Vocal Finalizer is designed for holding “Vintage & Modern Characters - Simplicity - Wide Usability Range – Time Saving” properties together. Carefully crafted peaces are used in this combination to give everything you need to reach a final ready to mix vocal sound from a raw vocal track.


Vocal is the most important element of any song. Maybe that’s why a mixing engineer / producer wastes most of the time on vocal tracks to make the vocals sound as much as “perfect” and “sit-in-the-mix” possible. You don't need to worry about that anymore. Get gorgeous results with ultra simple controls...


You will find different variations of top 7 most popular vocal effects on a single unit with right settings and right amounts. Compression (3 types), DeEsser (Vocal Specific Dynamic EQ), Delay (customizable 3 types), Reverb (4 Static + 1 Customizable Algo reverb), Doubler (3 types), very special Classic Analog EQ Collection (Solid State, EQP1A and 31102 types with 3 frequency ranges) and Stereo Wider effects are in your hands with the settings that are specifically used in vocals.








Quickly combining the vocal processing settings for all musical genres is in just a few clicks away. So because of getting the amazing sound very easily, you won’t believe what you hear. Your vocals will turn into real records just like in your dreams.


If you’re looking for a true high quality "Analog Character", quick and all in one vocal tone solution, “Vocal Finalizer” will be definately your ”go to” vocal fx processor”. It will finalize your vocal track from "a raw track to professional record" with it’s magical processing power.


For those who wants their own taste, there are highly customizable parameters for digging into deep. Every nuance was designed for getting the most performance form vocal tracks.


  • NoiseAsh’s Magical, Fast, Analog Quality All in One DSP Engine
  • Simplified controls, lot’s of creative possibilities
  • 3 types of Vocal Specific Compressor/Limiter unit
  • 4 types of Vocal Specific Tempo sync stereo delay unit with customizable section
  • 5 types of Vocal Specific High Definiton Reverb unit
  • 3 types of Vocal Specific Stereo Doubler - Chorus modulation unit
  • Vocal Specific Body and Treble (Solid State, EQP1A and 31102 Classic Analog EQ models with 3 frequency band sections)
  • Analog High Pass & Low Pass Filters
  • DeEsser (Dynamic Eq) module
  • Simplified Vocal Noise Gate
  • Advanced Stereo Enhancer algorithm
  • Resizable GUI with Vectoral GUI elements
  • “Stereo” and “Mono to Stereo” Channel support


macOS / OS X

  • Intel I3 2ghz or above
  • OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks or above
  • 4 gb ram / 2 GB free space on system drive
  • VST / AU / AAX host
  • Min. 1024x768 Screen Resolution
  • Ability to download (Included: VST, AU, AAX versions)


  • Intel I3 2ghz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 or above
  • Windows 7 64-bit or above
  • 4 gb ram / 2 GB free space on system drive
  • VST / AAX host
  • Min. 1024x768 Screen Resolution
  • Ability to download (Included: VST 32 bit, VST 64 bit, AAX 32 bit, AAX 64 bit versions)


Demo and Manual

Current Version 1.2.7 - View Release Notes



Name Mono Stereo Mono-to-Stereo
Vocal Finalizer


Offers great tools to get you to your desired results quicker. You can make a moment stand out.

Simon Nakra

Producer, Mixing-Mastering Engineer

This brought to Vocal heaven straight away beautiful. A Great new set of effects for vocals to absolute creation, this plugin stoods out to me...


Producer, Mixing Engineer

Great idea, great sound. My directly recorded vocal tracks turned into giant, definitive and clear voices. I definately recommend it!

Daniel Warren

Producer, Mixing Engineer, Vocalist




Overall rating from Verified Customers:

Product Overall rating: ★★★★★ 4.9 based on 403 reviews.
5 1

AMAZING quality

I've jut bought this plug a few days ago, im learning to use it, looks pretty easy but AMAZING quality…… thanks…..

Great plugin, especially...

Great plugin, especially if You need a quick vocal set-up for Your client — it can be used as one plugin solution for rough mix… Everything You need on Your vocals is packed in this little guy, in versatile presets — So, very good to start your mix – to present an overall picture or an idea — but I end up keepin it in the INSERT area all the way through the mixing…
- Vanja M.

Straight forward design

Straight forward design makes it easy to use, it doesn't hamper your creative thoughts trying to "figure it out" for amazing sounding vocal tracks!

Wonderful rich vocal tone and depth

Wonderful rich vocal tone and depth from this great plugin! My go to plugin since I produce commercial pop music
- alex R.

It’s an amazing vocal mixing tool!

It’s an amazing vocal mixing tool! Really works great. All the necessary tools are in one plugin. Easy to use awesome sound. I love it
- Robert Y.

Real Game Changer...

Best plugin for vocals. Warm and sweet analog tones with ease of use. Real Game Changer...
- Eric W.

Outstanding work Noiseash!!

I'm usually very picky about the vocal mixing plugin chain. Normally there are 7 or 8 vocal processors in my vocal fx chain. But as soon as trying Vocal Finalizer, I realized that there is no need to use lot's of plugins for that, the "Pro Recod Sound" is now very easy with this! I never knew that I can reach to this great sounding vocal tones with just one plugin 🙂 Outstanding work Noiseash!!

wihtout any doubt the best vocal plugin

wihtout any doubt the best vocal plugin in the world. manipulates the vocal with incredibly sweet tones. 5 stars!!!
- leonardo t.

Great plug in

Great plug in
- Marty T.

Vocal Finalizer

Great software works great with Abelton
- okang n.

Ton's of pros are using

Vocal Finalzier has been used by ton's of professional mixing engineers including Grammy Awarded ones. All of the thousands of users can't be wrong. Try it, you will see what I mean 🙂
- Mark Y.

Vocal finalizer a great plugin

Hi Vocal finalizer a great plugin used it for my vocals. Great quality effects including presets that its worth buying. Thks
- Rathakrishnan S.

great features I love it

This is a great plugin. very user friendly great features I love it
- John H.

I am amazed with the result

I just purchased this plug in four days ago and so far I am amazed with the result. I could say it is the best vocal plug in that I have used so far. I like the simplicity of it and easy to manipulate to get the sound you are looking for.
- eskadvy B.

Great vocal plugin. Easy to use

Really a game changer plugin to your mix, and bring vocals to life. Great vocal plugin. Easy to use
- Dylan R.

Definately a must have.

It can be appliable quickly and easily to any vocal tracks. I am amazed with the pro sound of this great plugin. Definately a must have.

results are great!

Vocal Finalizer brings your vocals to life. Grab that deal and just add this to your arsenal 🙂 It’s an amazing plugin to get your vocals to cut thru ur mixes with that right EQ settings. Explore the plugin, workaround and results are great!
- mahesh s.

I love vocal finalizer so much!

So user friendly and a truly powerful tool. Really works great.... I love vocal finalizer so much!
- Bernardo L.

I highly recommend this tool

Smooth vocal tones are easily available with this plugin. I highly recommend this tool to everyone
- samuel T.

So much easier, quicker and… better!

I wish I had know about this plugin a month ago. It would have made the job of mixing and mastering my latest Jazz CD so much easier, quicker and… better!
- Robert C.

it's definately unbelievable...

While doing the best processings for my vocal tracks, this baby sends me t the sky. So easy, so great! It's definately unbelievable...
- rod h.

Shortcut to the greatest tones

Greatest vocal plugin ever. I love it. very easy to use and shortcut to the greatest tones.
- Dupont W.

Highly recommended

Excellent plug-in and very intuitive to use. Really pushes the vocal up into the mix. Highly recommended.
- Steve P.

Vocal Finalizer

Absolutely brilliant, time saving bit of kit. love it

Without any doubt, this is the best

Without any doubt, this is the best sounding and the most useful plugin that I've ever used in my life!
- Olli L.

Super efficient does the job well!!

Fantastic product...useful for a beginner and or a total pro...
- Victor E.

This is the right tool

Vocal Finalizer solves the treatment of the voices and leaves them ready for mixing very quickly, giving the production a clear, crisp, warm and fresh touch. Very useful and helps you to move forward accurately and without investing much time. Of course you can spend more time on the voices by other methods, but if you want to save time with a very good quality, this is the right tool. Very good!
- dante a.

my vocals never sounded so delicious

i am absolutely in love with it! my vocals never sounded so delicious, am very very happy i have it !

It does fantastic job.

It does fantastic job. I really like it, when I put it on a vocal track and listen how this plugin makes any shitty vocal sound great. Like I said, just fantastic.
- Alexander Y.

I highly recommend it to everyone!

The best vocal plugin in the world! I highly recommend it to everyone!
- mike d.

I love this plugin

I love this plugin. Converts my vocals to top famous vocal sounds. Also it is a dangerous plugin, make sure you wear some kind of body protection before using it! 🙂
- Janssen Y.


The best solution for me. I love it, I use it all the time. AWESOME RESULTS.

Amazing plug in

It speeds up the process for looking for the right tone for vocals. Also, the price is just amazing for what you’re getting
- Felipe B.

Pro Quality !!!!

I saw Vocal Finalizer, an all in one beautiful UI. Because it had great features, and I was thrilled to see it in AAX Format, I gave the Demo a try. After seeing how amazing it sounded I quickly moved to buy it. When I saw all the other plugins, I decided to buy the entire Palmary Collection. AWESOME PLUGINS, very straight forward and user friendly, and don’t let that fool you, these are Pro Quality !!!!

Phenomenal plugin for a good price!

Great phenomenal plugin for a good price! I have used so many times so far and it have changed the quality of my music immediately!
- Paul J.

the best vocal tone variations...

This plugin has become my one of the best friends. It's a time saver and song saver tool 🙂 Just insert it, and boom! You got the best vocal tone variations...
- stephen g.

The Champion

The Champion of all of the vocal processors. I am so serious. This is the best plugin that I've used in my life. Very quick, very clever, amazing sound....
- Björn U.

Awesome character and incredible sound!

I have tried it in different audio material and it sounds amazing. Also has a lot of tweaking options that wouldn't be possible with the original harware gears.

to cut through just right.

Nice plugin. works like expected. this plugin is very user friendly, versatile, and brought my vocals to life. exactly what i was looking for to get them to cut through just right.
- gaincarlo f.

Remarkable sound!!!

It's a great pleasure for me to work with a trending beautiful plugin like this. Remarkable sound!!!
- Evan S.


Excellent plugin, instantly makes vocals sound great,highly recommended. $30 is a steal for this,take advantage while you can..

Best what I've tested!

I've tested wide range of vocal plugins. And must say that Vocal Finalizer output is best what I've found just out of box. If you dont want to spend too much time to find good vocal sound out of box, I recommend this one.
- Sakari

Great natural sounding all in one plugin

This plug in really took my vocal mixing to the next level. Great natural sounding all in one plugin. Intuitive and easy to use.
- Jose C.

Get it ASAP

Awesome warm sounds, easy to use, process vocals very quickly. Get it ASAP
- Troy D.

I am using it always

This plugin can make miracles. I used 10 different type of vocals and it made all of them incredibly sound gorgeous. I love it and I am using it always.

sweet professional vocal tones.

the best vocal fx plugin that I've ever used for years. definately the coolest shortcut to the sweet professional vocal tones.
- markus c.

Love this plugin

Love this plugin. It’s what I needed but didn’t know I needed!
- Sal A.

There is no bad vocals anymore...

There is no bad vocals anymore. Excellent useful plugin. 5 Stars from me. What an amazing plugin, what an amazing sound. Unbelievable, what a price 🙂
- Alberto H.

Aweesomeeee plugin!

Aweesomeeee plugin! I love it, makes any vocal track sound like king's tones.
- felipe b.


a MUST HAVE for anyone recording vocals. its a combination of classic gears, and worth the price. just amazing, it's a master in the game.

wonderful for voices

super easy to use and get a great sound quickly. used it on a male vocalist. he loved it.
- thomas h.

5 Stars from me...

The best vocal effect in the market. Everyone needs this. 5 Stars from me...
- Glyn V.

Real treassure!

You will get the best vocal tones with this plugin. Real treassure!
- Chris K.

You can’t go wrong with this one

I’ve always struggled with vocal processing and mixing. This plugin simplifies the process by emphasizing the subtle elements of the vocal mix. You can’t go wrong with this one.

this is a real legend

this is a real legend. just two clicks and vocals are just great. i love it.
- guy t.

Makes any vocal sound outstanding

Makes any vocal sound outstanding! Analog warmth and eq tones are just awesome. I love this baby
- Sven U.

I’d recommend it highly!

This is a great piece of software, easy to use, and simple to install. It’s a great tool for vocals, so I’d recommend it highly!

solves a lot of problems

Recently discovered this plugin and it solves a lot of problems for me when mixing voices. Although i feel that the presets included, have way to much reverb from the box. Ofcourse, I can fix that to my taste. But aside from that, I find this plugin nothing but helpful to the music industry.
- esteban p.


Wow, with just one plugin I got a real record sound. I am using it on my modern and also classic styles. Masterpiece!!
- Adam J.

I don'need any other plugin now

This has been a great addition to my vocal chain. Actually I don'need any other plugin now. Vocal Finalizer is exactly what I needed.

Deserves 10 Stars...

Deserves 10 Stars... Awesome vocal tool, definately my go to plugin from now on.
- Matthieu O.

Good job from Noiseash

This Plug-in is Excellent and brilliant. Good job from Noiseash
- joshua A.

Nails the sound instantly

Fantastic. I’m really impressed. Nails the sound instantly.
- Frank D.

One of the best vocal software

One of the best vocal software i ever used, my vocals are where i want them to be…

Forever Vocal Finalizer

Normally, I am very picky about plugins. And also I don't likemost of the plugins. This baby is one of the few plugins that I will always love and use. Forever Vocal Finalizer
- Diego B.

Vocal Finalizer

When you switch it on, it is a little bit too over-powering and sounds like the vocal is overprocessed. Being that I already use some tasty mics and a nice warm Drawmer 1960 compressor, I don’t really need a lot of the features of this plug in. I think its strengths lie in being able to dial in some of the features gradual so that the vocal is improved subtly. A bit of experimenting is required – together with some A-B testing to get the most out of it. Great price though.
- Neil T.

that's why everyone recommends

What ana amazing style that plugin has. easy to use great sound, that's why everyone recommends this plugin.

Go to vocal processor

I love this plugin. Makes mixing vocals so much easier!
- Rick L.

good for quick vocal setup

this is a great plug-in. I primarily use it to get my vocals dialed in quickly when I’m pressed for time.
- phillipe b.

Vocal to sit in the mix

This plugin is great for getting the vocal to sit in the mix. It is easy to use. Check it out!
- Casey H.

Ready vocals with one click

I absolutely love it, crazy what a good plugin can do. Plus I I'm so lucky I got to buy a bunch on the sale. Ready vocals with one click

the best vocal mixing tool

I've used so many things for vocal enhancement. I can definately say that this plugin has something that makes any vocal track sound outstanding. Awesome.
- Andrew R.

It is a great Tool

It is a great Tool but i miss a German instruktion.
- peter B.

best of best!!!

best of best!!!
- ilheon j.

Would 100% recommend

Bought this plugin a couple of days ago and I’m totally amazed by it. It makes mixing vocals easier than ever! Would 100% recommend
- Peet T.

just what I needed

This happened to come into view just as I was working on some vocals and was just what I needed.

1000 steps further!

The presets and overall effects of this plugin are crafted perfectly, so much so that you can mess around with the settings in a variety of combinations to suit your mixing needs. It has multiple vocal mixing essentials all in one plugin such as compression and reverb as well as delay. Easily adjustable and worth every penny. This will take your mix 1000 steps further!
- Victor D.

Absolutely amazing

Really good plugin Easy to use I will definitely recommend it ....thanks
- david g.


Excellent. Just what I was looking for. Makes my amateur projects sound polished/professional.

Love the vocal finalizer

Love the vocal finalizer. I appreciated the prompt and clean assistance I got when there where issues installing it!! Great stuff
- Richard N.

Bravo Noise Ash

For the price, it’s the best voice plugin I know. It is super easy to use, intuitive and user-friendly. bravo Noise Ash for this impressive plugin!
- Pierre P.


This plugin makes it so easy to mix and manipulate vocals. I love it’s ability to be an “all-in-one” plugin!! TRY IT YOU’LL LOVE IT!!!

Vocal Finalizer the clear winner

I am not yet at the mixing/mastering phase of my project. But, I checked out the competitors' plugin, and I downloaded and tested Vocal Finalizer. It installed quickly and easily, and performed exactly as promised. The sales videos were very well done, and the quick and easy presets make Vocal Finalizer the clear winner. Thank you!
- Brenda H.


The vocal finalizer is great but the exchange rate in Australia makes the plugin expensive
- george y.

Outstanding Work Noiseash!!

I've been using lot's of all in one plugins, very used to them, but this baby is THE BEST TOOL without any doubt.It is compatible any kind of genre. Outstanding Work Noiseash!!
- darryl k.

Great time saver!

I can do all the things for vocal mixing in just one plug in. This helps a lot to not have to go here and there to hear the changes. It is an excellent tool.
- Julien C.

Useful and also masterpiece

Really useful and also masterpiece plugin. Any shitty vocal can make an album with this baby 🙂
- Eelke H.

5 Stars for the Greatest Plugin Ever

Extremely awesome plugin. I am able to mix any vocal tones with any music genres. 5 Stars for the Greatest Plugin Ever!!

My #1 go to plugin

Makes your vocals stands out in the mix it is my #1 go to plugin for vocals!
- Randy J.

Brillant plugin

The presets and overall effects of this plugin are crafted perfectly, so much so that you can mess around with the settings in a variety of combinations to suit your mixing needs. It has multiple vocal mixing essentials all in one plugin such as compression and reverb as well as delay. Easily adjustable and worth every penny. This will take your mRead more about review stating Valuable Essentialix two steps further.
- Bonifácio H.


Great results from a great product…a little tricky to unpack and put in correct/usable folders. The difference this effect delivers is remarkable, both in time and performance. Recommended!
- R B C.

Thank so much for your Amazing work

I think its so useful so far. will it be possible to get more presets with the plugin like the common sound of today .i like sounds similar to TORY LANEZ, Swae Lee, Post Malone and Russ. It will be Amazing to have Presets like that with this PLugin. Hope you can Work on that soon enough. Thank so much for your Amazing work.
- Shameel R.

I f#*~n love it

Awesome, real useful when you’re short on time. Easily cuts the vox through the mix. I f#*~n love it 🙂

Well done NoiseAsh..!

Ease of use and simplicity to apply on both live and post processing. Well done NoiseAsh..!

Vocal Finalizer

It’s a decent plugin for the sale price. She’s very CPU hungry though, and it’s very easy to over process a record if you’re not careful.
- johnny j.

Lovely plugin

This baby makes any vocal sound extremely rich and makes them sit in the mix. Lovely plugin, everyone need it.
- Elijah V.

Definately the best one

This plugin is the first page of all of the vocal plugins. Definately the best one in the market...
- Hans P.


Awesome, real useful when you’re short on time. Easily cuts the vox through the mix. Thanks.

Very helpful and useful plugin.

Very helpful and useful plugin.
- ennon h.

Fantastic all-in-one vocal tool

Noiseash products are absolutely the dopest! Improved my vocals instantly
- Chuck L.

Great products great customer support

I love this plug in, it help bring my home studio to the next level, I started loving it immediately when used it! Great work!
- Brendan U.

You can do everything

OMG!! The shortcut plugin for the famous professional sounds. For Vocals, you can do everything with this plugin.
- yasuhiro O.

I am so impressed

This plugin is just amazing. So professional sound, in just one plugin, it is hard to believe this. What kind of magic is going on underhood? I am so impressed
- Sean K.

awesome plugin!!!

You can achieve perfect vocals with this thing. The presets on this plugin are incredible. Really made awesome vocal tone through the mix. Vocal Finalizer is Highly recommend.
- anis E.

Exellent professional all in one plugin

Quick and easy solution to get the vocal tracks close to finished in minutes. Exellent, professional all in one plugin!

simple and effective

Probably works mostly for consumers which are not professional sound engineers, but I bet they could appreciate the convenience of a very fast way to pump the voice out of the mix anyway. recommended!
- Skat

I highly recommend

I love this plug in, it help bring my home studio to the next level and think I record my music at a real studio. I highly recommend.
- Ducasso U.

One lovely plugin

Only one lovely plugin, thanks noise ash

I’m so happy with this plugin

I’m so happy with this plugin and the current price, that I’ve begun showing it and recommending it in my classes. It brought a new life and flexibility to vocals I’m mixing with ease. Currently on a Retrowave project with great singers, and wow… Amazing results. This plug really makes it easy to sit the vocal in the mix. I’ve tried other all in one vocal processing, and I have to say, they just don’t do what this can. I’m still in a learning curve, but finding that it’s very important to work with level matching and working both in and out for better results. Update hint. It would be nice to find a way to gain match or link these two to work against each other. I just got the speaker sim too.
- Troy F.

Vocal Finalizer

Great plugin!!!
- Deejay Andi

My new "Go To" plugin

GREAT PLUG-IN to Enhance the Voices. May-be the compressor a bit to agressif ….but it’s configurable…..then no problem. Thanks and regards...
- Derrick F.


Great time saver! I can get almost the same results as if I’m using separate plug-ins for EQ, Compression and Effects. Simple to use, I’m loving it so much!!!
- Alejandro H.

Great Purchase!!

Easily applies a number of effects quickly to enhance the vocals. Dead easy to use, great explanatory video from Vocal Finalizer the product manual and saves a boatload of time.

my secret weapon

Vocal Finalizer has quickly become an essential part of my vocal mixing sessions. I used it on every project. All of my clients are very happy and they are asking what it is. It is my secret weapon now! 🙂
- Laurent H.

Absolute essentials for VOCALS

This is a must have for any one processing vocal tracks. ıt can handle all genres from acoustic to edm. Less automation work, simple interface, and easy to use plugin to polish all of your vocal takes.
- matthew j.

Just amazing so sweet

So impressive tool to have. It gives a great shortcut to the pro vocal sound. Just amazing so sweet. I love it!
- Brad U.

Vocal Finalizer

A really cool plugin. Just really getting started with it but so far great... Very intuitive controls...
- Mark M.

A boon for vocal tracks

This plugin makes it so easy to mix and manipulate vocals. I love it’s ability to be an “all-in-one” plugin!! TRY IT YOU’LL LOVE IT!!!

Very helpful plugin

Wow, just great tone. I love this plugin, very helpful. Don't waste time, just buy it without any doubt.
- Greg B.

Thank You Vocal Finalizer

Yes Sir just made the vocal finalizer order. great to add spice and depth to the vocal track Thank You Vocal Finalizer and Noiseash
- Donnie M.

5 stars from me!

Absolutely love this plugin. It really gets to the point super quick without drowning in a multitude rack of VST's and needing a degree for each. Vocal Finalizer just saved me so much time in editing, and is visually simple. 5 stars from me!
- Adam R.

This plug in is fantastic

This plug in is fantastic I love it. Now I can finalize my vocal tracks and make them sound so professional very easily.
- kevin b.

Real magic

Great plugin, great support team. Makes any vocal track sound awesome. Highly recommended!
- Francesco H.

Sooo professional....

The best thing that ı am using in my productions. It really finalizes the vocal audio. Ready for mastering audio quality. Sooo professional....
- Andrew O.

A must have for me.

OMG 7 great vocal processors in one package, if your new like me this will help you with your vocals. This is a must have for me.
- Jerry S.

Oh Wow - awesome lead vocals

I started using this plug and it just gets you there. You know what I mean. All of a sudden your like, “ oh the vocals are killing it, lets move on”.
- danny u.

Perfect professional analog sound

It works very well and speed up the workflow. Perfect professional analog sound with a single tool. A very quality plugin! Very satisfied!

The best vocal processor plugin

The best vocal processor plugin that I've ever used. It takes the signal directly through ton's of multi analog models and the result sound comes out perfectly balanced, tonal clearity and ready to use in the albums. Awesome!
- Fernando T.

Rich tone, very simple to use

Excellent plugins, rich tone, very simple to use, immediately effect.
- sreten k.


Great vst a couple of clicks and your away!
- Adam G.

Thank you all so much for this!!

Your Vocal Finalizer has become my “go to” plugin for vocals in mixing! Wow! It saves me so much time because the end result is so much faster than loading up various EQ’s, FX, wideners, delays, doubles, etc. Instant mega hit sounding vocals. Thank you all so much for this!!
- Ted P.

Great stuff!

If I can use one word it would be AWESOME !!!! Thank you noiseash audio you are truly the elite in the audio industry.
- rodney O.

Shine and standout in the mix

Use this great plugins on every mix. Really makes vocals shine and standout in the mix.
- Billy N.


Amazing! Easily one of the best plugins available. Works on every genre. I use this baby on every mix now!
- Sacha B.

I highly recommend this plug in

Great plugin it helps a lot and saves time but you can make it work with you, I highly recommend this plug in as it will be a go to for any home or pro studio! Thanks.
- KARi D.

My new Gold for vocal mixing

This plugin is my new Gold for vocal mixing, it just makes everything much easier & it cuts time short. I love it
- Clarence M.

Incredible! Sounds great!

It's a very good plugin! I'm using it on everything - not only vocals also guitars, synths, even bass, and sounds great!
- timothee N.

Gorgeous vocal tones

Gorgeous vocal tones. Awesome presets, easy to use plugin. The best vocal plugin.
- Mathieu A.

Commercial quality - Recommended!

Interestingly makes Vocals sit in pop, edm, metal, acoustic music instantly with a preset dry lead vocals. Radio commercial quality would recommend to all.

Going to save me a lot of time

Great plugin, this is really going to save me a lot of time. I would like a few more preset choice’s but I like it a lot
- Luc H.

Really good!

Really good!
- jimm m.

A must have for the vocal track

This plugin gives me all I need to get good voices. Analog vibe, eq, compressor, deesser, delay, awesome stereo tool, reverb rocks. A must have for the vocal track.
- Julio V.

love it

It's relayé useful... love it
- Georges B.

Professional tones are in my hands

The king of all vocal porcessors. Professional tones are in my hands with a few cicks.
- truman K.

Really good plugin

Really good plugin. The first plugin that I purchased.
- Christopher P

a must have for any studio

This Vocal Finalizer is a must have for any studio application. It gives your vocals that in your face sound. It doesnt matter what genre of music your into, this little bundle is deff worth every penny. Total still on the price.
- vaughn m.

significant improvement in vocal

I am in no way a vocalist but I record myself in a home studio using ableton live 10. I hear a significant improvement in the quality of my vocals and how they sit in the mix. I'd imagine a great singer would notice even more dynamic improvement.
- Norman K.

Very good plugin

Very good plugin for fast mixing. I use it to give presence to vocals demos in my productions. That give me some ideas for artistic choices
- Jae

High capacity!

Such an easy to use interface with such a great sound improvement. I can’t wait to delve further into its capabilities!!!

You need this!

Vocal Fİnalizer really helped me get the vocals right. You need this!
- Christopher W.

Excellent Vocal Enhancement

I’ve always struggled with vocal processing and mixing. This plugin simplifies the process by emphasizing the subtle elements of the vocal mix. You can’t go wrong with this one.
- Edward Y.

Vocals and more...

Gret Vocal plugin, I use it every situations. Another tip, it is awesome on electric guitars and bass guitars too 🙂
- ricky g.

Fantastic Plugin!

Fantastic Plugin! What a sound improvement! I purchased it mainly for vocals but use it for instruments and vocals. User friendly. Definitely a MUST Have for any home recording studio.
- Steven H.


The best voice pluging without a doubt, accompanied by others is a beast. I recommend it 100 × 100 Only one tutorial in Spanish would be missing. For the rest ... PERFECTO
- Paco C.

A Piece of Cake

One of the best plugins I've ever used. It has just arrived in my DAW and managed to impress me greatly on my first project. It's easy to use and gives wonderful results. It's a keeper!
- dennis B.


A little cpu usage and so need to be used sparingly sometimes, but sound incredible. 10/10
- Ramon U.

Fantastic sound

It brings the intuition quality for mixing. READY TO MIX PROFESSIONAL VOCAL TONE! Fantastic sound...

This plugin is incredible

This plugin is incredible. The fixed points are so musical...if you like strong vocal tones with "air & sparkle" frequency, you'll get your money's worth 100 times over!!!
- Barry O.

Top Vocal Plugin

Very sweet tone to the vocal tracks. I love it. Top Vocal Plugin
- jonathan L.


I demoed the vocal and the mix plugins and that was all it took so getting the tone plug was a bonus ... it's a must have. good job Noiseash!
- Tony C.

A must have

Just amazing tool. Very easy to use and awesome sound. A must have plugin for the vocals
- Christoph I.

Dope plugin

I like this plugin because its pretty easy to use and straight forward. I would not depend on it by itself but rather just to add a little bit of unique musical life to the vocals. Its very clean and crisp!
- andrew Z.

The Chosen One-Great sounding vocals

Didnt think I would love Noiseash plugins this much, never knew what all the fuss was about, now I finally do. Just one plugin is enough to make a company KING. This plugin is a steal, really has everything you need to craft great sounding vocals! The Chosen One...
- George C.

Very clever solution for Vocal mixing

Very clever solution for Vocal mixing. Eq is some king of analog that gives a sweet saturation and it has so nice sounding curves. Sometimes compressor can be a little aggressive but deesser, delay, reverb and multi dimensional doubler are awesome, totally amazing plugin.

Brings life to any vocals! Amazing!

Wonderful plugin, full of body and quality, loads of settings and great presets. Can’t go wrong with this awesome piece of software. Brings life to any vocals! Amazing!
- jonathan O

Love this bad boy...

Love this bad boy, it does everything i want Great Plugin Thanks
- Michel C.

Million dollar studio vocals

with garage band -this plugin is the best thing ever. period. use a sm7b -microphone- a cloud -lifter- and pull up an audio track only with – noise gate – limiter and a eq. record vocals- then after- you record a vocal track -turn on the vocal finalizer. find preset- set levels to taste. – rivals industry -million dollar studio vocals- easily.
- Corey G.

This plugin is my friend

I love this great plugin. It sounds gorgeous, looks gourgeous and it's been a good friend since I got it.

It does what it does and it sounds great

Very clever and great sounding professional vocal tone solution. When you insert it on the vocal channel, you don't need to do anything much. It does what it does and it sounds great.
- Damien C.

I use it on vocals, guitars and synths!

It is definitely the most simple, and yet, one of the most deliciously perfect plugin ever. I use it on vocals, guitars and synths!
- Gary C.



Go to plugin

Started using Vocal Finalizer on my vocal mixes and the way it enhances my final mix is amazing!!! Would definitely recommend every producer have this in their arsenal!
- Shumon A.

5 stars - Gold & Stainess Steel

It's pretty amazing Noiseash was able to do a plugin like this! Real precious thing like Gold. Very strong thing Stainless Steel.

Perfect finalizer!

Amazing plugin. The simplicity of everything, especially the EQ and Compression, is so sick. I use it on almost every track. Acoustics, drums, vocals, everything. This plugin is sweet.
- jordan a.

I recommend it...

It was exactly what I was looking for. The result is clean, the voice, whether it’s in a podcast or for a song is really interesting after treatment and it’s easy. I totally validate. However, as the plug-in simplifies everything for a quick use, some parameters are missing if you want to go far (for example, the Eq is done in two dials, it may seem surprising). But for me, that was enough. I recommend it, especially for the price.

One of the best

One of the best plugins I've ever used. Better than I thought and vocals sound amazing already should have got this earlier if i had known. Still got more to purchase so we'll see.
- Luca S.

I am very impressed...

I use this for mixing down my band’s rehearsal and performance recordings in Reaper. I am a musician, not a sound engineer, so I appreciate something like this that is simpler to use and adjust and sounds great right at the default settings. I am very impressed with how much this has improved the sound of vocals in my mixes, compared to what I was previously able to accomplish with multiple Reaper stock plug-ins.
- rich l.

Nice bit of magic

This simple to use plugin is fantastic, very little effort to minimize your editing time, while achieving a quality and professional sound.

my only favourite plugin for vocals

All of my vocals are mastered with a professional touch, vocal finalizer. Now this is my only favourite plugin for vocals.
- Deisuke G.

Great plugin

OMG!! Adds a lot to a vocal track with a simple interface. Super easy to use and get a great sound quickly. Used it on a female vocalist in a RnB track. She loved it.
- kyeseong L.

Love it. No need to use any other

Love it. Super-vibey and inuitive. Adds real character, process the vocal signal and it finalizes for the mixing mastering stages. No need to use any other things.
- Tomasz S


i just get this plug in i think its one of the best way to get profesional results in the vocals with a couples clicks ! simply amazing and Nice!

All I need

Wow! Just amazing plugin. It heats the signal with a great amount of analog modeled saturation and eq filters. Also with a vocal specific compressor, it sounds just awesome. I really like hd reverb sound and stereo wider effect are just excellent. All I need for a voca treatment.
- Alejandro L.

The best vocal fx performance

Plugin handles processing with a cool artificial intelligent algorythm and the result tone is just amazing. eq, saturation, compressor, delay, very cool reverb, deesser, limiter... All of this in one unit. The best vocal fx performance in the world
- virgile .a

Much Appreciated

Gorgeous plugin. with just one plugin, I've got ready to mix vocal tone!! And also very professional sound. much appreciated

wonderful for voices

Adds a lot of things to a vocal track with a simple interface. I really like the plugin!!!
- Louis E.

A Little bit aggressive compressor

Compressor seems aggressive. But I loveEq and saturation. Algo reverb sounds digital. but otherreverb options are just fantastic.
- ora t.


Without Vocal Finalizer, mixing would be so hard. Put it to the track and go. I LOVEEE IT
- Adam M.

Great plugin, great sound

Great plugin, great sound, very simple to use!!!

The Best Vocal Plugin in the World

I've been producing and creating music professionally for more than 15 years now... Always wanted a Vocal plugin that would give me instant access to sonically perfect eq, de-ess and a choice of compressors without having to try and choose from all my gear in the box and outboard everytime... That's what the Vocal Finalizer offers. It' Read more about review stating An amazing tool!!!s a Swiss army knife, quite gentle on cpu power with my Mac pro I can put it easily on each and every of a 42 tracks sessions. The fact that you can audit each band of the EQ while holding the Control key is also amazing... It helps a lot using ears and make music faster... Once creativity is there you don't want it to leave because you don't have the right tool do you?
- boyce f.

Superb - sounds excellent!

It's very easy to get a great sounding vocal track with just this one plugin. Depending on the vocalist you may have to add other things such as de-essing. Nevertheless this will get you there quicker for most vocal tracks.
- Geoffrey E.

What took me hours now takes seconds

You can make the nastiest dullest sounding mike and have it polished,clear and bright and showing beautifully through the mix in a few seconds with this thing, genius, I love it!

Excellent experience!

I found the ease of use and quality excellent. All around everything you need to widen your vocals and applying just the right amount of color !
- pedro N.

Great Plug-in!

This plug-in just seems to do everything right and with a ridiculous amount of ease. So simple to use, and yet it works so well.
- George M.

It’s amazing!

Easiness, simplicity, and most important is great quality results. It’s amazing! Thanks
- ADY Q.

I am impressed

This is actually a pimp plugin… it takes the work out of getting clean, but smooth, piercing through the mix vocals and is easy to adjust to your preference. I was skeptical at 1st 4real 4real…buy I am impressed and will use this to finalize my vox from now on. http://Www.therealjohnwaynebailey.com
- john w.

a real masterpiece!!!

The Best vocal processor that has been made ever. From silky to hard, it makes miracles for any kind of vocals. A REAL MASTERPIECE. The price should be much more.
- Benedict L.

Upgrade to professional status

Vocal finalizer is a very easy way to upgrade your music on a professional status.

I feel very good

I feel very good. It is well evolution.
- apichai p.

Vocal Finalizer in use

A very useful tool. You can do in seconds the things you would need minutes to adjust at least three different plug-ins.
- Iulian V.

The best vocal plugin in the world

The best vocal plugin in the world! I use it on guitars and synth stuff too. Just a life saver Swiss army kife. Vocals are much more stronger and smooth now.

Buy it.

Just amazing plugin. Buy it, don't waste your time and be smart!
- James P.

Now advanced vocal tone is so easy

One of the best sounding plugins I've purchased! Love everything about it. Now advanced vocal tone is so easy
- dean k.


This plug-in is awesome, very easy to work.
- Louis B.

I have to say it’s brilliant

I am an impatient person , and even getting a half decent vocal sound used to take me hours. I saw an advert for Vocal Finaliser , I was cynical but for the price I thought their may be some nice features and sounds I can use. I bought Finaliser and I have to say it’s brilliant , it really genuinely does what it says it does. You can instantly use it and it saves hours of time and enables you to focus on the vocal. I thoroughly recommend this product and for the price it’s just about the best value for money you will get . Enjoy
- Mike H.

its now my go to 1 stop plugin

Its great !! already used it in 2 final mixes. its now my go to 1 stop plugin, don’t know how i never heard if you guys before hopefully i can get some more products from you guys in the near future
- E.T.

Really impressed with this plugin

Really impressed with this plugin on my mixes. So simple to use, quite useful and amazing tone! Vocal tracks are very lucky 🙂
- harrison o.

Awesome plugin for vocals

Awesome plugin for vocals. I use to build my own vocal rack, and now I have it all integrated in one plug!

You won’t regret it

Just buy the damn thing you won’t regret it
- Digital Mind S.

one of the best Vocal Plugin

this is the one of the best Vocal Plugin you can find. I am so Grateful.
- gabriel a.

Double worth the money!

Easy to use, works perfect with Ableton 9 live. Great job!!! Thanks
- Robbie D.

It’s a very good vst plug-in

It’s a very good vst plug-in if you record vocals The presets are good and it’s upgrading your vocal tracks You should try it if you are a vocal recorder!!!
- NIV Z.

Huge difference

Great product, I’m using it with Garageband and revived many of my vocal tracks. Tonally you can hear a huge difference. I can definitely recommend it.
- Stephen w.

compressor and eq is GREAT!

i love this. Very easy to reach great vocal sounds. Compressor and eq is GREAT!
- david u.


This plugin has a real mojo that makes the track sound so musical and adds vintage analog tone. Just perfect tool. Not only for vocals, for guitars and synth stuff too!

Works well with easy to use controls

I was pleasantly surprised at how well Vocal Finalizer worked, and how simple the controls were. I applied to to several mixes that I had previously completed to see how I would get to the same sound, and found it easy to duplicate my normal process with just one plug in. There are still other things I’ll do to vocals of course, but this has simpl Read more about review stating Works well with easy to use controlsified my standard process. Definitely worth the money.
- Tim H.

Awesome plugin

Awesome plugin, easy to use and user friendly. 2 thumbs up.

Great for creativity and album sound

I don’t think I’v spent more than 5 minutes with this plugin each time I’ve used it. I just try a couple presets, make some minor tweaks to the one I like best and then move on. Singers love it because it gives them an edge that can compete with the edge the guitars have.
- brad f.

Vocals are standing out. What is this?

With this beast, any kind of a shitty vocal can turn into a roaring Tina Turner. I am amazed about the magic that this plugin does. Vocals are standing out. What is this? Thanks guys!
- Fabian D.


A real life saver. I am a professional mixing engineer but I don't have enough time for searching the optimum results for each different vocals. But this beast exactly doies it for me. This plugin is also for the newbies too. Now technology makes our life easier, so why try harder? Thank you guys!!

My vocals became a color movie

Thanks to Vocal Finalizer , my musical expression has become very rich. It added color to my vocals as if a black and white movie became a color movie.
- Akihiro K.

by far the best vocal plugin

I'm always skeptical about claims of plugin products, having purchased many ex: Izotope, and waves to name a few, Noiseash Vocal finalizer is by far the best vocal plugin I have ever used, it's easy and very powerful, I have already recommended it to many of my recording friends. Great product, I will continue to keep an eye on your products in the future
- brian r.

Man, this is a masterpiece!

Definately the best vocal processor. I tried a bunch of other choices but VF has a magic power. Very fast very easy. I use it also on electric guitar and synth stuff too. Always amazing sounds. Man, this is a masterpiece!
- Eric I.


- Séphane B.

Great product!

I had previously using the Waves Maserati vocal plugin, but when I switched computers, none of the Waves stuff transferred over. So after I went through this whole hassle and discovering I would need to REPURCHASE the product, I decided to move on and try NoiseAsh vocal finalizer. OMG. Where has this product been all my life?? It is worlds better than Read more about review stating Great product! Noiseash Vocal Finalizer plugin, as theirs seems to add unwanted noise on some of their settings. The vocal finalizer makes the work easy and seems to blend well into the mix without heavy tweaking. I recommend this 100 times over.
- james v.

Not 5, just 10 stars from me

Loaded this on to vocals. Wow! I am very happy with the result and transformed to fantastic sounding vocals will highly recommend this plugin Not 5, just 10 stars from me

Fun to work with

It’s all there right in front of you. Fun to work with.
- Koen S.

5 Stars to Vocal Finalizer

Greeting from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia!! 5 Stars to Vocal Finalizer. Make my vocal mixing swim like a fish. It is so easy, as easy as A B C
- sayuthi i.

just simply the best

This plugin is just simply the best. It’s an all in one plugin. Love it!!
- Wayne D.

Just amazing stuff. 5 Stars

Very cool plugin, makes the vocal tracks standout and also sit in the mix. Sound character is very analog. Just amazing stuff, 5 Stars from me.
- Jack H.


Noiseash plugins are never disappoint and my recent purchase has improved my workflow when mixing vocals. Vocal finalizer is essentially and all in one for vocals. You are able to adjust low and high end, compress, add reverb and echo as well as the ability to widen vocals. Highly recommend!

quick n easy

this plugin helps you get the vocals exactly where they need to sit very very quickly.
- jordan d.

Swiss army knife for vocals

I’ve tried many others like it, nothing is quite like this. This plugin is straightforward to use, and it does an outstanding job. I am using on guitars and synth stuff too. It's amazing!
- Corrie W.

Best plugin for Vocals

Keeps the vocals where you need them. Best plugin for Vocals
- Louis F.

One plugin, World class pro sound

This is an outstanding top high-quality emulation of all legend components for vocals. One plugin, rules them all. World class pro sound. Thank you!
- rick h.

Fun to work with

It’s all there right in front of you. Fun to work with.
- koen s.


It is a great product. I always spend hours and days, trying to find the right mix for the vocals and with Vocal Finalizer, it turns to a very easy work. If it is not a 100% solution, it is really a very good start. After applying a pre-defined setup, the after work is very easy. And it works great with backing vocals, too. Perfect!
- Joao S.

All I can say is WOW

I was skeptical when I saw the ad, but thought I would give it a try since I was working on a project that needed more “pizzazz” to bring out the lead vocal. For the price, all I can say is WOW. Very simple to use for quick and pleasing results. The lead vocal ended up cutting through the mix with flying colors. I took all other processing and simply relied on this plug in. The only caution is that it is easy to “go over the top”, suggest starting with one of the plug in’s features at at time (such as compressor, then add eq, then add delay, verb, widen, de-esser), to suit the mix. Wish there was a way to do a deeper dive into the delay and verb settings, but no complaint for the price and quick results. Also, i decided to buy quickly after trying the fully functional demo version
- Gary M.

great analog tone

easy to use, quick to get a good sound with out a lot of fiddling or massive knowledge.
- hans d.

Simplify the vocal processing

Purchased the plugin to simplify the vocal processing. Haven’t used it that much yet, but from the first attempts it does the intended work perfectly. I cannot say that it may be used as one and only plugin for vocals, but it definitely shortens the chain that I usually use on a separate vocal track. If you guys add a saturator emulation in the plugin, it will be even more useful. Also special thanx for the discount and good luck with further products.
- Ivan W.

My instant go to

Just amazing. I loaded the preset “Furious Fabio”, tamped down the delay and reverb a lot, changed the intensity setting to medium, and fiddled with the body and brightness EQ parameters just a bit. Wow! I would never have gotten that character through conventional methods. The resulting vocal cuts through and sets in my mix wonderfully. I have other vocal specialty vocal plugins but they just don’t do what this does. Put it on one vocal and already it is my instant go to. You owe it to yourself to demo this!
- Jim G.

Honestly 5/5

I saw an Ad for this plugin on Instagram for just 29 dollars, best plug-in I own hands down. My vocals sound so beautiful just simply amazing honestly. 5/5
- Pistas A.

of my favorite plugins

i love with this plugin. alone it works nice on very raw vocals but mixed with a few other compressors and EQs it works even better. I would’ve like to see a more in-depth explanation on how to get the best results on vocals to help beginner to intermediate producers. so far one of my favorite plugins.
- arielblakmusic

Love it

All In One Plugin I really like it, it makes my life easier, Every thing I need in one place, Eq, Compressor, Reverb and Delay, The only thing i would like to have it is to manually edit my delay between the 1/2 and the 1/4, or between the 1/4 and the 1/8. Otherwise everything is great Love it
- Abdullaziz A.

This baby saves my life and time!

Totally a true Swissarmy plugin for a great Vocal processing. I love this baby. It saves my life and time!!!
- Eric C.


The best thing I've ever used. I makes vocals outstanding. Also great for guitars, synth...etc. THE WAY ABOVE AWESOME TOOL

Amazing, Surprisingly versatile...

I love the tone character of this plugin, as well as the drive harmonics and all of the required processing engine. The result is absolutely amazing.... Surprisingly versatile...
- Lewis Y.

Fantastic results

Basically i wish i had purchased this plugin sooner,simple to use and fantastic results.i would say to anybody looking for a plugin to enhance your vocals grab one of these!
- Vincent W.

All In One Plugin

I really like it, it makes my life easier, Every thing I need in one place, Eq, Compressor, Reverb and Delay, The only thing i would like to have it is to manually edit my delay between the 1/2 and the 1/4, or between the 1/4 and the 1/8. Otherwise everything is great Love it
- Abdullaziz A.

Analog and Huge sound

My great plugin! I makes greatsuccess on every type of vocals. Analog and Huge sound.
- William Y.

Totally Awesome!

Totally Awesome! Did what it said and more! I just uploaded a video to my Instagram account @lmentmusichn it gives power to my vocals. I’m a rookie producer but this gave a me a complete 180 turn
- ricardo f.


I've been after this for a while and thrilled to have a legendary sound in my toolbox, thanks Noiseash
- Eddie O.

Is that real? Awesome

Game changer plugin. My ears don't believe what I hear. Is that real?
- Samuel L.

Well done

Simply does a great job of adding flavor that is tried and true to the original hardware, allows mixing to suit the sound desired. Effects are awesome also...Well Done.
- charles o.


Outstanding. Is also suitable for guitars
- Reto F

Beyond time plugin

Vocal finalizer went so far with this sound. Beyond time plugin...

Very niche tone

This thing sounds great! I absolutely love it, gives a very warm, compressed niche tone that I always loved.
- Edward O.


simple to install simple to use fantastic qualities fantastic sound great plugin well recommended best $30 I ever spent well done noise ash I wait further plugins with great interest. BUY IT.
- Donal M.

made my life better

the top machine for me. it made my life better
- andrew l


Awesome vocal fx stuff. Useful fast and GORGEOUS sound!
- Franko P.

It’s the best

It’s the best I found so far for vocal treatment
- Eric B.

It couldn't be easier, awesome

Opens the vocals and give them in your face effect. It couldn't be easier for creating this sound. I am using this baby everytime. It sounds great.
- Tommy E.

It's brings a beautiful clarity

It's brings a beautiful clarity to the vocals , as well as I use it often for particular vocal sample processing and it does well with that too!

This plug in is amazing!

This plug in is amazing! I don’t use that lightly either, if you feel like your vocal may be dull or just in need of some life you try to raise the highs on your stock eq and it’s just not enough?! Slap this on your strip and the color it adds gives it a warmth not found on other eq’s, compressor is great and it makes vocal tracks ready to mix very easily.
- Giovanni C.

Vocal Finaliizer

“you need to at least give it a try, such a great product. Super user friendly.
- Greg

Vocal Finalizer

I love this plugin. Now this is my best plugin for vocals.
- Abel P.

Incredible product

This is a very useful and inspiring plugin. Vocals are great with it. Incredible product

Outstanding sound quality

I’ve been very very happy with this plugin since my first purchase, the palmary collection. This is no exception. I use the vocal finalizeronly to make my vocals outstanding.
- Carlos G.

what can I want more?

I love this plugin with all the gorgeous sound that comes with this product. easy and great. what can I want more?
- Goran J.

Thanks for the great plugin!

Been working for years in different programs.. never had vocals cut through so well! Big Thanks! Chris
- Christopher H.

Totally Game Changer!

I love the way that this plugin adds to my vocal tracks. Totally Game Changer!
- Matt R.

Very good plugin

Very good plugin. the only bad thing is that we can’t have more parameters on the delay (dotted, ms, …)
- Jacques M.

This one is awesome

My vocals gone crazy, I absolutaley love it. You did it noiseash, like all of your plugins, this one is awesome too.
- Nathan D.

Great plugin for a terrific price

Very good plugin of extreme useful parameters. ıt made my vocal mixing very easy. I use it on every track now, I love it.
- Damian W

Killer plugin

I had hoped to find a plugin like this... It helps with all the missing elements in the analog sonic spectrum, brilliant and simple....
- Kal R.

Vocal Finalizer

Great VST. Cannot complain, but GUI buttons fonts not clearly visible. Pity. Thanks
- Tony Sammut

Best vocal plugin ever!!!

It is great thing that this plugin has became an industry standart. Great plugin.

Such a great time saving!

Such a great time saver friend. A real friend of mine that generates great vocal tones without making it hard. Sounds awesome!
- Benjamin S.

Industry standart

The Best One!!!! Can’t go wrong with this plugin! It will be an industry standard, extremely fast, light and easy to tweak, can be subtle and can be extreme.
- James Z.


I have been using this product for about a month now. It REALLY works well on the vocal sub bus for the main melody in Studio One. IT has made mixing vocals much easier!!!! Kudos
- Rebel

Simply the best plugin I ever bought

Simply the best plugin I ever bought.
- Philippe J.

Excellent vocal tones

Excellent tone, excellent saturation, excellent machine. Love it!! Boon for the music.

Now I have to great sounds for vocals

Did not think much at first but as I played around more became more impressed. Has a very clear clean sound pretty good for the price, has a lot of features you can play around with to get your desired sound. has features that CLA Vocals does not have so I will use this to compliment it. Now I have to great sounds for vocals.
- Lloyd C.

Good get

very happy with this plugin, brought the vocals out of mix almost instantly without sounding fake or overly digital, in fact quite warm sounding. Super easy to use and tweak a great sounding vocal, nice verb and delay....for the price I don't think you can go wrong with this one!
- Kevin C.

Very Good

it's fantastic plug-in. very good

Vocalizer makes life easy

I found it very simple to use and adds a warm sound to my vocals. For the price.... it's awesome!
- Leon H.

Useful Tool

Very useful plugin for making subtle final touches on vocals in a quick and easy way. It would be helpful if the GUI were resizable or at least a bit bigger.
- Dejan K.

Loved it

Ay this vocal finalizer is indeed the truth..love what it ads when the plug in is called upon
- Alaunte W.

You can not go wrong with it

Greatest vocal processor ever!!! It was a great deal and I could not be happier adding this baby to my plugin arsenal. You can not go wrong with VF.

I am very happy 🙂

An Awesome plugin for this legendary sound Finally!! ….. It really sounds great on any vocals you put it on. I am very happy with it....
- Robert Y.

Masterpiece plugin

Lots of creative uses-just the job! Thank you for this masterpiece plugin

Easy and great

Absolutely LOVE it! That plugin makes my processing easy and great sound. By far the greatest plugin.
- Jos Hal

Super Plugin

Super Plugin for vocal editing and very cheap, thank you! - Andre Rudenko from DAW Templates & Big Sound
- Andre R.

Vocals are in good hands

This is the greatest tool that I've everbeen used for vocals. So simple, so quick and damn, so great sounds
- Aref U.

Best tool for vocals

Huge difference in my mixes. I'm a fan for life!
- Steve W.

Eveyone want this!!

One of the best Plugins ever. The work is so easy and the Sound become so much toother... Thx guys……….
- Vincenzo A.

Perfect vocal processor for albums

Love it. Just what I need for thinking vocal and other stuff, I use to use this trick in my old studio with external units.
- alexander p.

Mix is live and breathing vocals

Without to much tweaking this plugin already livened the vocals in min mix.

Vocal processing done perfectly

I love it! Great value, amazing presets. I am very pleased with my purchase.
- Samuel F.

Easy to use, instantly improves all

Great on individual instrument tracks as well as vocals. Can really bring dull recordings to life.
- David W.

Game Changer

- Tomassino D

My new Go-to-plugin for vocals!

Amazing plugin! Simple and effective on all vocals. Used it yesterday on a Voice-Over with great results. This is my new Go-to-plugin for vocals!
- Stefan J.

What an amazing plugin!

What an amazing plugin! I got it mainly because of it’s low price, but what awesome plugin it is! Holy cow what ease it is to dial in a great sound. Love it!!
- Stefan J


Hello my name is Thorsten, I am a passionate music producer from Germany-CALEIDESCOPE - for a quick result the plugin is awesome.Super sound ..... I am very satisfied with musical regards Thorsten
- Thorsten

Vocal Finalizer

Great plugin.
- Goran

the best saver tool in my life

God, what an amazing sound! I am using it on vocals, guitars and even synths. I am not kidding, it's like a drug. When I get used to it, it became the best saver tool in my life.
- garreth r.

Works great

Does what they say its going to do. Works great.
- Tommy

Too much fun, perfect

The extreme beauty………….. I can't stop using it as an effect on its​ most extreme settings. One day I'll find out what the subtle settings are like but for now it is too much fun to crank it!
- Adrian G.

A must have for every studio!

The best In the Box Vocal Solution!!! This eq has a very warm sound and it's very easy to get a great tone. Using it, you'll understand how many classic sounds have been created, which is impossible to achieve with other eq's, no matter how great. A must have for every studio!
- LXR S.

Good job Noise Ash !

I’ve bought this plug since 1 week. Great sound, we can add brightness, presence and clear sound, very quickly and easily. Huge doubler effect ! (Best i’ ve ever heard), better than « microshift » Good job Noise Ash !
- Luigi P.

Suits perfectly to my vocals

Just awesome. This is definitely one of my go to plug ins when mixing my lead and bg vocals. Suits perfectly to my vocals
- Steve W.

Finishing just done with this monster

Really finishes with the processing with the vocals from scratch . It’s really easy to use, the presets are also great! Thank you Noiseash

Fine stuff

It works great and it's a pretty fast handling
- goetz.wiemer

Cornerstone of any studio

So many different ways to enhance, or tweak your sounds or tone. Truly a cornerstone of any studio!!
- richard h.

Works great!

I've only been using it for a few days and i've already found a million ways i can you use it. Made my acapellas awesome like ı haven't heard it before.
- Brian S.

Changed my life

I love it….. This plugin really helped me out in my first steps of vocal mixing, it sound better instantly. I can definately say that it changed my life.

Absolute 5 star

Always wanted this finally got it time to produce some fire
- Carlos T.

brought my vocals to life

This plugin is very user friendly, versatile, and brought my vocals to life. exactly what i was looking for to get them to cut through just right.
- enrique d.

Just sounds great!

I had trouble installing this but I had a very quick response from the support team who fixed my issues very quick and efficient. Do you ask the sound of the plugin? Just sounds great!
- Travis K.


Very easy to get a good sound in no time. Nice presets and some tweaking possibilities
- Mario O.

Fantastic plugin with gorgeous tone

I also got Vocal Finalizer, and i'm done. These products are insane. Like a have million dollar studio... 😉
- Bryan C.

Very happy with the plugin

Been using this plugin for a couple of weeks and have been pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to use. The presets are great, and tweaking further is a breeze. Instantly adds sparkle to vocal tracks.
- Jason D.

Vocal finalizer

great plugin!!!
- Allan

Vocal Finalizer: GREAT!

Yes, I like it very much! It entered definitevely in my voice projects chain!!!
- Stefano Sergi

Worth every penny

Worth every penny gives my vocals great sound
- Rob D.

Simple & Efficient!

Very good all in one plugin solution for vocals and also usable for other instruments. Also Reverb and Doubler is simply great. I can only recommend it for everyone, no matter if homestudio or big professional studio.
- JayKey

Simple & Efficient!

Very good all in one plugin solution for vocals and also usable for other instruments. Also Reverb and Doubler is simply great. I can only recommend it for everyone, no matter if homestudio or big professional studio.
- JayKey

Just great!!!!!!

Great for bringing a vocal to life by adding a sparkle to the tone with analog sweeteners. Like it a lot!!!!!
- Brett J.


An excellent plugin you should own
- Alvaro P.


Me gusta este plugins por lo completo que es y que procesa la voz, es un complemento muy importante, en el proceso de las voces para dar un toque muy profesional .-
- joseph valdivia

vocal finalizer rules

great plugin! unbeatable for the price!
- Hermann Behrens

The best plugin for vocal.

"Vocal Finalizer an excellent plugin, the vocal mix arrives very fast to the desired point with an incredible sonority! We have several important tools in a single plugin, optimizing our daily work in the studio. Absolutely sure this is one of the best vocal plugins I've used in my entire career as a singer and music producer."
- Neno Fernando

Excellent tool!

Quick and easy way to get your vocal close to finished in minutes.
- Thomas

Couldn't believe how good this is!

I saw a review of this on ADSR YouTube channel and thought, "Nah, this can't be that good." So I downloaded the demo and tried it on some dry vocals and was like, "Wow!". The software adds much sparkle to the vocal and makes them sound so professional. I immediately bought it and it's a part of my production from now on.
- proklamationZ


Finally my vocals sound legit. It makes a massive difference and the presets are tight! Worth every penny, heads above the rest.
- Reggie


Best Vocalplugin!
- KJ

Vocal Finalizer

THis is Joeflame house producer. and this Plugin is a Blessing very simple. but powerful #1 IN MY VOCAL PROCESSING... I highly Recommend it .
- Joseph Davis

Too dark

Sounds fine I guess, but the interface is much too dark and difficult to read.
- Peter

Most Dxcellent

brought my vocal. Gain to life
- Robbie Thompson


Most excellent
- Robbie Thompson

Worth your money!

It gets that commercial result - super quick. I especially like the Doubler, high quality stuff for a good price!
- Mike McFly

Good and Easy to uso PlugIn

This plug in makes it easy for me to finish my vocals. I can use the effects very quick. I love it
- RinranMusic

All round plugin

This is a nice all-round plugin. It can replace many other plugins to make life simpler. However, with more available time and expertise, other more professional plugins can do a similar or better job combined. It is however, nice to have it at hand when recording/playingback scratch tracks. Very nice, simple plugin.
- Omar Sowan


They hype was more than what I received. It's a good plugin, does a good job at what it does but from all the hype I was expecting more. There's a couple of dials to tweak things once you find a decent preset. Problem was there was only 2 presets I found as a good starting point. More presets aimed at a quailty final vocal would be a good addition. For instance I don't think I'd start off with a whacky echo that has endless trails. I'm glad I got it for the discounted price because at full price I would have felt ripped off.
- jmacknair

fast & easy result

Instant great sounding effect @ an unbelievable price! Give it a go and hear it in action!


- Rob Diggy

Good Stuff

Good product. Gets you a good baseline mix quickly. Also makes it easy to adjust your vox in the mix without much fuzz. Can’t beat the price.


OMG! I plugged it in, my track dropped! Get yours NOW!
- Dwayne G.

Simple usage with excellent results

It’s great just started working it and I like it a lot. Very simple usage with excellent results.
- Armin H.

The dopest

Noiseash products are absolutely the dopest! Improved my vocals instantly
- D. I.

Very easy to get a good sound

Very easy to get a good sound in no time. Nice presets and some tweaking possibilities
- Dj K.

works great

This plugin works great for my acapellas that ı will use it on my album recordings. It also has a really good compressor.
- Pat. G.

Must buy

I had heard over the tinternet that the Vocal Finalizer was a "must have" on the vocals, all I can say is it tightens it up and punches it out of the speakers... I say "Must buy" its that basic!
- Joe R.

Clarity and stereo depth

This plugin adds a lot of clarity and stereo depth to my vocal tracks, just with a few moves. It can also be used with bass, guitar, synth and instrument tracks.
- Volod F.

Does wonders

Does wonders on vocals. Reacts like a combination of real analog gears, so when running it hot to get an saturated bright tone that I've ever needed.
- dean a.


This sounds incredible. So glad I bought it
- Lance H.

Not only for vocal

Very good for this kind of money and not only to vocal. Compressor is very good.
- Steve E.

Quick and efficient

It is a very fast and easy way to apply a group of essential effects to any track, vocal or otherwise. I love it!
- John L.


Already satisfied, but maybe need some more time to fully understand all its funtcions If I understand well the version is 1.0 for Windows, cos sometimes I happened to watch demos on youtube which showed additional buttons like compare, edit etc. May be you can clarify. Thanks.
- Tony S.

Vocal Finalizer kicks it

Everything in one plugin...just don't over do it and your good to go!
- Dana G.

Absolutely love it

I never thought that I would be able to get my vocals to sound so wide and upfront in your face I absolutely love Vocal Finalizer. Definately the best tool for vocals...
- sonny A.

Real Vocal Finalzer

It’s an excellent Tool for finalizing Vocals. An All in one Wonder. I use I it. love it.
- Norbert K.

Vocal Finalizer

Really great plug! Esasy to use and you can obtain incredible results in no time. Good job guys!
- gusreyesmusic

The Best

Takes average and excels to new lengths best purchase so far
- Apex

Vocalfinalizer stay close to you

This magic-thing helps you realize the human in you and in your processed voice! This is natural correction. Love it!!
- dpina1


It is very easy to use and works very well! I would recommend to anyone that is looking for good compression and analog style that's simple to use!
- Richard K.

High Standart

All in one. Less is More.
- Jerome P.

straight to work

I have a lot of vocal saturation plugins and a lot of them sound very similar but this brings something new to the table. I put it straight to work and spiced up a bass line I was struggling with.
- Kebu F.

best multi simulation fx

This is one of the best multi simulation combo fx for vocals. I use most often.
- Dale C.

Smooth and musical

This compressor smells lile a mixture of Fairchild, LA2A and VariMu tones. For EQ, Pultec and SSL. This is a beautiful sounding piece of kit. Very smooth and musical.
- Justin F.


wow, this plug in sounds amazing. super warm sounding vocals. works wonders on my mixes. thanks Noiseash
- jackie a.

Lot of classics in one box

Combines the basic audio shaping tools you need for acapellas and even some instruments. Fast, intuitive, excellent visual display and sounds wonderful. This really is an incredibly useful plugin.
- Aaron H.

Great detail of hardwares

The characteristics of the compressors, equalizer, delay and reverbs are tailored with great detail from the real classic hardware unit. Well worth having this in your sessions.
- Ernest W.

for guitars too

Sounds great on my electric guitars as well as vocal chains. Love how I can achieve entirelty different tones by switching compressors and other modes. Great purchase.
- Will H.

just amazing

its a combination of classic gears, and worth the price. just amazing
- Jason F.

one stop for vocals

This plug in is a MUST HAVE for anyone recording vocals. You can even try it on different instruments for experimental purposes. For vocals, it's a master in the game.
- Kenneth A.

stunning quality

stunning vocal loudnes with an amazing crisp quality
- Chico G:

Effective Plugin

it is an excellent tool to add to my DAW (studio one 3) and is providing excellent sparkle to instruments as well as vocals.
- Alastair C.

It just does the thing

Title says it all. I didn't think it sounded super special at first, but it just adds space without swimming and enhances almost any signal being fed into it. It would take an exceptional engineer to make it sound bad.
- Aaron D.

one of the best

vocal finalizer is one of the best plugin on the market and i use this product on every recording
- Conder D.

stand out from the crowd

Amazing. Helps draw out that extra something in your mix and maes stand out from the crowd.
- Sean G.

vocal finalizer up

Very helpful tool to glue vocals with the music together. Really astonishing what it does to improve the overall sound ...
- Olaf


A great special design that combines and emulates analog processor classics successfully.
- Aaron S.

AI engine nailed it!

This is it! You guys nailed it! I’ve test it on two mixes of the same song using two different settings. Both two mixes are interestingly pure and great. Plugin solves the audio with a multi solution task. I guess it can handle the vocal tracks with an AI tone handling engine.
- Nick K.


this plugin adds warmth, hardness and clarity to your vocals. excellent
- Ran k.

Glue and power

I like this plugin it adds glue, power and shin to digitally recorded tracks.
- Eric g.


Vocals are in Heaven! Thank you so much for this amazing tool
- jason r.

Client surprize

One of my clients told me that his vocals sound amazinggg and asked me what did I do. It went from surprise to the biggest smile.
- Preston F.

Thanks guys

Of course if I had the time and the talent, eventually achieve the same results, but I bow to these guys' superior knowledge and experience when it comes to getting things done.
- jouni D.

Suprisingly Awesome for an Analoger

Surprisingly great! I didn't know they can make a plugin like this. Actually I'm an analog man. but this thing.... is Awesome.
- Lou Z.

Gorgeous crazy beauty

I'm down on my knees for this crazy gorgeous beauty. Dude you are crazy too, what a success!!!
- Marco E.

creative approach

I love the creative approach, which helps you having all in one tools to shape vocals
- Simon v.

Why wasting time?

You’re wasting time if you don’t work with this plugin! It makes making vocals stand out!
- Will F.

Brilliant plug in

Brilliant plug in
- Ducasey



Light CPU & Performance

I really like the EQ, Compressor & doubler from this plugin, and it is very light with the cpu usage
- Harry V.

gorgeous even on a shitty vocal 🙂

creates vintage pro sound character even on a shitty vocal 🙂 Gorgeous.
- Bon-Hwa

Makes the Vocals stand out

it does exactly what it's supposed to do. it's great for beefing up the vocals and making it stand out nicely in the mix. I highly recommend.
- jeffery b.

Awesome work!

It's an awesome all in one plugin. I love the easy ease of this thing. But be careful while applying it, too much efect might cause too much harshness...
- Todd N.


wohoo, it gave life to my vocals. what an amazing plugin. great work. thank you so much
- norman

how did you do that??

with just one plugin, I've got ready to release vocal tone!! much appreciated
- Ola

I definately recommend it!

Great idea, great sound. My directly recorded vocal tracks turned into giant, definitive and clear voices. I definately recommend it!
- Daniel W.


Great result, well done guys 😉
- howard


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