beautiful plug-in manufacturers ever
- Frank H.

very rich enhancement

It definately has something magical. I can't explain exactly what it does but it's definately a sweet and cool stereo effect. very rich enhancement.
- Mitsumori D.

Sounds incredibly professional

This plugin combines all kind of stereo enhancement techniques in one side. Very useful plugin. Sounds incredibly professional. I i use it on all my songs.

thank you for this cool plug

processing options are very cool. Stereo widener sound is just great. Mono tracks become very big and surronding. Thank you for this cool plug
- arjun k.

Wakes up my mixes

Excellent easy to use, gives a warm punchy full sound with great dynamics. Wakes up my mixes
- Victor G.

on nearly all tracks

easy to use, great enhancer - like it very much on nearly all tracks including master channel
- brandon n.

It works great!

Simple and effective. It works great! You can clearly hear even small changes.

Just Awesome!

The Best Tool for stereo enhancement. I love the way it makes anything magically stereo and wide. Just Awesome!
- Rakotomavo P.

exactly what I hoped it would be

Works magic on all of my mixes! 10/10 would reccomend
- krzysztof k.

Great overall stereo control!

My new go to for mastering, guitars, keys and vocals. Great overall stereo control!

Awesome stereo enhancer

This plugin has juice! Just slap it on the mix bus and it sounds better.
- Arwen M.


OMG I can't believe this plugin exists. Gorgeous stereo enhancer. It saves my life. I lovee it!!!
- george t.

Noiseash is fire!

Noiseash products are absolutely the dopest! Improved my mixing skills instantly
- D. L.

It's a must have for every studio

Real stereo maker and widener. It's a must have for every studio
- alain U.

All mono tracks are happy now

Just great plugin. All mono tracks are happy now.

My life has changed.

please all your plugins are sooooooo amazing. But we need parametric eq and a compressor on its own to beat fabfilter. But u guys saved my life.
- krewz

Just awesome stereo makeup

I fall in love with this. Just awesome stereo fixer / enhancer / widener.
- Sakaneno A.

A well designed plugin

Now I can fix my tracks & mixes very easily. A well designed plugin that fulfill its promises.
- gerardo I.

the best and sweatest

I Loveeee this plugin. The best and sweatest stereo enhancer that ı've used in mylife.
- Brad L.

Another Must Have Plug From Noiseash

very good plugin, multifilament and formidable efficiency

So clever

So clever tool really excellent results with this plugin. I love it. I suggest it to everybody
- Stefan X.

absolutely amazing

I mean r e a l l y , WHAT ELSE?! Best prices to best quality. You have always to discover an exciting plugin with Noiseash. This plugin is absolutely amazing.
- charles m.

I’m Chillin

Thanks to stereo finalizer, I have very powerful mixes now. Very cool and versatile plugin. I’m Chillin
- Dimas D.

I love it

Very clever and wider plugin. Great tool for mixing and mastering. I love it

Super lux plugin

I really like this plugin, everything about it is mint and it can work on a wide range of program material. Also in stem mixes it is very useful too. Super lux plugin
- Sean A.

Just sounds great!

Another great Noiseash product. Just started using and love the dynamics for stereo creator engine.
- fred U.

Tasteful and yummy stereo fx

This is the best I have ever heard of any plugin that can take a mono signal, make it stereo, and change exactly how wide the sound will be. I have used it on a mono recorded acoustic guitar with excellent results. It is a tasteful sounding plugin without being phasey or strange as some tend to be. Highly recommended!
- Jaqouin R

stereo finalizer

does the job very well.
- Sterling s.

million ways to use it

I've only been using it for a few days and i've already found a million ways i can you use it...
- damien f.

Having lots of fun with it

A great easy stereo enhancer tool so easy to use endless combinations including smart doubling, I highly recommend this to anyone amateur to pro. Having lots of fun with it.
- vakkas U

Very good and useful plugin

Very good and useful plugin - authentic sounding and easy to use
- Bourne T.

Great plugin

Does what I need it to do and coves me exactly what I'm looking for in a stereoizer
- Elmer Y.

presets are also great!

Stereo Finalizer helps with the processing with the vocals. It’s really easy to use, the presets are also great! Thank you
- Shane J.

It makes a real difference

it works well adds depth and gives life to the recording plus enhances width...great tool for aspiring Mix-Engineers Easy to use but the SF is amazing.....

best tool for stereo enhancement

It's awesome I love the effect that it does on a guitar, love the delay it can provide with the stereo separation, more delay on the left, less on the right is my go to
- Richard H.

Very nice. Top job

Love it. Just what I need for thinking vocal and other stuff, I use to use this trick in my old studio with external units.
- Phillip L.

Another level

Takes a bit to learn how to use, but can add a lot of depth to vocals, or any instrument really.
- Steve H.

Easy and useful

It is a nice plugin works fine for me easy to use great sound !!!
- Gerson E.

5 star

This not only adds a great sound, but setting the detune values to zero, you can move the instrument sound for better sound separation to keep it from getting lost in the mix!
- joan l.

Super sick!

Use this for bgvs and claps. Super sick!
- Udhav SDY

Sounds awesome

I luv this plugin made my sound awesome
- Mark T.

just incredible enhancer

a great plugin if you like to double your vocals guitars and other instruments and even if you want some cool effects on your hook or verse
- Stephen J.

A must for anyone

I have pretty much all the plugins and tools on the market today. But this one is just fantastic! Easy to use and results are effectively audible. It's a must for any home or professional studio!
- JayKey

Great stereo shit

An excellent plugin you should own
- OracleL.J

Simple To Use But Effective

Stereo Finalizer is another useful plugin. As always, read the manual and allow yourself time to experiment for best results.
- Szymon F.

A lot to offer

I love this plug in....It has a lot to offer....Love the sound it produces ....worth the money...
- Theron C.

Very seductive

Very seductive, standing out and makes the sound amazing.
- Marcos U.

Go for it!

A game changer for quality mixing or mastering
- Doyle K.

This is a must have

This is a must have.. it has sped up my workflow and sounds amazing.
- michel g.

Using it on everything

Using it on everything, great product
- Wyde V.

imaging finisher

very useful plugin especially for EDM and Djent. I like it.
- beyoce k.

Totally out of this world

Totally out of this world
- Zohar O.


Sounds awesome! Perfect for adding stereo width.
- Walter J.

greatest stereo enhancer

It magnetizes sound, woohoo, greatest stereo enhancer ever. Great sound- easy to use -easily worth the $
- Don K.

didn't suprised me

I've purchased it with a coupon code because I have 5 noiseash plugins already. This one didn't suprised me, it works great. But still my favourite is Vocal Finalizer 🙂
- kerwin n.

On any instrument

A must have plugin, easy to use interface, clean but dominant addition to the stereo spraeding on any instrument.
- Adam Z.

what a magical tool

immediatly brought acoustic guitar to life in my mixes!! what a magical tool
- Sanga C.


My strings track has taken off like an air plane. Insane tool
- Vladimir z.


incredible. I liked it a lot. Works wonder in vocals.
- Howard F.


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